The world economy was planned to be deliberately destroyed
or more accurately speaking – confiscated through ‘the lie of economy’, a long time ago .

EU makes bank creditors bear losses as Cyprus bail-in becomes blue-print for rescues

But first, the minds of men needed to be changed so that they lost trust in themselves, to instead seek redemption in the trust of ‘others’ – bankers and their ‘proxies’.

What was planned and needed to happen, was to ensure a belief in bankers and their ‘proxies’ as a force for good resolving the problems of men; both orchestrated and real. The fattening-up before the kill.


It seems that we all became mesmerised, one way or another by opportunists, who took the natural inclinations of men whether for good or for bad, in the world that they found man inhabiting, and used these inclinations as and when they could in the direction of manipulation, to bring about dependency on so-called authority rather than on self-reliance.

The broad overview made here shall not be dwelt on, except to say that those who examine history always sense an undercurrent of separate unseen events that only come to light when episodes in history are reviewed with greater scrutiny, to show and to be found lurking in the shadows, the forces which underlie the huge historic upheavals that turn men away from their crowning glory of self-reliance, for the begging-bowl of dependency held high to ‘authority’ pleading for alms.

Restoration and recovery will only be achieved with the use of ‘instruments that provide the means to gauge the facts’. Instruments that mark and steer the course for our moral-compass when setting sail for the high-seas of encounters. Instruments, that unravel how we gave up our crowning glory, our ship of self-reliance guided by its star of free-will, and with its surrender, the surrender of all our possessions, for that barren land of ‘dependency’ that marks the road to impending feudalism.

Poetic sentiment aside, all we need do to find our remedy, is understand the gist of, if not the details of, the simple explanations provided throughout this site to regain natures inheritance. The choice is ours.

There is no need here to repeat these explanations. All that would need to be done is examine carefully the first two articles in the archives, and then crucially, to patiently ‘see for ourselves’ how the alleged death of our world economy had been brought about, with an extraordinary discovery and presentation demonstrating all of this to us, presented at the link below:

If all that we can see and come to know for ourselves with just a little investigation isn’t evidence enough of what is at stake here, then truly we are asleep, without a cure to be found for our gullibility.
What is for certain, is that we individually decide when this ends and how we should begin. It just takes us to simply wake up to greet the right beginning.

All of course are free to share all the information provided throughout the pages of THERE IS NO DEBT.


The Vast Majority of People With a Bank Account are Unsecured Creditors, see:

RED ALERT: Money Confiscation Legal? Keep YOUR Money OUT of the Banks!!

Crisis Management

Note.- From the European Unions Website, Under the title:
EU finance ministers reach agreement on the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive – 27.06.2013,
the press release pdf from the council, on page 2 reads,

‘The main resolution measures would include:
– bail-in measures (the imposition of losses, with an order of seniority, on
shareholders and unsecured creditors).’

On claims of depositors, subordinated and creditors and central banks in bank resolutions

Claims of depositors, subordinated creditors, senior creditors and central banks in bank resolutions
Niall Lenihan Assistant General Counsel Legal Services, European Central Bank AEDBF Conference, Athens , 5–6 October 2012

New EU Plan Will Make Every Bank Account In Europe Vulnerable To Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation

Bank bail-in plans finally agreed, but its only a small step towards banking union

EU Council Reaches Agreement on Bail-In Rules

Pimco Says Debt Losing Allure in Emerging World: Poland Credit

Emerging markets crushed by double squeeze in China and America

International Monetary Fund – Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe Regional Economic Issues

Beneficial owner

Wolfsberg FAQ’s on Beneficial Ownership


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