A Natural Law Contract of Nature or Nature’s God

  for the

 Expression of Freewill Economic Activity Amongst People


Or Understanding

 that money is a manifestation and ‘a direct representation of individual natural freewill’ that reflects the private affairs of individual people concerning their own wishes over their own performances they wish to have towards each other regarding their own property,  for which they themselves produced through their own individual efforts of performance;

 that these individual performances and their outcome, of whatever description, be they property, productive services or otherwise, are owned absolutely and without condition and are not admitting of claim by anyone whomsoever or any ‘pretended authority’ whatsoever for reasons of they themselves having not contributed a performance towards them and also having not the explicit consent of the sole contributing individual who provided for them and to whom they attach;

that any and all performances and their outcome are therefore in the sole ownership of, or are owned solely by, their contributing performer as objects of ‘valuable consideration’, which similarly are those objects as property, ‘things’ or otherwise, that are to be considered and construed as personally owned and valued by whomsoever obtained and made a final contribution of performance towards them and that can, in turn, also be used in bargaining, or used as bargaining objects, for exchanges in private dealings with others as desired by the sole owner as contributing performer or contributor;

 that there is no obligation to honour or show tribute to, a third party impostor as false-creditor or any other third party pretended authority claiming an interest over an individuals private affairs, for which the impostor or pretended authority provided no performance and therefore true valuable consideration to make such claim on property or any aspect of an individuals private affairs accorded to them by their natural freewill in choosing to consent or not to dealings with others;

 that all such impostors and pretended authorities, through simple enquiry, can show no real and true validity of authority over an individuals natural freewill unless an individual chooses to believe those presumptions of authority or fails to properly clarify and rebut those presumptions of authority that have been assumed over the individual regarding the individuals standing in relation to an individuals status, position and name:


A Partial Illustration of A Step Towards Rebutting Presumptions Through Simple Enquiry From An Understanding of the Simple Hidden Principles of Law That Permit For Such An Operation

 [See links below under ‘Your Role and Standing’]

 It is my understanding that the title,{your name as it appears on your LIVE birth certificate}, as property is owned fee simple absolute – free of condition.

 I understand that your {request, requirement, demand or otherwise} is/are a condition of use on ownership.

 What is your standing to put a condition/conditions of use on the title {your name as it appears on your LIVE birth certificate}?

 Have you a witness that can provide first-hand knowledge of the facts as to {name the organisation corresponding with you – do not put down anybodies name from that organisation} standing in relation to the title {your name as it appears on your LIVE birth certificate}.


that people are at ‘true liberty of natural freewill’ to deny their consent for the shackles of ‘meddling dependency’ in their private affairs;

 that, were people not at ‘true liberty of natural freewill’ to deny their consent of authority for the shackles of ‘meddling dependency’ in their private affairs, they would exist in a condition of slavery;

 that without fundamentally appreciating these understandings enumerated, the freewill of people that provides for true liberty will fall victim to many and varied deceptions and distortions;

 that it is an individuals natural freewill choice to advocate and implement what has been described here as being simply the prescription given by Mathematically Perfected Economy™  as the one and one only prescription for recognising the imposed lie of economy and the solutions for it as being true economy, which is in its totality a prescription that recognises and identifies the faults of the imposed lie of economy, resolves the faults of the imposed lie of economy into that that provides the one and one only solutions for the imposed lie of economy automatically and without cost, while at the same time replaces the imposed lie of economy with true economy that immediately compensates the people for all the injustices committed to them by correcting their economic status as it truly stands without further undue distress.

 It’s your freewill, you make the choice.




 Categorical Proof of Bankers Scheme To Advance Feudalism

Through The Lie of Economy

 Banker Admits “We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis” 1

(“We engineered the world financial crisis” 2:09 minutes into video)

 Banker Admits “We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis” 2

 Banker Admits “We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis” 3

Banker Admits “We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis”

 Sample Notes for Suggested Interpretation:

 “Reinvesting in Treasury Bonds to Keep on Spending” – that is spoken of, means creating more and greater debt burdens to use for spending, by further ‘misrepresenting the true economy’ with ‘the imposed lie of economy’ in its place.

 “Growth” – that is spoken of, is the growth of debt that results from the distortions of ‘the imposed lie of economy’ and that will inevitable result in the destruction of the lives of people together with the confiscation of their property in ‘the real economy’.

 “Solution” – that is spoken of, to cure the financial crisis is a ‘solution’ that increases liquidity substantially for the benefit of the banks and that at the same time does not provide liquidity to ‘the real economy’ but takes it away from the people at their expense. What the bankers are doing is calling-in all their falsified loans using the pretext of a deliberately created or engineered banking crises, otherwise known as a financial crisis, and which is not meant to be known was deliberately engineered. In this way money or liquidity is withdrawn from circulation without putting it back into circulation through more falsified debt lending. This withdrawal of money from circulation would happen automatically even without a manufactured or engineered crisis, since the level of economic activity would be insufficient to meet falsified debt repayments to service falsified exponentially growing debt once it reached a critical point, making it therefore impossible to pay it back.


 Liquidity is the ‘money supply in circulation’ created through ‘debt falsification’ for use in economic activity. The withdrawal of ‘liquidity’, which would at any rate automatically happen even without an engineered crisis, collapses ‘the true economy’ because people are without the money with which to continue the economic activities they are engaged in. It is as a consequence of these ‘falsified debt repayments’ for ‘falsified debts’, which are mistakenly thought to be owed to the bankers, that people are finding that their economies are collapsing. Even with the entire circulation of the money supply or liquidity withdrawn by reducing it to zero, it would still be not enough to repay all the falsified debt to the bankers since their ‘misrepresenting debt based imposed lie of economy’ is designed to make that impossible. What people would then find is next required by the bankers, is the seizure of all real ‘capital’ in the form of land, property and assets of a people, as well as the total and complete obedience and unquestioning servitude of people forever, as a way of paying for this impossibly designed to pay ‘falsified debt’.

 ‘The lie of economy’ is the banking systems mechanism that stealthily misrepresents the debt owed to the ‘true creditor’ as a benefit for the very same banking system as ‘false creditor’. Under the subterfuge of a ‘creditor’, the banking system wrongly claims this ‘misrepresented debt’ as genuine debt owed to them in exchange for a ‘risk of performance’ that they provided to the real economy as a loan. Clearly, the banking system provided no ‘risk of performance’ whatsoever for any such claim to be made, except that they only performed the service of ‘publishing’, on the request of the debtor, ‘the evidence of the promises of performance’ made by the debtor, who owes those performances to the true creditor, for an exchange that was made between them. The ‘evidences of performance’ rightly belong to the debtor and not the publisher since they directly represent the debtors work or promise to perform. It is the debtor who does the work to provide for his own promises to perform, and no one else. Not especially just a publisher who provides no work for those promises and therefore risks nothing. The debtor does the work for those promises, and therefore the evidence that represents those promises belongs to the debtor. Consequently, it is the ‘true creditor’ that is entitled to make a claim against the debtor for those ‘evidences’ that represent promises made as performances owed, and not the publisher as ‘false creditor’ using the subterfuge of the title ‘creditor’ – who is but, and only adds up to, a creditor for the service of ‘publishing’ evidences for other people. How convenient this publisher as ‘false creditor’, commonly known to many as a banker, has the benefit of the facts misrepresented to his advantage.

These ‘evidences’ are knowingly misrepresented by the banking system as debts to themselves. This of course is impossible since the banking system made no performance to be owed a debt, they merely published the evidence of promises to perform for others and that ‘property of evidence’ belongs to those others whose work it represents and not the banking systems.

The banking system is ‘a false creditor’ claiming something that is not theirs to claim, and as such automatically and inevitably takes the very same misrepresented falsified debt liquidity, which they are not owed, out of the real economy as an astronomically increasing debt, which they have never been entitled to as false creditors, but nevertheless, still claim falsely that it is owed to them and that they also know is impossible to repay.

All this turmoil in the lives of people regarding economy only happens because people fail to understand that the banking system as ‘a false creditor’ does and will destroy real economic activity, since by design of ‘the banking systems imposed lie of economy’, a critical point would be reached where it would be impossible to create enough economic activity to meet and service the ever greater and astronomically increasing false debt repayments for the ever greater and astronomically increasing imposed false debt.

Since the real economy is represented by the lie of this imposed debt based mechanism of the banking systems that is designed to confiscate real wealth, people will find themselves dispossessed of land and property which automatically and by default would place them in the position of a ‘serf’ in what would become a de facto feudalistic system as a consequence.

By using the deliberately created imposed lie of economy, to provide for spurious excuses for solving problems it creates in the first place, and having governments put into place schemes created for its rescue that amount to more debt misrepresentation for the benefit of those who oversee the very same imposed lie of economy, what is then produced is the successful ‘accelerated’ engineering of a world economic collapse through which feudalism is introduced.

It is this ‘acceleration’ in collapsing the financial system, otherwise known as ‘the imposed lie of economy’, which at any rate would happen but at a more proportionately slower rate had ‘the imposed lie of economy’ been left alone, that is talked of as being ‘successfully engineered’.

To avert disaster people must understand that the banking system does not provide loans but only publishes the ‘evidence’ of others promised property as money. This published paper clearly is not the banking systems to loan since it is obviously not the banking systems property. It is the property of the owner of whose property it represents when he, the owner, engages in an exchange with ‘the true creditor’ and for whom it is being published as instructed. The only reward that the banking system should receive where it to be in private hands, as it has always been, is that of a small fee for its service of publishing. That is all.

The videos of bankers admitting, and none objecting, that ‘We Engineered The Global Financial Crisis’ are a rare admission that clearly reveal and show what ‘the imposed lie of economy’ through the banking system is designed to do.

 “Post Crisis Rebalancing” – that is spoken of, is the rebalancing of the bankers balance sheets by not only withdrawing falsified liquidity from the true economy as payment for falsified debts, which are just not only the liabilities of the lie of economy and its engineered schemes to create impossible sums of liability which the people are expected to take responsibility for as genuine debts which they owe – the derivatives markets being just one example as a case in point; but also knowing these pretended debts are designed not to be able to be honoured, and consequently, to then demand all land, property, and assets (real capital) to be signed over to the banks as payment for these falsified debts. In exchange for falsified debts, the bankers receive the earth as their prize. Having stripped the people of everything and the very earth itself, the people than become permanent serfs generation after generation.

 It must be understood that a ‘falsification’ is unearned reward which does not belong to a ‘false creditor’. Unearned reward must be returned to those who were dispossessed of their property. That then is ‘the true solution’ for the lie of economy, after which, true and natural economy must be justly taken-up to prevent a recurrence of this attempted cosmic injustice. Without true economy that Mathematical Perfected Economy provides for, all people everywhere will face the destruction of their aspirations for a better future now and in endless generations to come, to be mere slaves for the perpetrators and inheritors of this diabolical and long planned for scheme . This is the inevitable consequence of ‘the lie of economy’ – impoverishment and slavery. Simply put, feudalism.

 A Further Consideration – Whenever it is said that an “economy is stabilising” under the conditions of the lie of economy, it simply means we will all be made as equally poor as the poorest third world country. When that happens we will have reached ‘a position of stability’ without being able to become any poorer. Welcome to the imposed lie of economy and the “stability” under it.





 A Letter Revealing The Truth of Economic Reality for the People of Poland

 I said I’d send you graphs which encapsulate the problem everyone is faced with.

Well, the first link below is for the graphs and the rest are supporting evidence with a short explanatory note that follows:

 Europe Is Not “Fixed”: Two Charts


Republic of Poland: Arrangement Under the Flexible Credit Line


 Eurozone to stay in recession for another year

(Note.- Paragraph 3 begins, ‘The delayed recovery, which was blamed on a lack of bank lending…’)


22/02/2013 :Winter forecast 2013 – The EU economy: gradually overcoming headwinds


 France freezes spending to hit EU targets as slump deepens


 The German Economy and the Crisis in Europe


 On the Brink: Fiscal Austerity Threatens a Global Recession


 France is totally bankrupt


 Bankrupt France set to save £600m – by turning off the lights


The first link quite clearly demonstrates, using graphs, the horrendous problems the vast majority of people will face as a result of what is shown by these graphs. These horrendous problems, which are ongoing, are evidenced by just a few sample stories from the other links. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to understand how the vast majority of people everywhere are going to be affected by what’s happening.

 The first chart in that link shows overall debt continually increasing and the second chart shows that the supply of money in circulation that is available to pay the debt is shrinking and continues to shrink at an alarming rate.

 As you will note, the two positions on the graphs are moving away from each other and will never meet. As you can see from the second chart, the supply of money (circulation) that is available to pay the debt, continues to shrink. How can a continually shrinking money supply pay for a continually escalating debt? Answer, it can’t.

 As a consequence, the supply of money everywhere will be completely used up without still being able to meet the ever escalating debt. It’s an impossible situation and nothing on this earth will remedy it except people understanding ‘true economy’.

 You will also note, that the money supply is almost down to zero, meaning that there will not be any money for people to do anything with. Money at the moment is rapidly disappearing. Whatever money anyone had saved, would disappear as soon as they spent it on necessary consumption.

 That is because businesses as well as individuals are servicing debt continuously, which reduces the money supply so that it is not avialable for anything else. As you can see from the second chart, the money supply is not being replaced or replenished through renewed loans or credit, otherwise the graph or trend would begin to move upwards.

 The banks ‘controlling credit’ for their own benefit by misrepresenting it away from individuals who own it, means that any attempt to meet debt repayments withdraws money from circulation leaving people without money to use. So, to provide for money to use again, it needs to be borrowed back into circulation as ever greater or increasing debt owed to the banks to cover previously withdrawn debt payments and the interest on them. This process continues until a critical point is reached, that regardless of the amount of economic activity, debt servicing becomes impossible and the inevitable collapse of the economy ensues. This is why the money supply in the second chart continues to fall and is fast approaching zero; money is being withdrawn from the economy to meet debt repayments which can never be paid back and which will still be owed even though there would be no money to pay them. As you can see from the charts, this is exactly what is happening.

 This absurd situation of the money supply shrinking is further aggravated and accelerated by taxes for the payment of the national debt, which doesn’t decline because government needs to take on more debt by borrowing more to just service their previous debts and then reintroduce money back into circulation as even more debt to maintain circulation for economic activity, which only helps to increase future debt even further.

 Government then, is forced to borrow even more frantically to stave of collapse, which is just more debt being added on top of previous debt.

 And since tax revenues would be far to small to even probably service the interest on all this debt, it becomes clear that even if you taxed everyone to the full extent of their income, further frantic borrowing by government is what you would see to cover debt servicing which everyone is expected to pay towards, as taxes. This frantic borrowing is mistakenly thought of as government ‘printing money’ and devaluing the currency.

 The truth is, it is the government having no alternative but to borrow meaninglessly in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable collapse under this present system of distortion which is ‘the imposed lie of economy’.

 To summarise all of this, a point is reached in the economic activity of a country where no matter how much economic activity exits, it won’t be enough to service the ever increasing debt never mind even trying to pay it all off. And even if it did pay it all off it would have to borrow it all over again for there to be money in the economy that people could use for their various activities. At any rate, a countries credit rating or ability to service its debt is compromised and as a consequence it is unable to borrow in order to keep up with its debt repayments, further creating a diminishing of the money supply.

Its credit rating is downgraded to junk status, while in the meantime debt repayments still have to be made without anywhere to borrow from. What’s left of the existing money supply rapidly diminishes as taxes are increased to meet debt repayments. Cuts or austerity measures are called for everywhere, and still there’s no hope in sight. Everywhere becomes like Greece sooner or later.

 We’re fast approaching zero in the money supply for Europe as a whole. To demonstrate this for each individual country one need only present similar charts for each countries total debt and money supply in circulation over a period of time.

 From the second link given above, it looks as though Poland is anticipating that it will reach zero money supply very soon (2013), and has made futile provisions to delay the inevitable just a little longer with what can only exacerbate Poland’s demise, and that is, more debt. Ask yourself the question – is Poland replacing its money supply with enough debt borrowing or has it reached its limit to be able to service existing debt? To have insight into this question its worth reading the International Monetary Fund (imf) report at the link given.

 The key to the whole thing is about replacing the money supply. But since countries have surpassed their ability to service debt even at minimum levels, as a consequence their credit rating is such that they can no longer borrow so that the whole thing comes tumbling down. Hence the special measures under different institutional names to ‘rescue’ countries. All nonsense of course, because it amounts to just increasing countries falsified debt burdens which so called taxpayers are expected to pay and can’t pay.

When all of this happens, the banking network, and you can be sure it is one continuous network, can claim the assets of a country as theirs – that includes the land, all property and as well as the people – for a ‘falsified debt’ which can never be paid back.



The Effects of The Lie of Economy (Worldwide)

 Wealth Inequality in America

 John Williams Exposes Government Lies | McAlvany Commentary

The Banking Network

The Few Banks That Own All


The Network of Global Corporate Control Study


Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world


What Bankers Want …


how central banks buy the economics profession


National Banks of Countries Privately Owned

List of Privately Owned Central Banks


Your Role and Standing

Dean Clifford

(Warning: These pod-cast programmes contain expletives, strong-language or swearing)

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From the book: Adventures In Legal Land by Marc Stevens


Adventures in LegalLand (with Marc Stevens)


Marc Stevens: Delusions

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Marc on Legal Wars Radio Show – Jan 18, 2012 (Radio pod-cast)

Marc on Legal Wars Radio Show – Jan 18, 2012

Marc Stevens: Effective Damage Control – Agora I/O Laozi


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