The Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy have always operated a strategy of tension within and among different tribal or ethnic people, to be able to direct the course of events appropriate to maintaining their position of eminence in dominating the freewill of men and law that stems from it.

Their strategy has always been to create a situation of conflicting opposites that can be escalated through time and made ready and primed in conjuction with the moment their bankers lie of economy – deliberately designed to automatically and irreversibly collapse people’s personal economy for the purposes of confiscation – acts as a trigger in bringing these conflicting opposites to a violent head.

The deliberately engineered and violent outcome of this staged ‘chaos’ of opposites, provides the timed means to distract people from coming to learn of the confiscation of their livelihood through the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economy. This necessity for chaos, therefore acts as a ‘veil’ that blinds people from ever discovering the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s mechanism of theft, as people are kept distracted by the necessity that this lie of economy engenders, with timely chaos brought about in their lives.

The additional bonus to the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy, is in knowing that people through the generations have not been able to discover and understand the underlying ’cause’ of chaos, migratory displacement, and historic havoc deliberately brought to their lives through their bankers lie of economy, together with their misdirection and distortion of the discovery of true law that assists to maintain their priviledged dominance.

Theirs then becomes a position of presenting themselves as innocent advocates working for and towards peace and ‘their’ rule of usurping law, a false rule of law, to cage freewill and its genuine rule of law with of course themselves as the only people best positioned to understand ‘their usurpatious creations of peace’ that they advocate for as the common good, ‘their’ common good; having distorted the tenets of freewill and its genuine rule of law as the only true means and standard of a true and genuine common good.

Should it then come as a surprise, that once the Grand Strategy of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy is visible and understood, it does not become difficult to see where it leads to in its self-fulfilment of their Order, their distorted rule of law, in always advocating the sustenance of peace through their ‘common good’ for all people, after of course having brought about murderous chaos acting as a catalyst and incentive for people to willingly accept, no beg for, the solutions long ago readied for them in a manipulation long ago deviced to deceive them into compliant enslavement.

As to their solution, or Order, brought about through the Chaos they precipitated with their bankers lie of economy and the engineered migratory displacement that comes with it, together with their endless distortions to the meaning of freewill and law, propagated through the able assistance of their political actors and justice system acting as executive management leadership towards their goals, all of which are deservedly titled their Order Out of Chaos, what then does it all amount to ? As it has always been, more of the same, given the gullibility of people believing that solutions to life lies elsewhere rather with themselves, and accepting other people inflating the vanity of their ego. More of the same when people fail to understand where solution can be found; by taking responsibility to lead their own lives through an understanding of genuine law, money creation, and the simple solution to the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economy. Solution which all stems from freewill and genuine law derived from it.





How Did This Come About –

Refugees Devasting Europe – Video

Understanding the Method of Operation (M.O.) Towards A Historically Self Perpetuating Generational Staged Final New World Order Lies In Historical Precedence –

‘The Special Relationship’ – NATO Backed Islamic Terrorism In The Balkans

Where do unsophiscated radical terrorists come from and how do they become organized ? –

The CIA Controls Al Qaeda

911 and War by Deception

Decades of Deception



It is interesting to note the remarks made by the historian Felshtinsky at time-marks of approximately between 41:00 and 41:35, when he says, as is the case with leaders or politicians elsewhere,

“…that Putin doesn’t really control anything that happens in the country”.

Indeed, how true with what is to be learnt by reading the simply presented information titled, ‘OF FICTIONS (The world of the imagination)’, approximately 1/2 way down the link given as –



September 1999 Russian apartment bombings timeline


Jun 19, 2014
ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: “The Next Bin Laden is Here” – Don’t Be Fooled

June 25, 2014
ISIS Post PR Photos They Took With John McCain

16 August 2014
The ISIS Islamic Terrorists are Supported by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia

August 16, 2014
Allegations: U.S. Allies Back ISIS Islamic Terrorists

Sep 26, 2014
Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS?

October 23, 2014
James Corbett : ISIS and The Strategy of Tension

January 11, 2015
Who Should be Blamed for “Muslim Terrorism”?

Who is Really Behind ISIS? (transcript)

ISIS fighting alongside Free Syrian Army, al-Qaida

Oct 10, 2015
‘ISIS’ Toyota Mystery Solved – US State Department shipped Toyotas to “Free Syrian Army”

Oct 13, 2015


We read, no doubt with the assistance of the UN –

“The Turkish government, which manages Nizip, gives families a debit card they can use to buy market goods inside the camp.”


Turkish refugee camps for Syrians set high standard

The Method of Operation (MO) of creating chaos to maintain and further entrench enslavement –

Lack of money forces U.N. to stop Syrian refugee food aid

1 July 2015
Half a million Syrian refugees to stop receiving food aid when the money runs out next month

9th July 2015
Syrian Refugees: four million people forced to flee as crisis deepens

Sep 4, 2015
Migrant crisis set to worsen as cash-strapped UN stops aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan

5 September 2015
Lack of funds: World Food Programme drops aid to one-third of Syrian refugees

Cash-strapped UN stops aid to Syria refugees in Jordan

Having created the problem by design, too little and too late comes the pretense of reasoned solution with monies which somehow could not find their way to the refugees when they were in the care of the United Nations, miraculously being made available –

Oct. 6, 2015
EU offers Turkey new incentives to better tackle refugee crisis

October 9, 2015
A new exodus? Europe fears more Syrians will start leaving Turkey

à la Yugoslavia –

ISIS Fighters Could Gain LEGAL Entry Into EU, Thanks to Europe’s New Schengen Visa Deal for Turkey

All of the above, and so much more, in order to precipitate more terrorism laws for the demands of obedience to Agenda 21/2030/Earth Charter enslavement –

UK PM Cameron to fast-track new legislation to tackle radicalisation

Fast Track to State Surveillance – Not Just a German Issue

David Cameron to fast-track tough anti-terror laws

And of course, you can be sure that the Self-Ennobling Ones ‘at the ready’ and financed political actors and dupes, from whichever end of the Self-Ennobling Ones political spectrum, will never provide for genuine simple solution to their bankers lie of economy and distortion of law –

Right-Wing Extremists’ Popularity Rising Rapidly in Greece

The rapid rise of right wing parties in Europe has the left wing shaking in their PC booties







Understanding Political ‘-isms’ –


An Alternative Means of Orientating The Mind In Its Exercise –



About Robert Wenzel

Lady Rothschild: Capitalism Should Be Socialism


Robert Wenzel’s criticism of Lady Rothschilds faculties as being “confused”, presents him similarly as either a gullible delusional fool, that is to say “confused”, or a distractor entrapping his misguided victims into wasting their time on gibberish that deflects from the true issues.

Her Ladyship is far from being confused when she speaks on behalf of the Self-Ennobling Ones final phase of implementing their man-made personally owned private collectivist system of enslavement. Her Ladyship, it could be suggested, is merely giving the ‘celebrative signal’ for the take-down, or elimination, of the remaining glimmer of hope of people ever coming to understand, and be enlightened by the freedom freewill proffers to them from being enslaved.

The Self-Ennobling Ones personally owned private collectivist system of obedience, is capable of disguising its destructive nature by masquerading as any one of a number of ‘seemingly’ multifaceted faces of socio-political, artificially economic, and seemingly spiritual ‘guises of fairness’. Which together provide the bases for false notions that delude people into thinking that a ‘reciprocal obligation’ had been created as an indebtedness to any one of these number of faces, requiring of course a duty of responsibility to meet their satisfaction and fulfilment, in order to retire and no longer be indebted to them, when in fact no such obligation existed in the first place to the Usurper Self-Ennobling Ones.

Before Lady Rothschilds announcement, this ‘fairness’ was known by the Self-Ennobling Ones as owners of it, as their varying forms of ‘representation through varying degrees of “democracy”, from fascism, parliamentarism, through to communism, together with their accompanying confiscatory channeling mechanisms, variously named as planned economy through to capitalism’ (or, as they fondly describe it, “our economic system”), having the ability, (with of course, the wider-world coming to realization far too late), of confiscating the real wealth of the world away from the hands of people, through the use of the workings of the bankers lie of economy.

These varying forms and degrees of political representation have the sole purpose of then acting to distract attention away from the means to discover ‘true law’ given as Natural Law Common To All People, ‘seen’ in its workings in man as freewill, which law provides for protection from tyranny, and also at the same time, these varying forms and degrees of political representation distract attention away from learning of, and understanding, the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economies true workings, as a mechanism of confiscatory theft.

Lady Rothschild’s pronouncement has signaled a change of emphasis and therefore a different face to present to the wider world, of the same personally owned private collectivist mechanism, given by Lady Rothschild, as now socialism.

It can be seen that they, both capitalism and socialism, and for that matter any other -ism dreamt up, amount to the same thing or are synonymous with each other, when it becomes understood, that they are simply both, or all, different faces of the ‘same coin’. That coin being the personally owned private collectivist system of the Self-Ennobling Ones “say so”, in determining what is good for people.

Socialisms emphasis and task, (after of course being robbed blind by its twin-sister’s face, the Self-Ennobling Ones capitalism implemented through their bankers lie of economy), is more inclined to deluding its victims into a greater sense of false security and reassurance, through its fictitious concept of ‘social justice’, otherwise known as the ‘common good’; where upon, its victims are not made aware of their delusional thinking through a lack of open, fair, clear and obvious full disclosure, when they do not come to learn and see, that the social justice being spoken of, is a prescription or ‘dictate’ in being ‘told’ what is good for them, and that this deception of social justice, most certainly does not apply to those behind its ownership.

This spectacle leaves its spectator, with the choice of either dying of laughter at the gullibility of the world-wise middle class educated, (the ‘I knows’), or weeping in the knowledge of the disastrous direction this can only take. Oddly enough, both emotions, weeping and laughter, can occur at the same time. Such are the mysteries of the bodies workings.

The inclusion, that Inclusive Capitalism speaks of, is more of the same. To be ‘fully’ included as owned human resource capital, in most emphatically the ‘mind’, as well as in body and soul. Owned ‘fully and totally’ as the Self-Ennobling Ones debt incurring assets, in consequence of their bankers lie of economy imposing on its victims, the obligation of owing fraudulent artificial personal debts alongside phenomenal and artificially created government national or sovereign debt, being now called-in by the bankers to meet the satisfaction of these artificial debts. Debts that were conceived by the Self-Ennobling Ones bankers fraudulent exchange of loans, and that compels the victims of their lie, (the ordinary man and woman), towards not only restricting their own freedom through the Self-Ennobling Ones privately owned mind-controlling mechanism of ‘social justice’, in a desparate attempt of relief from the inconvenience and hardship of those imposed artificial debts that have now come to automatically precipatate austerity measures, but of working, at the same time, towards their own destruction when they themselves are deceived into respecting a deceptive cause; the implementation and acceleration of their own destruction through the conduit of that euphemistically described destructive mechanism deceptively titled, ‘environmental sustainability’.

Environmental sustainability then becomes the only currency left available, after the automatic and terminal destruction of the world’s economies as a consequence of the bankers lie of economy creating artificial debts beyond the means to pay them. Sustainability will then form an alternative substantive currency, representative of the impact that someone’s existence has on life’s resources in sustaining them, according to a formula determined by the Self-Ennobling Ones.

This formula reflected in Agenda 21’s inventory taking of the entire world, has as its presumption, that the artificial debt ‘allegedly’ owed by borrowers to the Usurping Self-Ennobling Ones, clearly would not have been a debt incurred by the borrowers to it, for the sake of having a debt for its ownsake, but however, a debt incurred for the sake of obtaining equivalent valued resources as real assets against that debt; real assets, that it would have obtained as its purpose for presumably borrowing it in the first place.

Here, in one fell swoop, an underhand swapping of assets for real tangible resources, in the form of the land, the seas, and all their bounties, are taken into the ownership of the Usurpers, as the equivalent of what the bankers assets of fraudulent ‘artificial debt incurring currencies’, would have obtained in real resources, to be then counted against each man, woman and child in turn, by according them a predetermined escalating degree of formulaic ‘privileges’, as to their usefulness and purpose, of meeting an ability to satisfy what is artificially owed to the Usurpers.

In conclusion, it would not be difficult to piece together subsequent events necessated by this line of reasoning so far presented, in the exercise of ‘balancing the books’.

What emerges as a painted spectacle, is the imposition of having to meet the satisfaction of payments for artificial debts, by giving up the right of use of entitlement to land in payment for these artificial debts, that governments helped institute through the bankers lie of economy on behalf of their Self-Ennobling Owners. Debt met and satisfied by ‘your elimination’ in not having assets enough to retire a false obligation.

Those permitted surviving few, would eke-out their existence as feudal slaves to the Self-Ennobling Ones, in a world without monetary representation whatsoever. A world of total obedience and meagre rations for the remaining depopulated survivors. Survival being of course a fortunate “privilege” given to them for a debt impossible to satisfy, for which satisfaction, would then require their obedience for the rest of their miserable lives.

The Core Truth of Sustainabilities Purpose

There lies the core truth of sustainability. The coming of Judgement Day through Financial Armageddon at the Ledgered Gates of a False Heaven in Balancing the Books and bringing man to account before those who merit themselves with Divinity.

Those who wish to pass unscathed through this torturous landscape that is of ‘Alice’s Wonderland’, will be casting themselves as ‘pearls before swine’ destined for Hell.

Pearls before swine

An Underhand Swapping of Assets for Real Tangible Resources

It must be understood that the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economy , with the help of their ‘acting’ politicians, confiscates ‘all’ tangible wealth, meaning the very world itself – its land, its seas, their resources, including the people themselves, their property and personal resources – leaving its victims deluded and intellectually paralysed into believing in the idea that this confiscation had legitimacy, when in fact it was, has always been, and will always remain, a fraud without legitimacy, once its workings are properly understood.

Nonetheless, the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy, will openly gloat in knowing cruel and mocking laughter, at the cluelessness of the wider world having no conceptual notions of how tradegy had struck and had been brought into their lives, by mockingly and openly displaying their shared laughter and contempt for the sheeple, in the face of taunting the wider world, in the confidence that the hapless sheeple will have no comprehension that their lives are being mocked, in the press and general media – bringing further mirth as a result.

This further enjoyment of the humour of the situation at the expense of the hapless sheeple in seeing them in disarray, can be seen, from time to time, in its ‘showboating’ illustrated with the use of cultural so-called protected historic world heritage sites, in the manner of the following examples –

Greece protests over government plans to sell off historic national buildings

Czy Grecy stracą Akropol za długi? Ratowanie Grecji może oznaczać wyprzedaż antycznych zabytków

Hard-up Italy to sell 50 historic sites in bid to raise £425million to pay off government debt

Italy’s prized historical sites up for sale

Lights, Camera, Action

Acting politicians taking their places in their roles, can’t help but enjoy themselves…at your expense of course –

Well and truly buried with coffins above and below:
Where the deal went down: Eurozone leaders were thrashing out a Greek bailout deal throughout the night


#ThisIsACoup: Greeks react with fury at new €86bn EU bailout deal, accusing Germany of using WW2-style tactics to condemn their country to years of harsh austerity

Greek debt crisis: deal reached after marathon all-night summit – as it happened

Donald Tusk w dobrym humorze. Żartuje po angielsku na konferencji. “Mamy aGreekment”,zart-donalda-tuska-mamy-agreekment

Belgium: Eurozone leaders have reached an ‘aGreekment’ – Tusk

A little over-staged, nevertheless, two consummate political ‘actors’ showing you how its done for the cameras –

Merkel Dealt Deadly Blow at Home as IMF Rebuffs Greek Bailout Deal


Of course, all this staged nonsense destracts from the truth. The ‘deliberate’ destruction of everyone’s personal economy and the funneling of confiscated wealth into sustainable’s development Agenda 21’s programme through development banks (including the Self-Ennobling Ones BRICS Development Bank), under the supervision and approval of both the IMF (the International Monetary Fund), the Self-Ennobling Ones debt collecting agency for artificial debt, and its sister organisation, the Self-Ennobling Ones World Bank [i.e., the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA)], all for the ambitions of Sustainable Developments global depopulation and inescapable enslavement under world government.



March 18, 2013
World leaders head to Rome for pope’s inaugural mass

Slavery is to be centralised under the umbrella of Agenda 21 Global Enslavement Programme –

2 December 2014
Religious leaders gathered in the Vatican for the eradication of modern slavery – Pope Francis’ address

World Leaders paying their respects to the Self-Ennobling Ones elected Caesar –

19 October 2015
In pictures: World leaders queue up for an audience with Pope Francis

Issuing marching orders for the next phases of geopolitical machinations against the people of the land from the ‘holy sea’ –

1 May 2015
Leaders gather at Vatican for historic meeting on climate change and sustainable development

TIME TO ACT: Vatican’s Secretary of State says world leaders must heed Pope’s encyclical

Finalising the plans for the world’s enslavement at a regional level throughout the world –

July 21, 2015
World mayors at Vatican seek ‘bold’ climate deal

Jul. 21, 2015
At Vatican, world’s mayors vow to tackle climate change, poverty

Jul. 22, 2015
World mayors at Vatican: Climate change is real, man-made and must be contained

Jul 26, 2015
Vatican ropes in global leaders to fight climate change, modern slavery

Owners of Empire – The Vatican, the Crown and the District of Columbia

The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the Vatican and the British Crown Rule World


Who Owns the World ?

Breaking the Spell Cast of Delusional Ownership –

An Understanding of personally owned private Countries as private commercial enterprises (private corporations used in commerce) of the Self-Ennobling Ones

Those who wish to know why countries are commercial operations, or corporations (that is, ‘used in commerce’), can do so by reading the simply presented information titled, OF FICTIONS (The world of the imagination), approximately 1/2 way down the link given as –




In pictures: The Queen’s audiences with Popes over the years

Meet the world’s other 25 royal families

Monarchies in Europe

Monarchs: The world’s most exclusive club gathers for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee: World royals gather in UK for Queen


HM Queen Elizabeth II World Sovereign Monarch Lunch at Windsor Castle May 18 2012

Watch the complete Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis


Random Royal Appreciation: The Pope’s Inaugural Mass

In a world of their own –


Vatican celebrates Knights of Malta’s 900 years

Exposing the Vatican City: Esoteric Beyond Belief


The Pharaoh Show (the original by Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross in one video)

Nothing But The Truth: The power of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta



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