Obtaining full disclosure of territorial jurisdiction

and knowing a little in-advance ‘where that territory really is’, in the eyes of those claiming jurisdiction, is of importance towards understanding that those claiming and presuming jurisdiction over you in their disingenuous way of allowing you to deceive yourself, really never had legitimate authority over you in the first place, even long before any claim was made against you.

Once this is understood, the bankers can never turn to the support of ‘their’ government as a legitimising authority, and in-turn the government can never turn to the support of non-consenting people for legitimacy.

Why should any of this matter ? The reasons can be simply put. All one would need to do, is ask themselves –

What reasonable man of sanity,

would stand nonchalantly by,

effectively supporting their wealth being confiscated,

through the knowing complicity of government,

that enacts wealth confiscating measures, statutes and legislation,

as a veil of legitimacy for bankings debt-falsification through the lie of economy ?

Who indeed would sign-up for the misrepresentation of their economic activity as misrepresented debts falsified for the benefit of bankers on the orders of government whose territorial jurisdiction was inoperative against those who ceased to be in governments jurisdiction, as and when they chose to be ?

This orchestrated sham, I hear you say, does not matter to you since you have no credit or loans from the various finance houses or banks. You live within your means and from day to day.

Sadly, thinking that you have been acting responsibly will not help you.

Money is still allegedly owed to the bankers central banks through ‘their’ government proxies as a so-called National or Sovereign Debt. This is as a consequence of government ‘falsely’ alleging a necessity to borrow from the bankers for the benefit of the member-employees of the corporate country over which government has jurisdiction – whose members are also commonly called ‘citizens’ or any other synonyms used to described employees. For example, taxpayers, nationals, the public, and so on.

As a result, government in collusion with the banking systems lie of economy, are advocates of the bankers deliberate misrepresentation of debt away from its true owners, the people individually – to whom it belongs. This misrepresented debt is the debt that the bankers falsify to themselves and claim as theirs, and then from its entitlement go on to provide credit which amounts to the theft of the true debtors credit, since it was the true debtors entitlement from his debt that provides for credit to be created in the first place. Having misrepresented debt and falsified it to themselves in order to obtain credit which does not belong to them, the bankers as false creditors then falsely claim they have provided the people, through their government, with something, a loan. By these means, the bankers claim money is owed to them and expect to receive payments against these artificial debts, that originated from stolen credit, and that they claim the people owe through government as a National or Sovereign Debt.

(see: Issuers and Owners of Credit – in the links provided below)

Government participation in the lie of economy through governments actions of untrue or artificial borrowing from bankers, which in turn creates an artificial National debt, that exponentially increases for the benefit of the bankers as false creditors, and that results in the bankers confiscating everybody’s wealth as ‘unearned’ reward by claiming falsely that debts are owed to them, legitimises the bankers lie of economy,making it appear genuine, warranted, necessary, and the only true means of providing for an economy. Of course, as is evident, this is all hogwash.

 These artificial loans are deliberately and disingenuously entered into by government, and by government doing so, are increased astronomically by government, allowing for the misrepresentation of economic activity into artificial debts which are then converted to unearned reward for the banks. All this is done, as government pretends all the while to be oblivious to the bankers lie of economy that is the banking system. In this way it can be said that government action can be characterised as deliberate.

Government having the gall to claim authority over people outside of governmental territorial jurisdiction, and to then demand that they pay through taxation for an ‘artificial National Debt’, which has been brought about by way of misrepresenting debt away from its true owners, the people, for the benefit of bankers as false owners of this now misrepresented debt to the bankers, from which the bankers then steal the entitlement to create credit, which then becomes the artificial debt owed to them as loans taken out by government, amounts to an absurdity by government and the bankers. After all, government merely administers to the needs of a ‘corporation’, for which it is employed to do so. As with any other corporation which is created by ‘its form of charter’, its ‘executive board, governing board, or government’ which provides ‘governance’ for the corporation, has no authority over those who are non-members or non-employees. Charters create fictional entities called corporations, and different ‘forms of corporations’ may be created by different ‘forms of charter’. Nevertheless, they are corporations all the same. A country, whose ‘business’ it is as a corporation, provides a ‘service’ through which its ‘membership or employees’ may act out their lives. The corporate-countries government is merely the ’employee board of executives’ or administrative instrument providing ‘governance or government’ for the corporate-country on behalf of its OWNERS. The corporate-countries governing body of employees, exerts its control on the rest of the corporate-countries membership or employees, through its branches or subdivisions referred to as government departments and agencies (and through also all the other corporate branches or corporate-subdivisions of that corporate country; that is to say, its secondary-governments or ‘authorities’ and their subdivisions, sometimes referred to as local-government and their agencies). The corporation is brought into existence, created, or is established on a ‘piece of paper’ by its OWNERS. That ‘piece of paper’ is called a ‘Political Charter‘. Only those within corporate-governments jurisdiction, that is to say, those who ‘chose to admit to membership or citizenship of the corporate-countries territorial jurisdiction, or simply admitted to being in that jurisdiction’, would be subject to false claims of liability known as taxation, or indeed any other claim of liability within that territorial jurisdiction of a corporate-country.

This is how the artificial ‘National Debt’ to be paid by those admitting to be in a governments, a states, a nations, a countries, or a regions (EU) jurisdiction or any other corporate jurisdiction, either as taxpayers, subjects, citizens, members of the public, persons, individuals, or just plain normal people of that territorial-jurisdiction in question, is brought about.

It will be readily appreciated that because of the diabolical machinations of the lie of economy, all sorts of liabilities must be invented and created to strip you of your wealth on the pretext that the National Debt is a legitimate concern for everyone. Although seemingly not related, these liabilities range from taxing you on the rain that falls on your property and property tax itself, to ‘fines’ for breaking some or other rule on the roads, or just some other fabricated and insane liability to extract your wealth for debts that are not genuinely owed to the banking system. Government, together with its agencies, are in the business of doing this in every and all aspects of your life.

Without a full appreciation of the implications of jurisdiction, property and assets that a people worked hard towards in trying to improve their lot, are wrongly used as ‘collateral’ for the inevitable failure to pay the artificial national debt. The house, the car, or whatever property you thought belonged to you, becomes collateral; and that includes you or your family and future generations who are also considered to be liable for the National Artificial Debt.

The further cruel aspect of all of this nonsense, is that these artificial debts to the banking systems lie of economy are designed to be impossible to pay. But nevertheless, they will be wrongly paid to the banking system by entirely stripping everyone of their personal wealth and lands, including stripping people of their freewill to make choices, whether or not people considered themselves to have behaved responsibly by not having any ‘so-called loans’ from the bankers and their finance houses.

This of course leaves everybody destitute and a serf to whom exactly ?

The corporate owners of the banking system and the corporate countries ?

How would they then compel everyone to pay for these artificial debts? By people consenting to accept a territorial jurisdiction they know nothing about because they did not seek full disclosure – that is how.

In acquiring an understanding of this subtle yet ancient ploy of deception that provides a mirrored-map of the world for those who would gaze into it and deceive themselves into thinking it is the very ‘stuff’ and substance of reality, and not just ‘a piece of paper’, comes the realisation that the truth does not and will not inevitable matter. What truly matters is whether you are even conscious of yourself, of freewill, from which vantage point a panorama emerges to the underlying simplicity of this grand scheme of enslavement. The confiscation of the world and everything in it, for the benefit of the advocates and owners of this ‘grand lie of economy’ that strips you of your freewill and wealth. That is the simple underlying nature of this diabolical scheme – Feudalism.

Without facing the truth and quelling your ‘fear’ to just opening your eyes to see the obvious, and then speak about it amongst yourselves and without embarrassment, you will remain enslaved. Do not depend and rely on Pretenders, Impostors, and their ‘Experts’ of every kind and description. What truly matters is to realise the simplicity and nature of this deception, a deception that allows for you to deceive yourself. What truly matters is to take responsibility for your own life and each others lives.

If but one of you is made victim to this lie of economy by the banking system, and its misrepresentation of what should be your greatest treasure – your ‘freewill’ to express and present your personal and private affairs as you so ‘wish’, without interference from the banking system in its taking of undeserved and unearned reward as artificial debt owed to them, then, as is the case now, we all fall and forever remain doomed as VICTIMS of its cruel machinations.

What truly matters is YOU, YOUR FREEWILL, insofar as no injury, harm, or damage to others and their property is caused; and care is taken to avoid reckless behaviour at the risk of causing injury to others.



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