It may be very difficult to find the legislative definition of a country.


Well, when we’re dealing with something as serious as money, and from where and from whom it is being taken and then shipped to, the best place to find out the definition of a country would be the Tax Authorities. Since they’re in the business of going to where they can ‘validly’ obtain money, they will know most precisely where they can and cannot extend their reach. This means YOU and WHERE YOU ARE TO BE FOUND. Quite simply put, ‘Territory’. Have fun.

Tax treaties


Right click on – ‘Double Taxation Treaties’ and open in new tab

This link may have undergone some changes. Click on, ‘ HM Revenue and Customs website’, and from there the documents for each country providing for the legislative definition of a country, generally in article 3 within the pdf, can be read. Nevertheless, the rest of the links provide for the logic of how these definitions were previously found, and therefore it is advised that they should be explored as being useful, in that as an exercise it may provide clues in the way of going about finding these definitions in other government websites of countries



Scroll down to country of choice and select, and then open pdf document and read legislative-legal definition for a country, to be found generally in ‘Article 3’.

Proceed to number 3) below


1) Click on, ‘ National Archives website’, and then, ‘Statutory Instruments’, and finally, ‘Statutory Instruments – tax treaties’.


Proceed to number 2) below


Right click on – ‘Find Statutory Instrument numbers for tax treaties’


Right click on – ‘Statutory Instruments – tax treaties’ and open in new tab


Select or note – ‘Statutory Instrument Numbers’ for required country from tables (choice of other countries can be taken from listings A-Z)

This link has undergone changes. Satutory Instrument Numbers for entry into the ‘UK Legislation website’ are now to be found here –


2) Enter selected statutory year and number into ‘year search box’ and ‘number search box’ of the – ‘UK Legislation website’


If ‘Opening Options’ menu for choosing which part of the document to open is available then click on – ‘Open whole instrument’

otherwise first select the instrument named – ‘The Double Taxation…’ or similar terms in use, and then click on ‘Opening Options’ menu – ‘Open whole instrument’

3) Scroll down to – ARTICLE 3 General Definitions

(This is where you will find the definition of a country defined through its territories and the extent or reach of a states or governments jurisdiction)

For example, the country Poland as a definition exists on paper and that is where you ‘reside’ if you agree to contract to its jurisdiction. You are also in its jurisdiction if you are found to dwell in its ‘claimed’ geographic territories. These territories are the waterways, the subsoil, the seabed of the continental shelf, the exclusive economic zone which is out to sea, and where ever else people do not ordinarily dwell:

The Country Poland Defined


Polish Translation


Note. Terms or wording surrounding tax are always framed in such a way as to make it seem an ‘unnatural act’ to not to want to pay taxes. This is simply a childish ploy to make people feel guilty and rightly deserves to be ignored as a strategy of misdirection –

Wykaz umów o unikaniu podwójnego opodatkowaniaAktualizacja 2013-11-06 13-51 http://www.finanse.mf.gov.pl/abc-podatkow/umowy-miedzynarodowe/wykaz-umow-o-unikaniu-podwojnego-opodatkowania

Notes –

Remember, a government or state is the body-politic and its origins cannot be found to exist naturally in the physical world. Put another way, it does not ‘independently’ exist naturally in the physical world as fact but only as a ‘fictional idea’ people come to ‘learn’ to understand and therefore it is a fiction to which people may individually consent to recognise or ‘contract’ with. Because of this fictional idea of a state or country being created only within the minds imaginings you will often see that a country is simply defined by its name. This is a ‘circular definition’ that does not tell you what something is or even where something is on the actual physical land, simply because countries of governments or states are entirely fictions of the mind. For example, a country ABC may be defined as, ‘ABC may be taken to mean ABC’.

As a consequence of a country being a construct of the mind and therefore a fiction, countries are found on pieces of paper. When a country is spoken of as being the territory of that country, for example, ‘Canada is the territory of Canada’, the territory referred to is ‘the piece of paper’ on which Canada is defined. In all cases this will be the piece or pieces of paper on which the constitution of that country is found and which makes up the countries definition; or some other piece or pieces of paper. The ‘territory’ of a country will quite literally mean ‘a piece of paper’.

The definition of a country using the terms ‘include, includes, including’ – means that these terms are used to exclude everything that is not listed after them and as such are exclusionary terms. The terms ‘include, includes and including’ can all be taken to mean ‘to be made up of’, and the description that follows these terms would make up the entirety of what would be considered and only what would be considered the territory of the country mentioned and where the states or governments jurisdiction could only operate. This means if you were not residing in that territory and jurisdiction, the states or governments legislative laws would have no impact on you. The only law that could apply to you would then be ‘Natural Law Common To All People’.

The term Land Territory – means the land and waters under the jurisdiction of a government

Land – means coastal land areas limited in dimension and the land made up of the subsoil



Jurisdiction can be loosely described as that which comes under a states or governments control by virtue of its positioning in relation to the sphere of influence a state or government claims to have over territory and the objects therein if such claims remain unchallenged by not rebutting them, whether geographically described or contractually agreed to in being within such a jurisdiction or sphere of influence.

Exclusive economic zone


Other terms such as ‘an area outside the territorial sea’ or ‘Continental Shelf’ or ‘Subsoil’ etc., need only be searched for using a browser such as Opera or Firefox to be able to come to appreciate what they mean.

Sampled Randomly As Being Of Interest –

The Civil Jurisdiction (Offshore Activities) Order 1987 – 1987 No. 2197

Statutory Instruments 1987 No. 2197 CONTINENTAL SHELF TERRITORIAL SEA




‘Many people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so.’ – Bertrand Russell


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