What man can do, he can also undo by simply giving himself permission.



Note. – In order that the bankers lie of economy does not continue to devastate our lives, great attention must be paid to what this presentation shows and describes




What follows is the only authentic way to be rid of your mortgage. By this is meant – paid in full, without having to work towards an artificial debt.

In paying-off a mortgage or a loan (artificial debt) in the way to be soon described, we ensure that the bankers lie of economy is exposed for what it is – a lie. That the artificial debts in question are shown to be worth the true value of what they amount to.

We also ensure that we ‘mind our own business’ with regards to the way others operate ‘their business’. What happens administratively within a bankers business operations, or what financial instruments mean and the terms describing them mean, or what happens to paper-work, is quite frankly, none of our business.

None of us need to hopelessly struggle in trying to learn and understand the mechanisms of banking, because we simply do not work for the bankers lie of economy, and hopefully, nor would we ever aspire to be bankers.

To be rid of our artificial debts, all we need do, is to accept defeat.

What matters, is to accept defeat for – all of the ‘objects or elements’ to be found in a contract.

We need only pretend that an artificial debt is owed, without putting up a fight against the bankers unjust requirements of the artificial debt having to be paid.

To just accept defeat by admitting to owe a banker his artificial debt is our strategy.

In this way all artificial debts – mortgages and loans from bankers and their finance houses – can be authentically paid in full with the stroke of a pen.

This strategy to ensure the payment of an artificial debt in full and the documentation that it requires for its success is, however, a band-aid. Simply because, without knowing and understanding the how’s of the ‘distortion’ imposed on everyone’s economic life, the bankers together with their proxies, would just continue withdrawing  the money supply from circulation through taxation, bail-outs, bail-ins etc., for the payment of an artificial debt, as is happening now.

No money supply, no economy. And in such a situation, finding the money to pay for an artificial tax bill, or whatever the excuse used to effectively create ‘a bill’ to withdraw the money supply in circulation for the benefit of bankers in order to confiscate real property and leave us destitute, would place everyone in effective foreclosure, that is to say, confiscation of real property towards artificial debt payments that are unable to be paid.

And that is just on the basis of not wanting to complicate issues, by leaving aside entirely, thoughts on jurisdiction as a separate concern.

Nevertheless, the truth describing the only way for ‘everyone’, whatever their circumstances, to genuinely provide evidence that an artificial debt has been paid in full for the value owed, would stand up to scrutiny if called for in any ‘genuine’ court, and furthermore, it would stand up to scrutiny as one that does not require any attempt to try and understand the lie and nonsense of banking operations. The strategy of defeat on its own merits, without relying on understanding the perverse operations of banking that amount to a lie, would evidently be the only method that relied on presenting the truth as it stands – that there is no debt.


The actual item in an exchange ‘is’ the valuable consideration that a contract speaks of and that forms the basis of the contracts or agreements existence (without which the contract or agreement could not be reached and therefore the contract or agreement would not exist)

Valuable consideration exchanged equals the actual item to be exchanged. The actual item to be exchanged equals valuable consideration exchanged.
(Valuable consideration exchanged = the actual item to be exchanged)

The actual item, which ‘is’ the value of worth wanted, and to be considered in an exchange, and that forms the basis of an exchange, ‘is’ the valuable consideration of worth in a ‘contract’ or agreement of exchange. Valuable consideration ‘is’ the actual item itself and what its worth is agreed to be


Conceptual Definitions Of A General Nature To Assist Discovery Of The Facts As They Are And Not As We Wish Them To Be  –

An Item / Items –

Productive services (property, goods and services) that are wanted and are of use, and are the things of ‘value to be considered’ (valuable consideration) in an exchange, for which purpose the exchange is made, and without which an exchange could not happen nor would there be any point in trying to enter into an exchange to begin with.

That is to say, supporting documentation as evidence, that

i)   speak of an exchange of items, and

ii)  show that an exchange of items had taken place, and finally

iii) provide for evidence that is representative as proofs, of the fulfilling or fulfillment of promises made in support of an exchange of items – items that ‘had been or would be made available’ for the pool of wealth from where exchanges would take place,

would need to show, present or indicate, where those actual items, as the ‘values to be considered’ for exchange, and given to the pool of wealth from which exchanges would be made, are to be be found, in order to validate the authenticity of the exchange

Value –

Those items that are wanted and useful, and whose worth are given, in turn, as the items that can be exchanged for them, as signifying their agreed value. Their agreed value on exchange, can be shown and evidenced on paper – that is to say monetised

Agreement / contract –

A ‘meeting of the minds’ on the items to be exchanged and their value, together with full-disclosure to ensure fairness

Valuable consideration –

An item or those items wanted and ‘considered as the value of worth’ in an exchange

Medium –

is that which is used to show , present, communicate, store or record ‘a message’ as evidence or proof. It is that by which or on which a representation of something else is stored (recorded). The medium is not the item of valuable consideration that forms the basis of an exchange. It is the object or place by which or on which the worth of the item as valuable consideration is recorded as evidence to it. For this purpose of recording evidence, any object or place may be used, although it is customary or the convention to use ‘paper and ink’.

Gold –

A medium that can be used as another form of object or place by which or with which evidence can be represented or re-represented when it is held by a publisher.

Unless you were doing business principally with a metal-dealer, and not a publisher, then ‘your evidence’ published by a publisher would go to meet obligations owed to a metal dealer or merchant, for his metals in exchange – which would be the valuable consideration you are exchanging ‘your evidences’ for. The publisher in printing or publishing ‘your evidence’ would receive for his services a reasonable fee, not the entirety of ‘your evidences’ plus interest (See Medium)

Evidence –

are the proofs to show that an event has taken place or will take place. The event can be a ‘promise’ made, to do something or have something done

A Medium of Exchange –

is that by which, on which or with which a message is communicated or stored (recorded), as evidence of the actual items (valuable consideration) made available or to be made available for the pool of wealth from which exchanges can be taken. A medium of exchange evidences the fulfillment of the promises made for the delivery of productive items, or for their future delivery – the items being the valuable consideration as productive services. A medium of exchange is the medium on which or with which the representational evidence of that which is exchanged is shown or symbolised by. It is the medium on which evidence is shown or the medium by which evidence is symbolised – a medium carrying evidence of something else (valuable consideration), or a ‘medium of evidence for exchange’ representing or evidencing something else (the actual items as valuable consideration are what are being evidenced in an exchange)

A store of value –

is that medium which stores (records) the value of ‘something else’ – an item or items of productive service – as the contribution given towards the pool of wealth made available for exchange. It merely records the value or worth, it is not the item of value itself.

A store of value is then, the medium that records the worth of ‘something else’

Delivery note –

shows the items to be delivered, or provided for acceptance as delivered (on verification)

An Invoice –

testifies to actual items having been delivered and accepted by calling for their payment, in the form of actual items themselves, that have been or will have been contributed to the pool of wealth from which exchanges can be made for items of valuable consideration,

or in other words,

calls for payment in the form of ‘evidence’, as representations that are supported by the actual items of valuable consideration promised to be made available for the pool of wealth from which exchanges can take place in due course

Book-keeping –

summarises and records the particulars to an event or exchange, which particulars or information are derived from the supporting documentation of an invoice or which particulars or information provide for the issuance of an invoice.  Book-keeping records or shows the item or items exchanged, the monetised ‘considered value of worth’ of the item or items, and other relevant information to an exchange agreed upon.



It will become apparent that the bankers ‘lie of economy’ produces artificial debts whose sole purpose can only be ascribed to confiscation, and it will also be made absolutely clear that – ‘there is no debt’.

However, even if we were to accept invalid contracts, based on the lie of economy, through which these artificial debts had been entered into, there would be no need for apprehension in meeting their payment in full.

In other words income, as a reward earned from producing productive services or items, need not be ‘lost’ in making payments, in full, for these artificial debts.


It must be fully understood that regardless of the merits of puting into motion, operations that would provide evidence of payment being legitimately made and honoured in full, for an invalid contract, without having to concede a single penny from your hard earned wealth to do so, it would not be expedient for the courts to recognise the merits of such an action – or at least, we could reasonably speculate that their hands, through no fault of their own, would be tied to not rule in our favour. It could be said of the courts that they are there, not to be ‘seen’ to do justice, but are there, to ‘seem’ to do justice. Why this should be so, will be understood in light of what follows.


The judiciary resides and operates in a private chartered corporate country created by private political charter, that is to say a private constitution, in which the courts, as of course private corporations, form a part. The banks operate in the same private chartered corporate country as either conventional private corporations in the jurisdiction of that private corporate country, or as state chartered banks which are also private corporations in the private chartered corporate state or country.

Nonetheless, they are all private corporations subject to the wishes of the owner or owners, whom may remain hidden, of the private corporate countries jurisdiction, and ‘within’ which these corporations operate.

The purpose of these private courts and their judiciary then, is not to defeat the ‘object’, as a constitution, which created and established them, as they have no right to do so in that that right is not within their contractual terms and conditions of obligation which clearly would not permit them to exceed their authority, but to fulfil, the wishes of their corporate owner or owners. For they have a job to do, within the remit of the criteria established by the private constitution which they are contractually required to fulfil, and to fulfil in the execution of their duties on those whom are subject or contracted to that corporate states jurisdiction out of their own choosing.

Nevertheless, on presentation of a case in a court which could hear cases from disparate jurisdictions without its interference, made as ‘opinions of the court’; and in whose presence it were never conceded to belonging to the private countries jurisdiction of which those in the employ of the court would form a part; then and only then, could such a case be won, not necessarily won in terms of the motion you would bring ordering the court, to pronounce your decision to have the court fulfil your wishes of having the alleged debt dismissed in your favour – although this is to be expected – but in terms of exposing the duplicitous nature of their operations in not providing full-disclosure of their interests as a ‘conflict of interests’.


It must always be remembered that the business performed with a banker-publisher or publisher, is to do business with him for the printing of ‘your evidences’ that are representative of the promises ‘to be fulfilled’ or fulfilled for others. The publishers stock-in-trade are ink and paper and the service he provides in printing or publishing ‘your evidence’, and nothing more. What is wanted from the publisher, is the printing of your evidence and the service of printing he provides for that to be done.

What is not wanted from the publisher is a house, a car, bars of metal, a cup of tea, or anything else, which would have been obtained by directly doing business with the merchants or sellers providing those very things as valuable consideration.

The publishers valuable consideration is the service he provides of printing or publishing your evidence, and the costs of doing so would not entail, for example, working towards paying for the cost of a house.

The house as valuable consideration in an exchange would be obtained from a seller of that house, and your valuable consideration of the productive services you produce would be what is exchanged for that house.

The valuable consideration required from the printer on the other hand, would be merely his services of publishing ‘your evidences of working’ to produce productive services or items, in order for you to take ‘your property of now published evidences’ that the publisher was instructed by you to publish, and hand them over to the seller of the house in exchange for his house.

It would be absurd for the publisher to ask for, as payment, the price of a house together with interest for his services of publishing, since his valuable consideration is not the house.

The cost of his services as valuable consideration would clearly not amount to a great deal as we all can testify to, when we go to do business with a printer.

Having placed an order with a printer to print ‘our written property’, we would not expect an invoice demanding the cost of a house, but the reasonable cost of the valuable consideration he provided, and that is the costs of printing or publishing our ‘written property’:

How much does it cost to produce currency and coin?

Dollar Printing Uses 9.7 Tons Of Ink Per Day, And Other Fast Facts About The US Dollar

How Much Does It Cost to Print a Dollar Bill?

How Much Does It Cost to Print Money?


Unless we are ‘staring down the barrel of a gun’, we all contract freely and on our own terms. Having to sign or fulfil a contract ‘at gunpoint’ or out of fear is called robbery, and should never be tolerated by any reasonable people as a whole, since all such contracts are rightly considered and taken to be ‘null and void’ – without force and effect of law.

Defeatism as it is meant here, is a surrender that achieves its aims, by accepting an antagonists claims and then calling into question, not through aggression but through acceptance, those very claims.

Accept defeat and surrender to the claims that you seemingly have an obligation to fulfil. An obligation that you agreed to enter into and that must follow, in strict accordance, the requirements of the law.

When we examine natural behaviour anywhere in the world with regards to people making arrangements with each other, freely and without intimidation when doing business, then contract law establishes, by noting, what people have always done throughout the ages in agreeing to exchanges regardless of where and when in the ages of man.

Now, it is clear that agreements to exchange anything or any item or items, are a contract. And that, like valuable consideration for like valuable consideration in value or worth, must be met by both parties to that exchange.

What is the valuable consideration that the publisher, who as banker taking on ‘magic powers’ provides ?


That of a printing or publishing service.

We do not want anything else from him when we engage to do business with him, other than the publishing of ‘our evidences’. Of which evidences he will publish on material that we commonly think of as paper. We of course would prefer paper as it is more convenient in so many ways than accepting our evidence as a great big lump of heavy metal. Moreover, we want services from him as a publisher and not a metals-dealer.

Let the baby keep his toys (contractual claim that a debt is owed to him) and play by himself. It is just as well that he is ignored by surrendering to his claims or accepting his claims, because everything he ever claimed to achieve through the prowess of his operations in banking was through his lie of economy. But not only that, everything he ‘claims’ to own as property is to be found in his jurisdiction.

Wherever that jurisdiction is, is where his property is to be found and therefore his ‘claims’ to property may stand, if not challenged. He can make no claims to property to be found elsewhere.

Pray tell, where is that jurisdiction to be found ?


WHERE AM I – published March 20, 2013

In letting the baby keep his toys, that is to say, providing him with the valuable consideration that he claims he is owed, we write him a promissory note that has like value or worth of valuable consideration supporting it as the valuable consideration he provided to us. And that consideration amounts to nothing – zero.

The numbers, as figures, he writes on a piece of paper that he claims he is owed, do not have any valuable consideration to support them. He has no doubt already been paid for the valuable consideration he provided us in publishing ‘our evidence’ in his capacity as a printer-publisher.

But the further numbers he presents on paper as being owed to him, are not supported by work he has performed in producing further items of valuable consideration to justify his claim of having given us that amount of items in value or worth as valuable consideration.

Only someone who had provided us with items of valuable consideration to that extent, would be entitled to ‘redeem’ our evidences against the items we produced through our labour in support of those very same ‘evidences’ we issued to them

The magician banker on the other hand, claims he provided us ‘paper’ beyond the worth or value of the valuable consideration he provided to us as a publisher. When we accept his claim that he has provided us his evidences as a loan, then we are to ask, where is that ‘valuable consideration’ with which his claim of providing us his evidences is supported by.

For the figures on paper he presents to us as being owed to him, must be supported by something or by some item of like worth that we had required from him when doing business. Well, not to our surprise, we find that the paper he claims to have provided us has no supporting valuable consideration, it is irredeemable.

Contract law requires and demands like worth is exchanged for like worth. Irredeemable notes for irredeemable notes. We are therefore justified with providing him with an irredeemable promissory note, that presents ‘his’ numerical figures that he says are owed to him, for ‘payment in full’. Like for like.


Having understood what the issues are, we are now able to provide for letters that can be used to prove and completely fulfil any obligations we are said to have for the payment of artificial debts. The letter which enables us to do this becomes the founding document to eliminate our artificial debts in full, without having to perform productive work towards these debts.

The letter as the founding document, and its accompanying correspondence will be given in the next article titled –




THE LAW – April 28, 2013



MISREPRESENTATION – February 27, 2013


WHERE AM I – March 20, 2013


Germany refuses fresh relief for Greeks as debt ratio spirals out of control

US- South Africa War Games: The Pentagon’s Hidden Agenda is to Make “Africans fight Africans”

Note.- The bankers will have us at each others throats, one way or the other, in all aspects of our lives by doing whatever it takes . The Greeks suffering has nothing to do with the people of Germany who are psychologically ensnared and trapped in a distorted view of the world by not understanding the mechanisms of ‘true economy’ and ‘how and where relationships are formed’, just as we all are caught in these misconceptions created through distortion.

No True Justice, No Real Peace Until the Bankers Are Arrested and Out of Power

Ensuring the withdrawal of the money supply for the payment of artificial debts:

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Kissinger: ‘Terrorists’ Just ‘People Who Reject The International System’

Comment.- Interesting to note the company name behind Kissinger is that of a bank

Note.- Withdrawal of the money supply through the Lie of Economy precipitates catastrophic collapse. Without eliminating the Lie of Economy and replacing it with True Economy, we all are at the mercy of ‘The Lie of Economy and its Agenda of Wealth Confiscation’. From there, a feudalistic world automatically ensues :

Bankers and their proxies ‘feigning’ concern doesn’t fool anyone. We all know whats behind this –
Another blow for the Government: Public sector borrowing £500m higher than 2012

10 million households feel the squeeze

More families ‘feeling the squeeze’

Poland to relax fiscal discipline to spur economic growth

Poland To Relax Budget and Fiscal Rules to Stimulate Economy

Note.- Withdrawal of the money supply precipitates catastrophic collapse. Without eliminating the Lie of Economy and replacing it with True Economy, we all are at the mercy of ‘The Lie of Economy and its Agenda of Wealth Confiscation’. From there, a feudalistic world automatically ensues :

Hungry Britain: welfare cuts leave more than 500,000 people forced to use food banks, warns Oxfam

Britain on the Breadline: Middle Class, Hungry and Homeless

Chinese Bank Loans

China risks deflation trap as true GDP crumbles

City rocked by new scandal as probe gets underway into suspected attempt to rig price of government debt

Note.- A theatrical collaboration to authenticate the notion of banking debts as genuine. A lie remains a lie regardless of trying to present it differently; A lie can’t be regulated – There is no debt.

Red-Symphony – Global Enslavement using Capitalism and Communism pdf


Fighting The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Corporate Power-Tool Of The 1%

Note. – Understanding ‘Jurisdiction’ and submitting yourself to defeat, by ‘Minding Your Own Business in letting The Baby Keep Its Toy {Corporate Fictional Country}’,  allows for ‘Defeatism’ to be used against him in defeating himself, when he ends-up with no one to play with.

Humans Not Predisposed to War, New Study Finds


Chemical Zombification –
We are turning childhood into a disease

Vaccines Can Cause Infertility

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