The icelandic people have failed to eradicate the built-in mechanism of confiscation siphoning off their wealth to the international banking mafia and which inevitably collapses their country’s economy, for the benefit of the same international banking mafia. In this way the banking mafia get to keep the ‘real assets’ (land, property and people) of the country, while the people get to keep what will inevitably become ‘worthless’ paper. They’ve merely secured themselves a future which will end in the same cycle of confiscation of wealth and collapse through the international banking mafia’s corrupting methods of obfuscation and misrepresentation of promises into falsification of ‘debt’ for the bankers, further aggravated by interest.


There can be no possible reason or explanation for the icelandic people to have a central bank, unless of course the principal business of obfuscation and misrepresentation of promissory notes or obligations into falsified debts, and the further secondary misrepresentation of charging interest on these falsified debts, is still in place and necessarily in the hands of the private international banking mafia.


That can only mean the Icelandic Central Bank is still in privately owned international banking mafia hands, or, at the very least under their control and that they, the icelandic people, have not understood the misappropriation of their work or economic activity through obfuscating and misrepresenting promissory notes or obligations into the wrong hands as falsified debt.


The people of iceland have been deceived into thinking that they’ve thrown off the shackles of ‘interest based debt’ slavery that operates through – the obfuscation and misrepresentation of promissory obligations into falsified debt for the bankers and the further wrongdoing of imposing interest on those falsified debts.


They have been well and truly played like a fiddle; duped. How?  They’ve been simply pacified with superficial arrests of so-called prominent people and a few bankers. Nothing has changed, because the mechanism which created the mess in the first place is still functioning.


The language of non-sense the article presents from so-called ‘Officials’ is there, as always,  to confuse people and cast ‘a spell of idiocy’ over them. This is done so that people are directed away from a real understanding of true economy, to be inevitably presented only with the lie of false economy; which, as you can see when ‘Officials’ attempt the deceit of explanation, these explanations become simply vomit spewing forth as regurgitated words and terms that are obvious nonsense (as plain as the nose on your face) in their attempts to provide an air of sophistication and veneer of legitimacy to the ‘lie’ of false economy. This mirage of words that is directed at you, the victim, is intended to hypnotise, the message clearly pronouncing , ‘that only  so-called experts would be capable of appreciating how economics works – as these things are much too complicated for the common man’.


The ordained ‘High Priests of Experts’ with their cult of ‘Expertology’ offering thought-out spoonful measures of specially formulated ‘dosages of expertise’ to maintain the health of their flock or make them all well again, are just simply to be laughed at and not at all taken seriously. The Expertologists are a bunch of laughable quacks, just another group of snake-oil salesmen uttering total and absolute gibberish, that’s all.


Trust us, we’re experts’ are surely the reassuring words of prescription they would like to have us swallow. What utter balderdash. The people of iceland have been well and truly duped by simply drawing their attention away from the knowledge and understanding of the one and ‘one only’ true solution to economy. The lesson to take away from this is don’t get distracted, no matter who it is distracting you or what it is distracting you.


Central bank raises Iceland interest rates

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