When we are blinded to ‘freewill’, ‘jurisdiction’ and ‘true economy’,  the bankers and their proxies will have us at each others throats, and what is more, we will suffer their tyranny for an eternity.


What do all the participants spoken of – be they individuals, countries or organisations – have in common in the website links given below under the title heading ORDER OUT OF CHAOS ?



Once it is clearly understood in which jurisdictional territory ‘freewill’ resides in, and the limits of governments ‘jurisdiction’ or any other organisations fictional jurisdiction, whether of a private nature or ‘purporting’ to represent something entirely different, then the question we ought to ask is –

what on earth are these various bodies and their servants, or public servants, think that they are doing acting in a jurisdiction that they may not under any circumstances transgress ?

Jurisdiction is where we arrive when we consider the crux of every issue we are presented with by the bankers and their proxies (government and media) together with other institutions.

Through jurisdiction, we come to understand and appreciate how those who scheme, need to foster varying agenda and confusion, by maneuvering us as ‘willing participants’ into wrong doings, or crimes against each other, for their schemes to be successful; either by legislating wrong doings as no longer wrong, or by taking what was once ‘natural’ and right in our lives that abided to true law, as something requiring ‘legislative permission’ without which, our natural and lawful actions would be deemed wrong.

We are thus ‘saved’ twice, by making us perform both unlawful acts and also by attempting to destroy our natural freedoms. The bankers and their proxies tyranny then, destroys freewill and law, to be replaced by the ‘scientifically’ derived progressive traditions-of-men.


Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution

(Note.- A state of servitude is a state of slavery)

Aldous Huxley — The Ultimate Revolution — A Blueprint to Enslave the Masses


When we think that legislation alone or government (of which there are varying forms with their expression of representative voting or democratisation seen in, for example, communist, fascist or parliamentary countries, that hold so called democratic values), with the concurrence of other organisations, somehow legitimises and validates actions outside of those very same governments and organisations jurisdictions, then, we mistakenly and unknowingly help to propagate ‘tyranny’ against ourselves and others.

A tyranny that at first is imperceptible, until its tentacles acquire a firm hold.

In swift order, our perception of ‘events’ are unable to match the speed at which they seem to rear themselves from seemingly nowhere and take on an ominous nature. We are left dazed, confused, and feeling inept as to know what is to be done or to whom to turn to.

The willingness of our representatives and political parties to take us in directions they promise will cure our discomfort, or suffering, and that are at odds with our intuitive feelings, leave us in consternation that, disconcertingly things will not work out.

But surely ‘they’, the bankers and their proxies, know better and are well placed to understand the complexities of the world.

Tragically and possibly too late, a glimmer of understanding develops in us that comes to realise we should have taken a simpler route in looking after our own affairs but, were it not for the bankers and their proxies keeping us busy with the problems and complexities of the world that they in fact are responsible for conjuring up from nowhere, we were convinced to do otherwise.

Turning away from our long established historical political parties and their ideologies to find solutions elsewhere, we are presented with an array of seemingly new, fair-minded and reasonable individuals, groups or growing organisation, of every description and kind, that speak our language. Salvation at long last it may seem is within reach, with what appear to be reasonable and well thought out solutions that have an accompanying history as evidence of their veracity.

However, little do we know, or even dare to contemplate, how long in ‘the planning’ that these solutions were held for the designed ‘eventuality’ and destruction now facing us. In this way, we are once again herded into the hands of the same Impostors that we had always been orchestrated by, to find ourselves in an even more entrenched position of slavery than before. Order out of chaos – the zombies behaved predictably, in the minds of the Schemers.

Each and every one of us, including public servants, when we come to appreciate not just how things really should be, but really ‘are’, and always have been, with what is plainly true and simple to understand when we investigate for ourselves ‘jurisdiction and true economy’, can see how ‘jurisdiction and true economy’ both exactly reflect, and ‘are’ descriptive of how we do actually live our lives and relate to each other.

When we come to understand this, then and only then, will ‘tyranny’ be kept at bay. It is for us to describe things as they ‘are’ and not how we are told they are or are told how they ought to be.

By understanding jurisdiction and true economy for ourselves and seeing their verification for ourselves everywhere in the natural world when we form relationships with each other , then we may begin to one day live more ‘freely’. That day is entirely up to us. Each man is free to do as he pleases regardless of the consequences, but at least the issues ought to be aired.

Finally, it is a question of law, of how and where it is to be found and above all, what is of precedence or is of primacy – somebody else’s fictional jurisdiction with which we may freely contract, or the jurisdiction of reality that we are all equally subject to in nature as Natural Law.

Without doubt law, that is to be found in nature or Natural Law, precedes and is superior to legality or legislation – which requires the individuals explicit consent or agreement, of which consent is to be found in Natural Law, for legalities or legislation’s fictions to take effect.

Without the explicit consent of the individual, legal or legislative proclamations are without effect or without legitimacy as our shared common sense would make obvious. What we would be faced with, it is worth repeating, is tyranny.

Agreement resides with Natural Law and is in fact the first and only law that is considered before all others, that when met by parties to it, cannot extend any further then those whom are participants to an agreement. All else and everything else being ‘rightly’ excluded.

As for governmental jurisdiction, it necessarily resides outside of Natural Law and is unable to claim authority in the physical territorial jurisdiction of Natural Law. Governmental jurisdiction as has been shown, when left unchallenged, claims as its own – the ‘waters’, ‘the underworld’ and places where people do not generally dwell; although even those claims are arrived at through Natural Law and its agreement, in order that slavery and tyranny does not abound on the say so of those whose vanity compels them to place themselves above men, as Gods amongst men.

Without understanding jurisdiction, we are all susceptible to ’emotive manipulation’ directing us into a condition of permanent ‘mental slavery’.

The bankers and their proxies truly will have their ‘day’ unless we understand the ‘true issues’ once and for all. Otherwise, we will all continue to be played like the proverbial ‘fiddle’.

That ‘day’ will be the day when all sense of ‘freewill’ and therefore ‘true law’ will have been vanquished from our minds entirely, unless we take responsibility for ourselves, our children, our people and our future.

The choice is ours. We are free to do as we lawfully wish in nature’s realm of Natural Law, insofar as we cause no harm or injury to others and their property, and behave in a way that would not be reckless towards the well-being of others.


To stop bankers controlling the lifelines of the economy, we must not be deluded into thinking that the bankers actually legitimately purchased these ‘life-lines of the economy’ to begin with.

Otherwise, if we are not careful, we will be deluded into thinking all the purchases of ‘the lifelines to the economy’ that bankers had allegedly made and are still making, have legitimacy.

Furthermore, we also become delusional when we think that paying artificial debts gives the artificial debts legitimacy.

When the Hungarian people, or people in general,  consider both articles in the website links directly below, in the light of the understanding to be found under the heading – REFERENCE MATERIAL, then we must all give a little thought as to what we are being told in our lives.

Our Banks Own Airports, Control Power Plants and Much More—How Can We Stop Them from Controlling the Lifelines of the Economy

Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles





(Note.- The banks have never been owed a single penny except for payments towards the service they provide – publishing. As is verified, in the interview given and presented in the link directly below, they merely ‘publish notes‘. Beyond that mention of ‘notes’, the rest of the interview is gibberish)

‘Euro system failed, states can go back to national currencies’


ORDER OUT OF CHAOS – (The Bankers And Their Proxies Order – Rising Out Of The Ashes Of Their Chaos)

Western banksters fund WWIII: Analyst

Author Of UK’s Terrorism Act Says It Was Never Meant For Situations Like David Miranda

The Syrian-Russian-Saudi-Arab Uprising, Sponsored By Corporate America & Allies

BREAKING: Russia and China Walk Out of UN Security Council meeting on Syria – ITS ON!

10 false flags operations that shaped our world

Summary of “False Flag” Operations That Are Covert Operations Conducted by the Government

Commit a War Crime to Cover Up a War Crime? Phoney Syria Poison Gas Story Planted By Mossad in the Western Media

Machinations of the bankers and their proxies –



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