War in the Mind

In agreement with His command –






Ebola and other deadly agents are genetically engineered organisms (13:50 minutes) –

Protection Against Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Terrorism Agents Lecture – Dr. Russell Blaylock


Once it is understood, that countries are personally owned private fictional corporations that acquire their ability to organize and control resources and people, by working mutually and closely with the bankers lie of economy and their personally owned private fictional corporate central banks, which act as vehicles to propagate their lie of economy and launder money to themselves and their paid for proxies, all within fictional jurisdictional territories, that then means, people are effectively deceived into paying for their own hardships in life, as well as putting themselves in a position of naively providing the funding and financing ‘to be bought for nothing’ – having been deceived into providing their own money to be bought with – it can then be seen who holds the strings to be able to pay for this highly organized system of bio-terrorism and the highly specialized and technical resources required over time for it to flourish. And that certainly isn’t the gullibly inclined ordinary man, which amounts to the vast and misinformed majority of us, including naive emotionally driven and misguided financially paid for terrorists, who ‘magically’ seem to always conveniently and spantaneously materialize, fully armed, to justify an ongoing war-on-terrorism.

* Reference material demonstrating how you pay for your demise to be organized –



Google definition of Launder

informal –
conceal the origins of (money obtained illigally)

Merriam-webster dictionary definition of Launder

3. to transfer (as illegally obtained money or investments) through an outside party to conceal the true source


You’ll be at each others throats but for the truth –

Italy’s immigration crisis moves to the streets


Google Search terms –

“dna ebola vaccine humans 2000”

“dna ebola vaccine humans, nih”


It’s all scripted! Ebola outbreak and impossibly rapid vaccine response clearly scripted; U.S. govt. patented Ebola in 2010 and now owns all victims’ blood


(+) An interesting news release from the National Institutes of Health circulated under an ’embargo for release’ in November of 2000. What is of particular interest is how far in the past preparations were being made to produce an ebola vaccine blood contaminate for the purposes of immunization. We read given the heroic efforts of the scientists involved –

“They then hope to use this information to rationally design new vaccines and antiviral treatments for humans.”
Novel Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Ebola Infection

(A Copy appears below)


Google Search

Definition of Embargoed

verb – past tense: embargoed; past participle: embargoed

1. impose an official ban on.

Definition of Embargo


3. stoppage, impediment; especially : prohibition


Definition of Prohibition


the act of not allowing something to be used or done


We read concerning Phase 1 of an ebola vaccine contaminate for humans, that trial data was presented in 2006. It is interesting to note the private corporate interests speaking of ‘biodefense and disease applications’, which just as well are terms that can be suited to use in biological warfare against an enemy, whose immune response is one in which you would like to see,

“prolonged infection so that the target and cause could not be correlated”
~ Rockefeller and Stanford globalist think-tanks

Of course, the entire report is an extremely worthwhile read, especially when it comes to fast-tracking vaccines under the “Animal Rule” to circumvent rigorous safety standards for “market approval” –

Animal Rule
A rule published in 2002 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), known commonly as the “Animal Rule,” established requirements for demonstrating effectiveness of drugs and biological products in settings where human clinical trials for efficacy are not feasible or ethical. The rule requires as conditions for market approval the demonstration of safety and biological activity in humans, and the demonstration of effectiveness under rigorous test conditions in up to two appropriate species of animal. The company believes that the Animal Rule creates a potentially favorable regulatory pathway for certain DNA-based products such as the Ebola vaccine.

* 2006 Presented Trial Data for Phase 1 Ebola Contaminate for Humans, we read –

The Phase 1, randomized, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation study, the first human trial for any Ebola vaccine, was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and conducted at the NIH Clinical Center. The data were presented at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) 2006 Biodefense Research Meeting in Washington, D.C., by Julie E. Martin, D.O., a trial investigator and research scientist at NIAID’s Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center (VRC), which developed the vaccine. The DNA vaccine used in the Phase 1 trial incorporates genetic material encoding core and surface proteins from two strains of Ebola. Vical has secured a nonexclusive license from the NIH to proprietary gene sequences used in the vaccine.

“The high rates of immune responses at all dose levels in this initial human Ebola vaccine study support continued development of this vaccine and further evaluation of our technology for potential additional biodefense and emerging disease applications,” said David C. Kaslow, M.D., Vical’s Chief Scientific Officer, “particularly where antibody responses may be protective. Our processes allow rapid development and manufacturing of vaccines without handling potentially dangerous pathogens.”

Ebola DNA vaccine produces immune responses in all fully vaccinated volunteers in Phase 1 trial


A DNA vaccine for Ebola virus is safe and immunogenic in a phase I clinical trial.


Ebola vaccine abandoned in 2008 after showing promise in trials

Comment.- The abandonment of an ebola vaccine was evidently never true


Note.- Preliminary trial data for experimental ebola vaccines were presented at the latest in 2006 as being successful, yet we read under the sub-title, Experimental Ebola Vaccines,

“Preliminary data on experimental vaccines in clinical trials is estimated to be available late 2015 and may be fast tracked by FDA for widespread use.”
Ebola (Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever)


Ebola control: effect of asymptomatic infection and acquired immunity


The Lancet’s foresight in publishing this material in the light of the unavailibility of a ebola vaccine is prophetic indeed –

“For instance, should a safe and effective vaccine become available, …”
Ebola control: effect of asymptomatic infection and acquired immunity


The year 2000 is the earliest date given here(+) for the development of vaccine blood contaminates towards, “new vaccines and antiviral treatments for humans”, NOT the date given for a sudden international combined heroic effort for the launch of fast-stream ebola vaccines, popularised as being only just undertaken in ‘Phase I Trials’ dated 2013/2014 instead of the earlier dates of 2000 sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and conducted at the NIH Clinical Center, as can be seen –

Letters to Nature
Nature 408, 605-609 (30 November 2000) | doi:10.1038/35046108; Received 4 September 2000; Accepted 20 October 2000
Development of a preventive vaccine for Ebola virus infection in primates

Although referenced for personal use only, the importance of this information is made as a reference for educational purposes only –
NEWS: One step closer to a human vaccine for the Ebola virus
THE LANCET • Vol 356 • December 2, 2000, page 1905

Scientist’s research led to experimental Ebola vaccine

Ebola vaccine trials fast-tracked by international consortium


International community ramps up Ebola vaccine effort –

Comment.- As for efficacy trials, we ought not to forget the Animal Rule in fast-tracking vaccines and circumventing rigorous safety standards to the glee of pharmaceutical companies,

Ebola DNA vaccine produces immune responses in all fully vaccinated volunteers in Phase 1 trial



Ebola outbreaks from 1976 to now – interactive map

2014 Ebola Outbreaks

Ebola outbreak: A timeline of the worst epidemic of the virulent disease in history



IMI 2 – Call 2 2014 – Ebola and other filoviral haemorrhagic fevers
European Commission – RESEARCH & INNOVATION, Horizon 2020 Funding Starting from 1/1/2014


What is Horizon 2020?

We read,

“Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.”

Comment.- It’s interesting to note that the date 2020 for Horizon 2020 Funding, takes us through events surrounding the “magic number 7” that Christine Largarde of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), sister organisation to the World Bank, spells out in her ‘fully academic’ presentation given to the National Press Club of America, on the good news for the elites, of finally, arriving closer to the Horizon of their economic upturn, and that most certainly does not include the ordinary man arriving at the same Horizon . What news the ordinary man will be faced with, is the demise of his ‘personal economy’ all the way upto 2019, that is spelt out for him by a banker at a presentation to a Bankers Symposium. The added bonus to all of this is not to leave out the great news for the elites, of the final phase of Missile Preparedness to be completed in 2018. The Lunar Year does indeed bring ‘glad tidings’ for those long suffering elites –



2nd Grader’s Homework Teaches ‘The Government GIVES Us Our Rights’

And of course, on the other side of the pond, under subtitled-heading, Euranet Plus University Circle on freedom of movement in the EU, we read –

“In theory, the citizens of the European Union are granted freedom of movement by the EU Treaties.”



Definition of Grant/Granted

to give (something) legally or formally


Comment.- In learning to understand how any state, country, or political union like the EU, which are included in the description of a ‘body politic’, arrive at being able to grant rights, it perhaps is a good idea to read the following –



Who can participate in the Europe for Citizens Programme?
Europe for Citizens Programme

EM europa media training – Europe for Citizens

Be Active, be Citizen, be European!

Abstract – Whose Citizenship to Empower in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice?


* To understand the nature and character of what the European Union is, as well as countries and states, read –



The context within which all of the above ‘must’ be seen and taken, is with the material to be found part-way down the ‘SOURCED DOCUMENT’, subtitled as a heading –




Government agents ‘by the thousands’ infiltrate U.S. populace




Obama: ‘Ebola contractors to be held unaccountable if general public infected from mismanagement’

GMO, Global Alert

Scientific basis for GMO crops is false

Waste Water from Oil Fracking Injected into Clean Aquifers


Clinical Studies Search

* A Phase 1 Randomized, double-Blind, Placebo Controlled, Dose-Escalation Study to Evaluate the Safety and Immunogenicity of Prime-Boost VSV Ebola Vaccine in Healthy Adults

Ebola DNA vaccine produces immune responses in all fully vaccinated volunteers in Phase 1 trial


“BPSC-1001 is an experimental Ebola vaccine candidate demonstrating protection against Ebola virus in animal experiments, and is therefore a possible vaccine for study in humans.”
Vaccine Treatment for Ebola Virus in Healthy Adults

Comment.- Who or What is, BPSC-1001 is an experimental Ebola vaccine candidate. This would be of interest to know in light of –

“They then hope to use this information to rationally design new vaccines and antiviral treatments for humans.”
Novel Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Ebola Infection


Page 9, VRC Filovirus Vaccine Clinical Trials dated at page bottom 10/2/201 (?) –

Ebola Vaccine Clinical Development Overview – WHO Consultation Ebola 29-30 September 2014 Geneva, Switzerland


Google Search –

“VRC Filovirus Vaccine Clinical Trials 2001”


U.S. Health Official’s Testimony on U.S. Ebola Response

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Ooops! (Try again)
For more information about these early-stage Ebola vaccine clinical trials, see
NIH Launches Human Safety Study of Ebola Vaccine Candidate,-2014/nih-launches-human-safety-study-of-ebola-vaccine-candidate.aspx

Ebola Clinical Trials: Big Name Players In The Ebola Race

Vaccines for Biodefense and Emerging and Neglected Diseases,2001&source=bl&ots=0HP1kq_9Sr&sig=8fzDWb_yVkerIha9X6HjJ_yS8HI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=v35oVL_mFeO_ywPpk4II&ved=0CFUQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q&f=false

A DNA Vaccine for Ebola Virus Is Safe and Immunogenic in a Phase I Clinical Trial



NIH News Release

National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Wednesday, November 29, 2000
2:00 p.m. EST Contact:
Sam Perdue
(301) 402-1663

Novel Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Ebola Infection

Few viruses are more feared than Ebola virus, the deadly microbe that periodically attacks African villages and kills up to 90 percent of those it infects. Although other viral diseases claim more lives each year, the ruthless efficiency and nightmarish symptoms of Ebola virus make a vaccine against this killer an important goal of scientists. Now, as described in the November 30 issue of Nature, a team of researchers led by scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has developed a novel vaccine that prevents Ebola virus infection in monkeys. All four vaccinated monkeys were completely protected from a lethal dose of the virus. This study describes the first primate model of immune protection against Ebola virus, a model that may allow scientists to rationally design a vaccine that prevents this dreaded disease in humans.
“Doctors have essentially been helpless against Ebola virus,” says Gary Nabel, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center (VRC) at the NIH and a lead author of the study. “We have not known if immunity to the virus exists or what parts of the immune response are important. Our studies show that animals can launch an effective immune response against Ebola virus, and we can use knowledge of this response to design a vaccine that protects non-human primates from infection. Although much more work needs to be done, we hope this moves us closer to new vaccines and treatments for Ebola and other viruses.”

Ebola virus kills quickly, giving the body little time to launch an effective immune response. Infected individuals suffer severe pain, high fever and extensive internal bleeding. Although the virus periodically strikes humans, scientists do not know where it resides in nature between outbreaks.

“Ebola is a difficult virus because currently available antiviral drugs have no proven effect on it and we do not know its natural reservoir, making environmental control impossible. A vaccine is therefore the best hope for protecting humans from infection, and this study makes some key advances toward realizing that goal,” says Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which funds the VRC along with the National Cancer Institute (NCI). NIAID, NCI and the NIH Office of AIDS Research spearhead the Center.

Dr. Nabel and colleagues had previously tested genetic Ebola vaccines — strands of DNA containing genes that encode Ebola virus proteins — for their ability to induce immune responses in rodents and to protect against disease. Unlike traditional vaccines, typically made from viral proteins, DNA vaccines more closely mimic virus infection because they enter a cell and use that cell’s machinery to manufacture new viral proteins. Researchers believe this strategy might better trick the immune system into thinking a real virus infection has occurred.

Previously, Dr. Nabel’s laboratory and a second research team independently showed a DNA vaccine could protect mice and guinea pigs from a specially adapted Ebola virus strain lethal to rodents. An effective human vaccine, however, must protect against three known fatal Ebola virus strains — Zaire, Sudan and Ivory Coast. Ebola Zaire is the form of virus associated with the most human deaths.

To ensure that a multi-strain vaccine would not weaken the immune response to the Zaire strain, a team of scientists led by VRC research fellow Nancy Sullivan, Ph.D., and Dr. Nabel combined genes encoding surface proteins from the Sudan, Zaire and Ivory Coast Ebola viruses. Working with researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s high-containment or biosafety level 4 facility, Dr. Nabel’s team compared this vaccine to the one tested previously in rodents. The new vaccine produced an immune response equally powerful to that of the original vaccine in protecting guinea pigs from the Zaire strain.

The scientists then turned to boosting the anti-Ebola virus immune response by using a weakened form of a different virus, adenovirus, to make an Ebola virus protein from the Zaire strain. Adenoviruses typically cause respiratory diseases, but the researchers used a modified form that can enter cells without reproducing or causing disease. Such viruses have been used in other studies to boost immune responses in mice. Dr. Nabel’s team attached the Ebola Zaire virus surface protein gene to the DNA of the weakened adenovirus, and tested this new booster vaccine in mice. The vaccine produced a more vigorous immune response than that observed with the multi-strain DNA vaccine, and it increased the amount of antibodies and T cells directed against the Ebola virus protein.

Armed with this promising new vaccine, the researchers tested a novel prime-boost immunization strategy on eight monkeys. Four monkeys received the three-strain Ebola virus DNA vaccine and then were injected with the Ebola-adenovirus booster. The other four monkeys received placebo immunizations. All four vaccinated monkeys launched strong anti-Ebola immune responses and survived a subsequent exposure to lethal doses of Ebola Zaire virus. Three of these monkeys showed no sign of viral infection, whereas a slight, temporary increase in Ebola virus in the blood of one of the vaccinated monkeys disappeared after one week. More than six months after infection, the four monkeys remained symptom-free with no detectable virus in the blood.

The researchers are continuing their efforts. “We of course want to test the multivalent vaccine for effectiveness against all three strains of Ebola virus,” says Dr. Sullivan, “but we also need to look more closely at the immune response induced by these vaccines so we can nail down what is needed for protection.” By studying the mechanism of protection induced by the vaccine, they can determine what combination of antibodies, helper T cells and killer T cells defend the monkeys against infection. They then hope to use this information to rationally design new vaccines and antiviral treatments for humans.

NIAID is a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIAID supports basic and applied research to prevent, diagnose, and treat infectious and immune-mediated illnesses, including HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, malaria, autoimmune disorders, asthma and allergies.

Press releases, fact sheets and other NIAID-related materials are available on the NIAID Web site at

**Note to Radio Editors: An audio report about the study will be available after 2 p.m. Eastern Time, November 29, 2000, from the NIH Radio News Service by calling 1-800-MED-DIAL (1-800-633-3425).

**Note to Print/Video Editors: A photograph of the Ebola virus is available from the CDC Web site at For video editors, a B-roll has been prepared to accompany this press release and will be available through the NIAID Office of Communications and Public Liaison on Tuesday, November 28.

NJ Sullivan, et al. Development of a protective vaccine for Ebola virus infection in primates. Nature 408:605-09 (2000).




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