Political Charters Create Corporate Countries As Fictions

In matters between people, entities are created beyond the ‘bodily confines’ of an individuals freewill as ‘necessary fictions or fabrications of convenience’ to assist individuals in providing a place or space in which willing or agreeing individuals commonly understand what their dealings are to be, with respect to each other. It is by this very process that a corporation is created to reflect the corporation/cooperation of individuals working together, or in company, towards a common cause (the meeting of the minds) to which they had given their individual consent, in agreement to what they had arranged. By virtue of being an individual, the meeting of one individuals mind with that of another individuals mind creates ‘a meeting or merging of minds’ that can have no independent existence of its own in reality or in nature. Individuals remain just that, individual in existence, or to put it another way, individuals as ‘real things’ that exist independently of each other in nature or in the jurisdiction of Natural Law. Yet, this ‘meeting of the minds’ is a third entity, a combination that is necessarily a fiction. That fiction, being ‘the merging of the minds’, defines itself and its operations through the agreement of the participants to it and can only ‘exist’ as a consequence of individual participants agreeing to it. When this happens, what becomes the ‘idea or operations’ of the third entity as ‘a meeting or merging of minds’, maybe noted on paper to aid either of the participating individuals memory to its creation and purpose. The ‘paper’ being just a formal presentation of – the ‘fictional third entity’ or the ‘meeting of minds’ and its operations as ‘ideas’ that it contains and which were arrived at by the agreement of the individuals to it. We can see then, that when individuals come together to conduct dealings with each other they necessarily create fictional third entities. All such fictions are a corporation in which agreeing individuals in each others company can work for, or towards. That is the essence of a corporation or company.

Any individual or individuals may draw-up such corporations in-advance, or ahead of there being anyone to have ‘a meeting of the mind’ with, to bring their ideas of operations for corporation, or working together, into being or into fictional existence. Corporations drawn up in advance in such a manner are clearly controlled and owned by those who brought them into existence. They remain inactive until such time an individual has a merging of the mind with them. Such corporations are clearly drawn up to benefit their creators, and await the merging of someone’s mind to them in order to advance the interests of their owners. Such corporations created in advance are done so by charter, and anybody has the freewill right to create or establish them, and as such are the owners of the corporation or company that is created from their charter. The charter is simply a corporation drawn up or created in anticipation, or in advance, of other individuals wanting to have a meeting or merging of the mind with the individual or individuals whose mind it represents and whose minds are behind its creation. Care must be taken to have dealings with chartered corporations, lest you are found to be at a disadvantage. The tendency of chartered corporations is to find agents or employees to work for them and therefore anyone that contracts to them are not doing so on an equal footing but are held to be in an inferior position to that of their owners for whom an individual would be effectively working for. Any free-willed individual may elect to join the jurisdiction of a chartered corporation or incorporated company as an employee, or choose not to join the jurisdiction of such a corporation or company, regardless of the operations or business that corporation or company had been drawn up to engage in.

Charters create fictional entities called corporations, and different ‘forms of corporations’ may be created by different ‘forms of charter’. Nevertheless, they are corporations all the same. A Country is created by Political Charter written on ‘paper’ as a constitution, whose ‘business’ it is as a corporation, is to provide a ‘service’ through which its ‘membership, agents or employees’ may act out their lives within its jurisdiction or ‘control’.

A corporation of whatever description and nature, be it one created by Political Charter for people to act out their lives, or simply to conduct business of a more limited nature, cannot exceed its authority above an individuals natural rights or replace those rights, regardless of whether or not that individual is a member-citizen or employee of the corporation. To do so would be a perversion of the truth; that man’s natural position is above that of a fiction. This must always remain the reality regardless of the dignity of those advocating for such a fictional corporation or whomever the owners of that corporation maybe.

With the foregoing in mind, the website link to the title THE LAW by Frederic Bastiat is an absolutely insightful brief read that ought never to be ignored:



The original incorporation charter of Krakow (08.06.2013),1261,the-original-incorporation-charter-of-krakow-08062013.html

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List of sovereign states by date of formation


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