Consummate performances, by Impostors of every description and character, remain their hallmarks  in being able to win-over audiences with manner, if not charm-of-manner, slight-of-hand, and ‘turn-of-phrase’. Consummate performances amounting to smokescreens, lies, and deceptions of all manner and kind.

Not until a knowledge of ‘true economy’ is grasped will the Impostor be recognised. Until such time, the Impostor will remain unseen to the naked eye and unheard by the keen of ear – all to the accompaniment of ringing applause from an appreciative audience. What  mockery, what spectacle of twisted mirth, but were it not for the knowledge that the audience quenches its thirst, not on the elixir of self-reliance that is the bedrock of their independence and freedom, but on the chalice of a devilish poisonous brew of dependency.

Those that acquire true knowledge will always spurn the Impostor. Distancing themselves from a fatuous dependency on that ‘deceiver of men’ would be obligatory as a consequence of such knowledge, for there is no compromise with deceit.

Rather for them the freedom of genuine self-reliance than the imposed chains that are ‘the lie of economy’. Natures justice demands it.

Convincing though the Impostor is, the valid and only true standard of measure to expose the Impostor is without doubt,  the revelation of ‘the true economy of man rooted in nature’ that Mathematically Perfected Economy (MPE) establishes.

Without exception, all Impostors are unveiled by Mathematically Perfected Economy for all to know whom stands in opposition to true and just economic entitlement, regardless of their perceived sincerity.

Illustrative of the Impostors deceitful and diversionary performance is the ruse of ‘the call’, woven in a fabric of words to rouse the listener with hypnotic vigour, for a rally of some patriotic cause or other, or “the appeal for reason” that on closer examination, amounts to the age-old spurious smoke screen rooted in the ‘us’ and something else threatening us mentality that no substantive examination of evidence bears out. As with all else.

The Impostors vile smog of poisonous deceptions plagues and diseases the mind by so cleaving it to be void of reason – necessarily away from the one true great wrong. A wrong which beggars belief in its boundless effrontery to deride and insult the ‘sanctity of life’ itself. A wrong that spans and reaches throughout the ages of time to blight all of the people of the world as tools of their own destruction for its warped ambitions. Such is the insanity of ‘the imposed lie of economy’ wrought against all people, that the call beckoning not to allow its methods to go unheeded must be met and the fear of knowing overcome.

Regardless of where they are to be found, those that reside in the sanity of reason want nothing more than to be able to conduct their lives in relative peace. Want nothing more than to ensure that they benefit from the fruits of their labour, and that they ought not to be dispossessed of what is rightfully and deservedly theirs.

What then is the purpose for ‘the imposed lie of economy’.

A careful examination of ‘the imposed lie of economy’, that Mathematically Perfected Economy exposes as a lie and resolves, alongside that of ‘the true economy of man’, which it consequently justly prescribes by resolving ‘the imposed lie of economy’ , reveals ‘the imposed lie of economy’ to be a fraud, a deception.

By such means of contrast and comparison, ‘the imposed lie of economy’ reveals its true nature for all to see its purpose, and therefore the aims and heinous ambitions of those at its helm, that den of thieves long ago condemned,  who endorse and propagate its lie.

Having prescribed ‘the true economy of man’, it can be seen that that which does not equate with it in measure and number, is a lie imposed upon the affairs of man. A lie that ‘distorts’ and dispossess man of freewill, true economy, and therefore of property. What then is the purpose for ‘the imposed lie of economy’? It can have no inspiring purpose other than the ‘sole purpose’ of dispossession of ownership to property, which in turn and in time paves the way for the tyranny of feudalism.

No amount of sophistry will mask this from reason that abides and attaches to common sense. The beacon of Mathematically Perfected Economy dispels any doubt as to the motives of those hidden in the shadows.

The kaleidoscope of fabricated diversions, distractions and varied agendas together with the propensity of people to sow complexity and confusion of their own making, facilitates the Impostor with orchestrating misdirection, away from the real issue of freewill and ‘the true economy of man’, to a meaningless dependency on the Impostor to provide a palliative as well as true sustenance for the problems created by ‘the imposed lie of economy’. To be sure, all hell would have to freeze-over in the wait for that to happen.

How then, can one plead naivety to these nefarious goings-on, when their effects can be readily seen all about stifling the very means to life and prosperity.


Nigel Farage explains the global banking scam that is imploding Greece
[Note.- No mention of ‘the obfuscation and misrepresentation of your promissory notes into falsified debt for the banks’ from either Nigel Farage or other members of this arena; just plenty of hot air.]

Millions to see private sector pensions reduced
[Note.- Your pensions will never be safe because of the bankers ‘obfuscation of the economy’, whether you’re in the private or public sector, which both amount to the same thing. You’ll be at each others throats but for ‘the truth’]

Thousands of police march in Spain austerity protest
[Note.- See paragraph 3 – “Citizens! Forgive us for not arresting those truly responsible for this crisis: bankers and politicians,” read one banner held aloft by a line of officers as they marched to the interior ministry.]
Comment.- It’s difficult to make arrests when you don’t understand the nature of the wrong-doing or crime

Revealed: How the cost of a degree is now £100,000
[Paragraph 2,  1st sentence, reads as follows – ‘Thousands of people currently studying at university will end up paying that amount over their career because of interest charges and other fees …’ wrongly made, because of the obfuscation and misrepresentation of their promises into falsified debt for the bankers or finance houses, all of which is happily sanctioned by government]

The libor scandal explained in graphic form
[Note.- Don’t get sidetracked from realising where the real scandal lies. By understanding ‘the obfuscation and misrepresentation of your promissory obligations into  falsified debt for the banks’, you can then see that the scale of theft committed by the bankers is shocking and ceaseless, consuming endless generations of people. This destructive theft arises as a result of successfully convincing all of us in our gullibility that what they do has some sort of legitimacy and therefore validity. Knowing the mechanism through which this theft operates, clearly reveals that it does not have any validity at all, none whatsoever. Libor is just a mechanism to consolidate the theft through centralisation and nothing more than that. The argument should never be that it, libor, is being run improperly, the argument should be that libor should never have existed in the first place. There simply is no justification for interest at all when it becomes apparent that all this stems from the ‘misrepresentation of your promises into false debt for the bankers’]

Banks Controlled Independent Reviews
(Note.- Remember, you fund or work for your loaned thing as your own investor.)


A Unique Perspective On Ancient History Through To Modern Times


The Hidden History of Western Civilization

Educational purposes only copy taken from the website, The Dying God:

The “Quiet War” Against Humanity


The Only True and Accurate Description of Economy



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