Anyone who has taken the time to read the archived articles,

THERE IS NO DEBT IT’S JUST YOUR IMAGININGS – published 26 February 2013


MISREPRESENTATION – published 27 February 2013,

will soon come to appreciate what is meant by The Bankers Switch and Bait given in the title heading above.

We can examine this ‘switch and bait’ stratagem at play, where we may have sincere or well-meaning advocates of this bankers ploy, whom ‘inadvertently’ support it and are convinced of its merits without realising its purpose as a ‘Trojan horse’, by asking ourselves the question – what is wrong with the ‘picture’ that the following article, as our example for inquiry,  presents as a seemingly powerful case for complementary or local community currencies:

 The Crime of Alleviating Poverty: A Local Community Currency Battles the Central Bank of Kenya


The switch is – the change of position or posture the bankers take, in their ‘pretense’ of the loss of control they would be subjected to if local currencies or complementary currencies were seen as an alternative in facilitating everyone’s economic activity. A pretense of vulnerability and weakness that provides;

the bait of – having us believe that complementary currencies really are the panacea they are being widely purported to be in ridding us of the bankers. Evidenced with what appears to be their astounding success and the real concerns bankers would have with them, exemplified by the actions of the Central Bank of Kenya.

If that were not enough, as further supporting evidence of the merits of these types of currency, we are led to believe that somehow the bankers proxies in the guise of central or local government have altruistic motives in encouraging the spread of local currencies throughout the world’s communities; to the extent that even that most philanthropic of all benefactors, the bankers United Nations, is even given a bit-part to play in this theatrical production of the absurd that amounts to a total sham.

Anything endorsed by the bankers proxies would need to be thought over very carefully, especially when it comes to currencies.

However, the ploy is soon discovered when just the word ‘bank’ is retained as a ‘lender’ of these complementary currencies.

When does a publisher get to lend to you what is yours ? Answer, when he magically becomes a banker.

For those of us who want to understand what is meant by this, the answer to this mystery is very rapidly discovered when we read the articles referenced above.

So, the question to ask then, is – when does a ‘publisher’ get to acquire the ability to suddenly ‘issue’ or lend us what has always been ours ?

Does a ‘publisher’ somehow acquire magic powers because he changes his name from publisher to banker with the wave of a magic wand ?

This magician of a publisher announcing and presenting his act as though at a fair-ground, as one of – ‘the mystery secrets of the wonders of complementary currencies brought to you from strange and exotic distant lands‘ – and calling himself banker, truly has magical abilities. As an illusionist performing the deed of misdirection to successfully draw the audiences attention away from his gambit – that of deception; as would any illusionist worthy of his trade in his ability to deceive ‘the mind’ of its judgement.

At least the illusionists position as an entertainer would be a more genuine one, in that he would admit of nothing else except to provide entertainment.

It is clear that this idea of local currencies or complementary currencies in their adoption, falls into the same category as that given by an illusionists performance, mere entertainment.

Using desperate people in disadvantaged communities, who more so would fall victim to the predatory nature of bankers, to try and convince us and provide us with proofs of the authentic nature of complementary currencies, it finally has to be said, is stooping a little low. Using comfortable people in advantaged communities, who more so would be gullible enough to fall victim to the predatory nature of bankers, it must also be said, is stooping a little low.

Take this to mean that we are all in the same boat, the desperate and the comfortable together. All victims of ‘the bankers lie of economy’.

With this stratagem of ‘switch and bait’, we are to face and accept the very same ‘fundamental lie’, which is ‘the bankers lie of economy’ – all over again. A ‘lie’ which has brought us to our current predicament of economic upheaval in allowing a publisher to take on the role of magician, spelt ‘b-a-n-k-e-r’.


The central theme which we must ‘never lose sight’ of, is that we cannot have ‘anyone’, whether in the guise of well-meaning businesses or ‘community backed support’ or some other emotive ‘label’, claiming that they are the one’s who provide the means for a currency to be issued. This is exactly the current position of the bankers and their ‘lie of economy’.

It is we who individually issue our own currency by instructing a publisher with our ‘order’ to do business, for him to print what is representative of our work. The work is ours and the currency represents our work, and therefore we own and issue the currency for ourselves. There is nothing that has been given to us, issued to us, or ‘provided’ for us. The ownership of currency or ‘capital’ has always remained ours. We must not be deceived into ‘thinking’ otherwise.

This cannot be stressed enough. We individually issue our own individual currency, not a group of well-meaning businesses or some ‘vague’ general term likened to ‘the backing of the communities resources’. Your individual effort of back-breaking work, your ‘evidence‘ to that work. Whether you agree to work together or not, you each provide your own evidence of the work you have fulfilled as promised or that you will fulfill as promised. Not some other third party or vaguely described emotive entity called ‘community’. The nuance of language in making this distinction would, for some, appear to be minor and not of great importance, however, it lies at the very heart of our current economic problems today.

Those well-meaning businesses or ‘the community backed issuance of currencies’ that we read of in the article under examination, ‘The Crime of Alleviating Poverty: A Local Community Currency Battles the Central Bank of Kenya’ , must never be given undue importance, or be seen or construed as anything else other than ‘publishers’ of our currencies, which currencies represent proofs or evidence of our promises made to each other. To think otherwise, would condemn us yet again to debt slavery.

Finally, for any of this knowledge to ‘bear fruit’, there is another extremely crucial matter which is not to be ignored – Jurisdiction. This is knowing where ‘true economy’ is to take place: see article, THE REAL DANGER published 21st June 2013.


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