Long did you seek Me, yet long have I waited


Long did you seek Me, yet long have I waited

I bore you to the world and held you in My arms

So that you may know the strength of My jurisdiction to honour Me by

I laid you to rest before My feet so that you may walk with Me

Long did you seek Me, yet long have I waited


Honor is simply the morality of superior men.
H. L. Mencken

The difference between a moral man and a man of honor is that the latter regrets a discreditable act, even when it has worked and he has not been caught.
H. L. Mencken

Look at what they make you give –
(An insightful statement, as a point of education only, when men act without a true realisation of jurisdiction and true economy)
The Bourne Ultimatum (2007): Escape

BREAKING! China Sends Wasrships to Coast of Syria



When We Refuse To Wake Up We’ll Remain In The Self-Imposed Delusional Absurdity of State, Nation Or Foreign Sovereign Jurisdiction, Instead Of Where We All Belong – Our Own Superior Personal Jurisdiction Of Natural Law Where Freewill Is To Be Found.

A sure means to our destruction is to remain in ‘the theatre of the absurd’ that constitutes the Alice In Wonderland of Fictional Jurisdictional Territory. Unless we wake up to an understanding of Jurisdiction and True Economy, that Mathematically Perfected Economy prescribes as the one and one only solution to all our economic woes, we will all share a tragic end.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Below is a sample script from the Walt Disney animated movie Alice in Wonderland. It is worth watching for both adults and children to realise and understand that the subtext of the message it carries reflects the ‘real world’ and the lives of people in a ‘fictional territorial jurisdiction’ that is just as absurd as Alices’, and from which we all refuse to wake up to.

Unlike Alice in her sleep, our fictional world merges with ‘reality’ making it all the more difficult to ‘see’ it, even in our waking hours. Nevertheless, it clearly emerges once a way is provided for us to not just ‘see’ it but also come to realise its workings and how it takes shape in our own personal lives.

Alice In Wonderland – Trial Scene (1951) –

Disney’s Alice In Wonderland movie script

Alice comes to a realisation …

Queen: Let me have it! Somebody’s head is going to roll for this! A-ha!

Alice: The mushroom!

Queen: Off with her h…hmpf!

Alice: Oh, pooh. I’m not afraid of you! Why, you’re nothing but a pack of cards!

Cards: Huh?

King: Rule forty-two: all persons more than a mile high must leave the court immediately.

Alice: I’m not a mile high. And I’m not leaving.

Queen: Hehehe… sorry! Rule forty-two, you know.

Alice: And as for you, your majesty! Your majesty indeed! Why, you’re not a queen, but just a fat, pompous, bad tempered old ty- tyrant…

Queen: Hmhmhmhm… and uh… what were you saying, my dear?

Cheshire Cat: Well, she simply said that you’re a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant, hahahaha!

Alice wakes up …

Queen: Off with her head!

Alice: Mister Caterpillar! What will I do?

Caterpillar: Who are you?

Alice: Cough-cough! Cough-cough!

Queen: There she goes! Don’t let her get away! Off with her head!

Doorknob: Awww! Still locked, you know.

Alice: But the Queen! I simply must get out!

Doorknob: Oh, but you are outside.

Alice: What?

Doorknob: See for yourself!

Alice: Why, why that’s me! I’m asleep!

Queen: Don’t let her get away! Off with her head!

Alice: Alice, wake up! Please wake up, Alice! Alice! Please wake up, Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice!

Sister: Alice! Alice! Will you kindly pay attention and recite your lesson?



When men foolishly entrust others with their ‘personal jurisdiction’, then all is lost –

Which jurisdictional territory is being represented here –
Putin: Russia doesn’t defend Assad, we defend international law

Public International Law




Private Law

comparison to administrative law –

‘ TITLE: administrative law
 SECTION: Distinctions between public administration and private action
 The result of the distinction between public administration and private action is that administrative law is quite different from private law regulating the actions, interests, and obligations of private persons. Civil servants do not generally serve under a contract of employment but have a special status. Taxes are not debts, nor are they governed by the law relating to the recovery of debts… ‘


This can be taken as a genuine statement, since taxes relate to the payment of artificial debts. One could also regard them as a form of ‘tribute’. Indeed, they most likely represent the contribution made as a mark of allegiance for the ‘supposed’ protection and privileges provided for by a presumed ‘Higher Power’.
See: Vassal

Private Law





Personal Jurisdiction and Consent –
Personal Jurisdiction: How to Determine Where a Person Can Be Sued

Those without ‘honour’ will do everything possible to take away your Personal Jurisdiction.
See the title headings:
‘Minimum Contacts’ and ‘Personal Jurisdiction — Minimum Contacts With a State’.


Conflict of laws

The only ‘conflict’ that ought to concern an individual, is that Personal Jurisdiction must never be allowed to be decided by third parties, namely, the Court.


Note.- In view of the Articles – ‘There Is No Debt, Its Just Your Imaginings’ and ‘Misrepresentation’, one ought to consider very carefully any advice on ‘gold’, especially taken together with the Article, ‘The Bankers Switch and Bait’.

Coming Collapse To Usher In A Sinister “New World Order”

Note.- The people of the land, commonly known as Syria and not the fictional territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, and just as importantly the rest of us, should seriously consider Jurisdiction and True Economy in light of current events.

LENDING ( Money Supply ) –
Syria : Lending By Volume (Millions Of US Dollars)

Syrian Arab Republic: Financial Position in the Fund as of July 31, 2013

Further Issues That Relate To Jurisdiction –

Grayson tells White House: Don’t Attack Syria

UN Says “Rebels Used the Nerve Gas”! Large Explosion Rocks Damascus & Assad Flees to Iran!

‘I did not join for this’: US military men speak out against Syria strike

Some US Troops Appear To Be Posting Photos In Protest Of Syrian Intervention

I didn’t join the Navy to fight for Al Qaeda in a Syrian civil war

Massive Expansion: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan likely to become SCO members

A Century of Lies: The Rationales for Engaging in Foreign Wars, A Century-old White House Tradition

The Solution To All This Nonsense Lies With True Economy –
GEAB N°76 is available! Alert for the second half of 2013 – Global systemic crisis II: second devastating explosion/social outburst on a worldwide scale

See Article: DEFEATISM – OUR ZOMBIFICATION II, published July 23rd 2013


This is what ignoring jurisdiction and the bankers lie of economy amounts to in our lives –

Proxies Representing The Bankers Lie Of Economy And The Owners Of Private Corporate Fictional Jurisdictions Don’t Work For You

Disabled American Veterans Non-Profit Charity Execs Paid As Much As the President, While 200,000 Veterans Homeless

Obama preparing ‘significantly larger’ attack on Syria than anticipated ABC learns


Turkey Reinforces Syria Border as Erdogan Backs U.S. Attack

The Startling Size, Scope and Growth of U.S. Military Operations in Africa

Desperate To Sew Up TPP Negotiations At Any Cost, Politicians Agree All Future Meetings Will Be Completely Secret

BRICS agree to capitalize development bank at $100bn

Deutsche Bank sees great dangers for the world economy and a possible failure of Merkel-coalition in the German election

Balkanised banking The great unravelling

Maybe This Is Why We Now Have a Serial-Bubble Economy

Medieval peasants got a lot more vacation time than you: economist



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