The Paris Attacks as a controlling mechanism; as with all else –


Once Again, Media Terrorize the Public for the Terrorists



Problem – Reaction – Solution



France Begin Shutting Down Alternative News Websites

Presumably, we are led to believe that Climate Change Deniers equate to Jihadists and are a threat to ‘security and freedoms’

France Arrests Climate Change Deniers Under New Orwellian Powers



The Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s ‘high agent-provocateur political leaders’ of countries throughout the world, are in lock-step with the same ‘fundamental accepted official direction’ to safeguard the security and freedoms of the people of the world, in taking measures

– towards the threat of ‘climate change’ and the need for sustainable development to be in place inorder to mitigate that threat to the climate, namely the threat of indirect drivers (people); and

to safeguard the security and freedoms of the people of the world with requiring conditioned greater obedience , via terrorism, to fulfil sustainable developments ambitions for peaceful uninterrupted development, to which all the ‘high agent-provocateur political leaders’ of countries throughout the world are marching in lock-step towards ensuring the achievement of uninterrupted development.

COP21: Paris climate deal ‘more likely’ after terror attacks

Tim Flannery: leaders now understand need to cut emissions ‘hard and fast’


It perhaps appears that there is an air of fear that the herd is waking up, and before momentum builds and infects and establishes itself amongst the general populations, safeguarding security and freedoms with total obedience everywhere is to be fully implemented as ‘hard and as fast’ as possible. Of course, ‘cutting emissions’ must inevitably mean cutting the causes of climate change; the causes being indirect-drivers, especially the primary causing indirect driver (people).


World leaders have always been in ‘lock-step’ with Sustainable Development’s climate change Agenda 21- 2030 / Earth Charter depopulating ambitions, as plenipotentiaries of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy –

Paris climate summit: world leaders told to iron out differences before talks end


see, Reference Material:




Reference material:

Find out more about COP21



Total obedience to be implemented across the world ‘hard and fast’ –

Ślad paryskich zamachowców prowadzi do Niemiec

Google English Translation –

The trail leads to the Paris bombers Germany


China says US guilty of “political provocation” in South China Sea

China says won’t cease building on South China Sea isles


Problem – Reaction – Solution

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past ― George Orwell, 1984


The Self-Ennobling Ones political actors doggedly and determinedly continue ‘creating and imposing’ their theatrical provocations on the people of the world towards future war as instructed. This is in line with creating a Present narrative that will establish itself and become the footing for a historic narrative, as being that of becoming an accepted ‘natural’ Past narrative, given the passing of a period of time.

He who controls the present controls the past ― George Orwell, 1984


This created Past narrative, to which the people at large remain unaware of its truly ‘artificial’ nature and consider it somehow a natural view of the others historic hostility against their interests, can then be used with great flexibility towards fashioning attitudes and perceptions towards a predetermined Future narrative of control

The narrative, predetermined for the Future, then becomes one of having the people at large self-inflict further damage to their own lives and freedom. Their numbers become greatly reduced through war and are traumatized to accept preplanned solutions to prevent any future recurrence of such tragic consequences to life. They had been conditioned to accept the necessity for obedience to safe-guard their security and freedoms against an impending attack from an enemy (staged terrorism or otherwise) and vigorously assist in their deluded state of mind to impose obedience on their neighbours and those who are not easily fooled. In this way a self-perpetuating self-inflicted virtuous cycle of authoritarianism is quickly borne out in the loss of freedoms and the imposition of draconian controls. In their confusion of rapidly induced changing events, they are demoralised into a state of fatalism and helplessness, and in then having to trust their fate to be left in the decision making hands of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s agent-provocateur acting political leadership throughout the copyrighted corporate fictitious jurisdictional territories commonly known as countries, belonging to those very same Self-Ennobling Ones.

In this way, that is why it is said, ‘the fools never see their impending artificially invoked demise right before their very eyes’.

He who controls the past controls the future ― George Orwell, 1984


Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security ― Ben Franklin

What has been and will always be the driving force of tyranny, is the ‘will’ and belief that the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy hold of themselves. This belief is that all men must bow before them and are accountable to them. They of course are accountable to none for their actions. This is the true driving force for predetermining the Future – the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s ‘will’ and belief, their ‘say so’.

Divine right of kings –

The divine right of kings, or divine-right theory of kingship, is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God.


Divine Right of Kings

If we consider that all men are ‘equally endowed’ by nature’s Cause with ‘innate freewill’, then the information we find in reading what is said about the Divine Right of Kings, as well as what is said concerning ‘the Church’, is something of a curiosity, since the Will of God, we would reasonably deduce in relation to man, is quite clear when it comes to all men everywhere – who are endowed with ‘an equal measure of freewill before nature’s Cause or nature’s God’, without exception in the realm of the physical world.

The source of a rebellion to what man sees as God’s Will, on the matter of freewill, would not be God as the source of rebellion contradicting Himself; we would reasonably deduce regarding ‘equal freewill’ in all men, but the source of rebellion, if we look to Heaven for heavenly authority and the source of what God would not make absurd in us, would then be an alternative to God’s Authority and the use by men of that ‘alternative authority’, in making ‘absurd’, equal innate freewill endowed by nature’s Cause or nature’s God in all men.

The final control of a predetermined Future narrative for the whole world inevitably becomes tyranny and slavery. Once the driving force for the ills of man is made visible, its finale is known when the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s ‘high agent-provocateur political leaders’ of countries throughout the world, are in lock-step with the same ‘fundamental accepted official direction’ to ‘something’ that deceives people throughout the globe into thinking it is in their best interests, rather than thinking of this ‘fundamental accepted official direction’ as ‘something’ that is a fulfillment of the Self-Ennobling Ones ambitions of global control and tyranny.

This ‘something’ equates to the global ambitions of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy and therefore will be seen to be taken on and accepted by their acting ‘high agent-provocateur political leaders’ without variation in all the countries.

This is no accident but is as a result of planning in line with a predetermined Future narrative that people have been deceived into inflicting on themselves in exactly the same way worldwide.

The predetermined Future Narrative for tyranny and control that all ‘high agent-provocateur political leaders’ of countries throughout the world are in lock-step with, is –


He who controls…the future ― George Orwell, 1984


Article 5 of the Republic of Poland’s constitution no doubt brings great amusement to the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy, when all of the deceived people of the land of Poland’s energies are to be directed to fulfilling its cause –

Art. 5.

Rzeczpospolita Polska strzeże niepodległości i nienaruszalności swojego terytorium, zapewnia wolności i prawa człowieka i obywatela oraz bezpieczeństwo obywateli, strzeże dziedzictwa narodowego oraz zapewnia ochronę środowiska, kierując się zasadą zrównoważonego rozwoju.


z dnia 2 kwietnia 1997 r.

English Translation –

Article 5

The Republic of Poland shall safeguard the independence and integrity of its territory and ensure the freedoms and rights of persons and citizens, the security of the citizens, safeguard the national heritage and shall ensure the protection of the natural environment pursuant to the principles of sustainable development.


As published in Dziennik Ustaw No. 78, item 483

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past ― George Orwell, 1984


China and the New World Order

China and the New World Order (transcript)

Red-Symphony – Global Enslavement using Usury-Capitalism and Communism, pdf


Red-Symphony – Global Enslavement using Usury-Capitalism and Communism

Alternative –

Red Symphony
by Josif Maksimovitch Landowsky


The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent ― J. Edgar Hoover (1956)


Debunked: “A conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists” (Hoover)




Have You Heard The HORRIBLE TRUTH About ISIS?


Actor Donald Sutherland Confirms Hunger Games is Allegory for the US –

Donald Sutherland reveals some dark secrets



ISIS : McCain says everyone in the National Security Team recommended arming ISIS (Sept 05, 2014)

Jewish Community In France Was Warned Ahead Of Time Of The Impending 11/13 Terrorist Attacks


Jewish Community in France Was Warned Ahead of Times of Impending 11/13 Paris Attacks

Flashback: Netanyahu ADMITS ISIS are Israel soldiers


UN Backs Russia’s War on US-Backed Syria Terrorists

Comments also for the following article are worth reading –



The script for the world theatrical stage that the Self-Ennobling Ones issue for their agent-provocateur political leaders of countries to follow, not only has been written to cast the people of the US as the bad guys behind the ills of humanity, and Putin and Russia’s veiled system of communistic control and experience as saviour, but it effectively instructs and calls for their countries that are members of their United Nations, to support and advocate for measures that are –

A Formulation for Controlled Insanity

Terrorism can strike at anytime and anywhere, and therefore it becomes necessary that authority is facilitated to prevent terrorism without obstruction. The nature of the heinous crime of terrorism is such that its ability to strike at will at anytime and place of its choosing, must mean it is imperative that hindrances in its discovery are prevented.

This will mean wherever the authorities suspect terrorism ‘may’ emerge, it becomes necessary that to prevent it, all people are subject to ‘control’. This is of course done to ensure their freedoms.

Freedoms cannot of course be a hindrance to investigating terrorism, and investigating those who may be aiding terrorism, to of course prevent its further carnage.

And since it is of course impossible before-hand to know who is aiding terrorism and its heinous acts, it will be necessary that there is of course no one who can be above suspicion in bringing terrorism’s murderous acts to an end; except of course the authorities.

Since there can be ‘no one who can be above suspicion’, it naturally follows that everyone is a suspect. The terrorist is therefore positively ‘identifiable’ as being the people.

A loss of freedoms and its accompanying obedience = Safeguarding Security & Freedoms

Conclusion –

To prevent terrorism and to safeguard security and freedoms, necessitates people losing their personal security to State intervention as a suspected terrorist, and in this way, by labeling everyone as a terrorist to safeguard their safety, it becomes absolutely necessary that people do not deter, with opposition and challenges, the State from securing their freedoms.

Anyone who says otherwise and is in opposition to such requirements to freedom, is both treacherous and treasonous, and can only be sympathetic to terrorism, and is therefore aiding and abetting terrorism and will be deservedly considered a terrorist.

Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists


Britain to boost counter-terror spending by 30%

Cameron to push for war with case for joining Syria air strikes

Britain set to join air strikes against Isil in Syria before Christmas


Brussels Maintains State of Emergency as European Crackdown Grows

Mastermind of The Bamako Terror Attack Mokhtar Belmokhtar: A CIA Sponsored “Intelligence Asset”?



BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early– TWICE


Vladimir Putin’s massive, triple-decker war room revealed

It appears the push stills continues for Russia to be cast as the good guy because of their vast experience with communism from its inception to its veiled workings today, and because the present day Self-Ennobling Ones must have controlled workers cast in their image, since they, the senior hierarchy of the Self-Ennoblings Ones and their self-validating clergy are white, and therefore presumably their ego cannot have it otherwise.

To understand Putin and the Self-Ennobling Ones management of the country of Russia, and how it fits into the New World Order, can be taken from a reading of the following:

An Alternative Means of Orientating The Mind In Its Exercise –



About Robert Wenzel

Lady Rothschild: Capitalism Should Be Socialism


Robert Wenzel’s criticism of Lady Rothschilds faculties as being “confused”, presents him similarly as either a gullible delusional fool, that is to say “confused”, or a distractor entrapping his misguided victims into wasting their time on gibberish that deflects from the true issues.

Her Ladyship is far from being confused when she speaks on behalf of the Self-Ennobling Ones final phase of implementing their man-made personally owned private collectivist system of enslavement. Her Ladyship, it could be suggested, is merely giving the ‘celebrative signal’ for the take-down, or elimination, of the remaining glimmer of hope of people ever coming to understand, and be enlightened by the freedom freewill proffers to them from being enslaved.

The Self-Ennobling Ones personally owned private collectivist system of obedience, is capable of disguising its destructive nature by masquerading as any one of a number of ‘seemingly’ multifaceted faces of socio-political, artificially economic, and seemingly spiritual ‘guises of fairness’. Which together provide the bases for false notions that delude people into thinking that a ‘reciprocal obligation’ had been created as an indebtedness to any one of these number of faces, requiring of course a duty of responsibility to meet their satisfaction and fulfilment, in order to retire and no longer be indebted to them, when in fact no such obligation existed in the first place to the Usurper Self-Ennobling Ones.

Before Lady Rothschilds announcement, this ‘fairness’ was known by the Self-Ennobling Ones as owners of it, as their varying forms of ‘representation through varying degrees of “democracy”, from fascism, parliamentarism, through to communism, together with their accompanying confiscatory channeling mechanisms, variously named as planned economy through to capitalism’ (or, as they fondly describe it, “our economic system”), having the ability, (with of course, the wider-world coming to realization far too late), of confiscating the real wealth of the world away from the hands of people, through the use of the workings of the bankers lie of economy.

These varying forms and degrees of political representation have the sole purpose of then acting to distract attention away from the means to discover ‘true law’ given as Natural Law Common To All People, ‘seen’ in its workings in man as freewill, which law provides for protection from tyranny, and also at the same time, these varying forms and degrees of political representation distract attention away from learning of, and understanding, the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economies true workings, as a mechanism of confiscatory theft.

Lady Rothschild’s pronouncement has signaled a change of emphasis and therefore a different face to present to the wider world, of the same personally owned private collectivist mechanism, given by Lady Rothschild, as now socialism.

It can be seen that they, both capitalism and socialism, and for that matter any other -ism dreamt up, amount to the same thing or are synonymous with each other, when it becomes understood, that they are simply both, or all, different faces of the ‘same coin’. That coin being the personally owned private collectivist system of the Self-Ennobling Ones “say so”, in determining what is good for people.

Socialisms emphasis and task, (after of course being robbed blind by its twin-sister’s face, the Self-Ennobling Ones capitalism implemented through their bankers lie of economy), is more inclined to deluding its victims into a greater sense of false security and reassurance, through its fictitious concept of ‘social justice’, otherwise known as the ‘common good’; where upon, its victims are not made aware of their delusional thinking through a lack of open, fair, clear and obvious full disclosure, when they do not come to learn and see, that the social justice being spoken of, is a prescription or ‘dictate’ in being ‘told’ what is good for them, and that this deception of social justice, most certainly does not apply to those behind its ownership.

This spectacle leaves its spectator, with the choice of either dying of laughter at the gullibility of the world-wise middle class educated, (the ‘I knows’), or weeping in the knowledge of the disastrous direction this can only take. Oddly enough, both emotions, weeping and laughter, can occur at the same time. Such are the mysteries of the bodies workings.

The inclusion, that Inclusive Capitalism speaks of, is more of the same. To be ‘fully’ included as owned human resource capital, in most emphatically the ‘mind’, as well as in body and soul. Owned ‘fully and totally’ as the Self-Ennobling Ones debt incurring assets, in consequence of their bankers lie of economy imposing on its victims, the obligation of owing fraudulent artificial personal debts alongside phenomenal and artificially created government national or sovereign debt, being now called-in by the bankers to meet the satisfaction of these artificial debts. Debts that were conceived by the Self-Ennobling Ones bankers fraudulent exchange of loans, and that compels the victims of their lie, (the ordinary man and woman), towards not only restricting their own freedom through the Self-Ennobling Ones privately owned mind-controlling mechanism of ‘social justice’, in a desperate attempt of relief from the inconvenience and hardship of those imposed artificial debts that have now come to automatically precipitate austerity measures, but of working, at the same time, towards their own destruction when they themselves are deceived into respecting a deceptive cause; the implementation and acceleration of their own destruction through the conduit of that euphemistically described destructive mechanism deceptively titled, ‘environmental sustainability’.

Environmental sustainability then becomes the only currency left available, after the automatic and terminal destruction of the world’s economies as a consequence of the bankers lie of economy creating artificial debts beyond the means to pay them. Sustainability will then form an alternative substantive currency, representative of the impact that someone’s existence has on life’s resources in sustaining them, according to a formula determined by the Self-Ennobling Ones.

This formula reflected in Agenda 21’s inventory taking of the entire world, has as its presumption, that the artificial debt ‘allegedly’ owed by borrowers to the Usurping Self-Ennobling Ones, clearly would not have been a debt incurred by the borrowers to it, for the sake of having a debt for its own-sake, but however, a debt incurred for the sake of obtaining equivalent valued resources as real assets against that debt; real assets, that it would have obtained as its purpose for presumably borrowing it in the first place.

Here, in one fell swoop, an underhand swapping of assets for real tangible resources, in the form of the land, the seas, and all their bounties, are taken into the ownership of the Usurpers, as the equivalent of what the bankers assets of fraudulent ‘artificial debt incurring currencies’, would have obtained in real resources, to be then counted against each man, woman and child in turn, by according them a predetermined escalating degree of formulaic ‘privileges’, as to their usefulness and purpose, of meeting an ability to satisfy what is artificially owed to the Usurpers.

In conclusion, it would not be difficult to piece together subsequent events necessitated by this line of reasoning so far presented, in the exercise of ‘balancing the books’.

What emerges as a painted spectacle, is the imposition of having to meet the satisfaction of payments for artificial debts, by giving up the right of use of entitlement to land in payment for these artificial debts, that governments helped institute through the bankers lie of economy on behalf of their Self-Ennobling Owners. Debt met and satisfied by ‘your elimination’ in not having assets enough to retire a false obligation.

Those permitted surviving few, would eke-out their existence as feudal slaves to the Self-Ennobling Ones, in a world without monetary representation whatsoever. A world of total obedience and meager rations for the remaining depopulated survivors. Survival being of course a fortunate “privilege” given to them for a debt impossible to satisfy, for which satisfaction, would then require their obedience for the rest of their miserable lives.

The Core Truth of Sustainabilities Purpose

There lies the core truth of sustainability. The coming of Judgement Day through Financial Armageddon at the Ledgered Gates of a False Heaven in Balancing the Books and bringing man to account before those who merit themselves with Divinity.

Those who wish to pass unscathed through this torturous landscape that is of ‘Alice’s Wonderland’, will be casting themselves as ‘pearls before swine’ destined for Hell.

Pearls before swine

An Underhand Swapping of Assets for Real Tangible Resources

It must be understood that the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economy , with the help of their ‘acting’ politicians, confiscates ‘all’ tangible wealth, meaning the very world itself – its land, its seas, their resources, including the people themselves, their property and personal resources – leaving its victims deluded and intellectually paralysed into believing in the idea that this confiscation had legitimacy, when in fact it was, has always been, and will always remain, a fraud without legitimacy, once its workings are properly understood.




Massive bombardment of ISIS oil refineries and fuel tankers by Russian Air Force


This is not a blow against the Jihadists, this is a deceptive blow against the Syrian people in bombing their infrastructure back into the stone-ages – à la Libya, Iraq, etc.




Cooking Climate Consensus Data: “97% of Scientists Affirm AGW” Debunked


You Are All The Enemy –

Murdered Holistic Doctors Had Discovered Autism/Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines

GMOs Are 125 Times More Deadly Than Previously Thought

New Flu Vaccine Contains Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness

Women worldwide under attack –

Tampons, sterile cotton, sanitary pads contaminated with glyphosate – study

85% of Tampons Contain Monsanto’s ‘Cancer Causing’ Glyphosate

Are you putting Monsanto in your vagina? 85% of tampons and feminine hygiene products contaminated with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide




Meat should be taxed to help save the planet, think-tank suggests

Meat tax far less unpalatable than government thinks, research finds

Chatham House Report
Changing Climate,
Changing Diets
Pathways to Lower
Meat Consumption

Protein deficiency diseases



Divine right of kings –

The divine right of kings, or divine-right theory of kingship, is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God.


Divine Right of Kings

If we consider that all men are ‘equally endowed’ by nature’s Cause with ‘innate freewill’, then the information we find in reading what is said about the Divine Right of Kings, as well as what is said concerning ‘the Church’, is something of a curiosity, since the Will of God, we would reasonably deduce in relation to man, is quite clear when it comes to all men everywhere – who are endowed with ‘an equal measure of freewill before nature’s Cause or nature’s God’, without exception in the realm of the physical world.

The source of a rebellion to what man sees as God’s Will, on the matter of freewill, would not be God as the source of rebellion contradicting Himself; we would reasonably deduce regarding ‘equal freewill’ in all men, but the source of rebellion, if we look to Heaven for heavenly authority and the source of what God would not make absurd in us, would then be an alternative to God’s Authority and the use by men of that ‘alternative authority’, in making ‘absurd’, equal innate freewill endowed by nature’s Cause or nature’s God in all men.


The Historic Alliance of Jewish and Gentile Elites

Destructive Cabalist Dogma Dooms Humanity

French comedian Dieudonné sentenced to two months in prison

Carrot, Stick & Blackmail – How the System Works


Reality Without Fictitious Beliefs As A Defense Against Tyranny

Without a simply explained direct factual true understanding of how nature’s Cause, nature’s God, provides for His visible affirmable Natural Law to which we are all naturally subjected, without exception, then anything that says otherwise and provides the excuse for exceptions is of course un-Lawful (opposed to Natural Law; devoid of God’s Law); as opposed to Lawful (in harmony and in line with Natural Law; full of God’s Law).

People are of course at liberty to believe what they choose to believe, but they are never and will never be at liberty to impose unlawful acts on others through lack of full-disclosure or by any other means.

In this respect, people have every right to defend themselves vigorously when the self-validating religious cult[ure]s of the usurper pharaohic Self-Ennobling Ones, including ‘their Christianity’, espouse un-Lawfulness and therefore can be seen as satanic; having not provided a simple understanding for people to align themselves with Lawful-ness when they learn what it means to –





Where does the word ‘pharaoh’ come from?

‘Pharaoh’ is actually a Greek word that is based on an Egyptian word that meant ‘great house’. When this word was first used, it referred to the palace of the king and its greatness, not just to the king himself.



List of Royal Houses –

Category:Royal families

List of kingdoms and royal dynasties


In the shadow of the Paris Attacks the government’s emergency preparedness evacuation plans for London in the event of a terrorist threat, appear to have been a wise decision . It is notable that the plans, given the recent frequency of staged terrorist attacks throughout the world, were justifiably drawn up by the government in the recent past for what appears to be the date given as July, presumably of 2015 – given the date of the article in which the plans are discussed and the sense of presence in which they are discussed in the article, which is further suggestive of their recent origins –

3rd paragraph reads –

The confidential plan, codenamed Operation Sassoon, was presented to the London Resilience Forum at the Cabinet Office in July, according to The Sunday Times.

Reference Article:

published date:
Wednesday, Nov 25th 2015
for article:
Evacuation of London plan drawn up

Nonetheless, it becomes clear that the plans had been drawn up ‘secretly’, at least as far back as 2003 given the exposure of them by The Sunday Times on September of that year –

MINISTERS have drawn up secret plans for the mass evacuation of London in the event of a serious terror threat.

The classified plan, codenamed Operation Sassoon, goes far beyond the anti-terrorism exercise taking place in the capital today.

Confidential documents seen by The Sunday Times show that ministers are prepared to herd Londoners out of the metropolis to ??rest and reception areas?? in the home counties if there is an attack. Even ??high-level intelligence?? showing an attack was imminent could spark a mass evacuation.

The plans also refer to the need for ??medium/long-term rehousing?? if a terrorist attack such as a ??dirty bomb?? rendered parts of London uninhabitable.

The documents formed part of a presentation to the London Resilience Forum at the Cabinet Office in July. They provide a blueprint not just for London but for other big cities.

Sunday Times source:

Ministers plan evacuation of London in terror strike

However, the bombshell comes with ‘how’ the plans were made known, and what allegedly appears to be the clear damage-control conducted by the authorities to undermine the nature of ‘preplanning’ regarding terrorism, given in their remarks to the discovery of the plans – that what was not meant to be discovered as ‘highly sensitive and secret’, that is, the suggestion of preplanned terrorism coming to light, could only be known by the planners of that terrorism in advance of that terrorism happening – and therefore, the best strategy to undermine and distract from the mistaken belief of the origins of that terrorism, would be to now suggest that plans such as these were never secret and were openly known by the public before their accidental discovery –

1st paragraph reads –

An inquiry has been launched by police after detailed plans for the evacuation of London in case of a terror strike were found on a train.

5th paragraph reads –

Scotland Yard said the existence of such plans had already been known about and discussed publicly.

And of course, we find that it is the case that Scotland Yard had been working for a number of years with London’s other front-line services to develop “mass evacuation plans”, when we read, 10th paragraph (last paragraph) –

Police said they had been working for a number of years with London’s other front-line services to develop “mass evacuation plans”.


Terror evacuation plans found on train


Presumably, the scale of these plans are of such sophistication to handle a major city with all the complexities involved, that the number of years referred to by Scotland Yard, would surely see preparations towards these plans made before the date of 2001.

What is at question here, are not the development of plans necessarily needed for emergency situations, but the possibility of plans developed to put an artificial situation into play, that is, staged terrorism. ‘Operation Gladio’ in this respect provides the clear precedence for such plans being put into play on the basis of responding to staged self-invoked artificial terrorism.


It appears that the present day Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy having usurped their ancient pharaonic predecessors, rebranded religious cult[ure]s, and gave them autonomy to present themselves as unrelated in the takeover of the world of man by keeping man at odds with himself, for the purpose of a long term plan of institutional oligarchical hegemony towards, a global world ruling –

see videos,


Setting the Narrative, Preparing the Stage for Turmoil and Distancing Responsibility to the Narrative’s Effects Prior to Implementation for the Pretence of Innocent Rejoinder at a Later Date –

My Friend, Islam: The “Dialogue At All Costs” of Pope Wojtyla

Pope Francis, ISIS, and the Last Crusade


It is safe to say that the Islamic State, and its named variations (ISIS), are a vehicle of the West to bring into play the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s progressive plans for a New World Order


The Fifth Crusade ? – Pope Francis Calls For Armed Christian Crusades Against Islam….


Hamas is a Creation of Mossad

The Fostering of Islamic Fundamentalism by Israel and the US

US Sponsored “Islamic Fundamentalism”: The Roots of the US-Wahhabi Alliance

Terrorist Incidents against Jewish Communities and Israeli Citizens Abroad 1968–2010

King David Hotel bombing


List of mass evacuations

We read –

A scientist by training he had previous marketing roles at Mars Confectionery (1990 – 1996)


Movement Strategies

We further find Mr Ancliffe’s involvement with what appears to be the themes of sustainable development, namely ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, when we read –

Simon Ancliffe, CEO of Movement Strategies met UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the UK’s National Day at Milan Expo 2015, 17 June. UK National Day celebrates the UK’s strengths and contributions to the Expo theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’.


June 19, 2015
Simon Ancliffe meets the UK Prime Minister

The kind of experts valued to see through the planning of sustainable development and the obedience needed to be invoked in the general populations psyche to fulfil its aims –

World Cities Conference – Safe, Secure, Smart and Resilient

It is notable that the idea behind the International conference on emergency preparedness, is to prepare the public for obediance, when we read –

‘… to identify promising new approaches to prepare the public to respond to major incidents.’

International conference on emergency preparedness (InterCEPt) for UNISDR – The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Further examples of UNISDR’s participation with sustainable development issues can be found by simply searching under the terms, ‘sustainable development’, of which a few examples are given –

UNISDR – Sustainable Development

UNISDR – 2015 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

UNISDR – Fourth Africa regional platform for disaster risk reduction, Arusha: Summary statement

Continuing, Mr Ancliffe lest we forget, had previously been with Mars Confectionery (Mars, Inc.) and L.E.K. Consulting both of whom are heavily involved with sustainable development –

L.E.K. Sustainability Strategy

L.E.K. Consulting

We read with interest the participation towards sustainable development of Mars Inc. in Food Chain Reaction’s Global Food Security Game, alongside that of World Wide Fund, formerly the World Wildlife Fund –

The Real Hungar Games (Sustainable Development post 2015) –

Ensuring Discontinuity through Management Game Play –

Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game
1250 24th Street, NW | Washington, DC 20037 | © 2015 World Wildlife Fund, Inc.

About the Organizers

Food Chain Reaction is being produced by World Wildlife Fund and the Center for American Progress, with game design from CNA. Funding and technical support for Food Chain Reaction have been provided by Cargill with major support from Mars, Inc. Additional funding has been provided by DuPont, Louis Dreyfus Group, Sealed Air Corporation, and Thomson Reuters.


Food Chain Reaction – A Global Food Security Game

And of course we are made aware of –

Organisational Structural Chart for the Control of Raw Material


The Windsors’ Global Food Cartel: Instrument for Starvation

Primary Sourcing:

Who Is Responsible for the World Food Shortage





Operation Sassoon

Planning for emergencies in London


Pattern recognition helps connect the Dots –

BBC Radio – Drills Ran on day of london bombings 7-7-05

Peter Power 7/7 Terror Rehearsal

alternative –

ITV News – Drills Ran on day of london bombings 7-7-05

Context of ‘July 7, 2005: British Allegedly Give Israelis Advanced Warning of 7/7 London Bombings; Accounts Conflict’

Netanyahu forewarned of London bombings of 7/7

London Bombs – unanswered questions

Nick Kollerstrom — Terror on the Tube August 24, 2014

The BBC discovers ‘terrorism,’ briefly
Suicide bombing seems different when closer to home


The following BBC Panorama broadcast is given to be described as –

Panorama: London under attack was broadcast on BBC One on Sunday, 16 May 2004 at 22:15 BST
This film was a mock exercise of what might happen in London if there was a terror attack in 2004

The fictional day of terror unfolds through the immediacy of rolling news bringing the catastrophic attack into our living rooms.

As events unfold, Panorama and a team of specialists reveal gaps in our preparations. The eight-strong team includes people with first hand knowledge of intelligence, emergency planning, police, fire, government and media management.

Together they take us ‘behind closed doors’ to reveal to what extent the emergency plans and resources in place today could cope if London was attacked.

For more than two years, senior police and intelligence officials and senior cabinet members have been warning that terrorists will attack the UK and the likely target is London.

In recent weeks, since Madrid was attacked, those warnings have intensified. Is the certainty of their predictions matched by the thoroughness of their preparations?

In a unique fusion of drama, detailed research and expert discussion Panorama puts Britain’s emergency plans to the test.

Set in the future – but only just – the city of London is thrown into chaos by a series of terrorist attacks.

* BBC Panorama London Under Attack – the show that correctly predicted 7/7


BBC Radio on the morning of the 7/7 London Bombings


9/11 Truth: NORAD Running 9/11 “Drills” ON and DURING 9/11

9/11 War Games

All are dupes before the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy, particularly those who desire the most. They will be led to riches to be then cast aside as scapegoats –

Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of Attack

Jew Told To Stay Home On 9/11 Still Waiting For Mossad To OK Leaving House

False Flags, Covert Operations, & Propaganda
by Autorzy Robert B Durham

alternative –

False Flags, Covert Operations, & Propaganda
By Robert B Durham


Putin relies on Jewish officers from ‘Israel’ to suppress Russian military uprising in Moscow

General Petrov understands the true nature of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s long term planning (given at time mark: approx. 4:42 minutes) –

Russian General Petrov Discusses the US Dollar, 9-11, the Global Mafia, and Collapse

Message to Russia: Russian Major General Konstantin P. Petrov saw “The Pharaoh Show” & Octogon

The Child-Rape Assembly Line

French comedian Dieudonné given prison sentence for hate speech

Sutton – Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976)

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
by Sutton, Antony C. (1925-2002)




The Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy will make dupes of us all, so that we end up at each others throats, unless we come together and protect each others natural entitlement to –



Syria, Gas Pipelines, the American Republic, Mali, Capitalism

Pilger on Paris, ISIS, Propaganda



The preceding video presentations are an excellent source of information to the genuine tragedies people are faced with when they come up against the controlling mechanisms of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s democracies and the other of the Self-Ennobling Ones representational mechanisms that divert the attention of people away from the true causes of their misfortunes – that is, the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy acting through their agent-provocateur political leaders of ‘all’ fictitiously fabricated countries (including Russia and China).

What becomes also notable is that the information provided by the participants to these videos are presented necessarily through a ‘controlled environment’ doing the job of creating a strangely reassuring bubble in which there appears to be the opportunity for people to take back control of their lives because their concerns are being aired, and surely as a result we can all sit-back and wait for others to take care of the problem since we see for ourselves ‘the problems’ exposure. Consequently there is a psychological state of mind induced within us, that has the expectation that by some magical process, ‘democracy’ having a life of its own, will inevitably right itself of its ills and corruption, and therefore we need do nothing but keep watching the media, alternative or otherwise. The danger here lies in being drawn into the environment of ‘controlled opposition’ acting as gate-keeper.

What needs to be additionally and persistently presented and is ‘never ever’ presented and made known – or if presented, to be presented in such a way as to be radically distorted – eliminates any suspicions that the genius of the manipulators of humanity is at work, with controlled opposition acting as gate-keepers.

What is it that above all else is never ever aired come what may in scripting people into self-destructive delusions ?



Firstly, know thyself –

Rule Thyself Lest Ye Be Ruled

Secondly, understand where it is that the matrix happens –

Read the simply presented information titled, ‘OF FICTIONS (The world of the imagination)’, approximately 1/2 way down the link given as –


Thirdly, understand how you’re bought and your livelihood confiscated in being used to work towards your own eugenicist self-destruction –



Fourthly, stand back and take a look at how it all comes together –


And finally, understand how the ‘renaming’ of eugenics has come into operation today –


This 1926 Eugenics Exhibit Sums Up What the Elite Think About You and Your Family

“Again, eugenics didn’t end when it fell out of favor during World War II; it was simply forced to go underground. It got renamed and buried in what they hope would sound like more benign scientific areas, like genetics, human ecology, and bioethics. The Rockefeller Foundation and other elite family foundations quietly continued their quest for population control of the general “riff raff” through different means.”








Perhaps there is a necessity for terrorism to be used as a driving force to implement obedience laws (international terrorism laws) world wide to be able to have the instruments of ‘state force’ in place, together with the means to necessarily condition people into obedience for a Sustainable Development Agenda 21 – 2030 / Earth Charter depopulating feudalistic future; all of course done so for the purposes of safeguarding security and freedoms :

What We Do – Promote Sustainable Development

We read, 1st paragraph –

Terrorism has been on the international agenda since 1934, when the League of Nations took the first major step towards outlawing the scourge by discussing a draft convention for the prevention and punishment of terrorism. Although the Convention was eventually adopted in 1937, it never came into force.


Well, its becoming obvious today that personally owned private laws to instill obedience are now most definitely coming into force today


International Legal Instruments

International conventions related to terrorism and counter-terrorism cases


Anti-terrorism legislation

At UN Assembly, speakers from African nations spotlight sustainable development, efforts to combat terrorism


We read, 9th paragraph –

Delegates also discussed the importance of partnerships in meeting challenges that might undermine the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, from climate change to terrorism.


Partnerships Key to Implementing New Sustainable Development Agenda, Speakers Stress as General Assembly Summit Enters Second Day


The following is recommended reading in relation to terrorism and sustainable development –

The Sustainable Development Goals: Steering the United Nations towards 2030


United Nations General Assembly, ref. A/RES/49/60
Forty-ninth session Agenda item 142
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly 49/60.
Measures to eliminate international terrorism


We note under the documents heading, the search tag line -:

Home | Human Rights | Sustainable Development | Education | Water | Culture of Peace | Keywords | Search

It becomes clear that for Sustainable Development to succeed, it requires a ‘Culture of Peace’ and its accompanying obedience

Document Source:

UN Documents
Gathering a Body of Global Agreements


International treaties against terrorism and the use of terrorism during armed conflict and by armed forces

The OIC, the UN, and Counter-Terrorism Law-Making: Conflicting or Cooperative Legal Orders ?
By Katja LH Samuel,+the+UN,+and+Counter-Terrorism+Law-Making+By+Katja+LH+Samuel&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizzMfkqrXJAhVC1RoKHb5zCYcQ6AEIHDAA#v=onepage&q=The%20OIC%2C%20the%20UN%2C%20and%20Counter-Terrorism%20Law-Making%20By%20Katja%20LH%20Samuel&f=false

International Terrorism is a term that relates to all countries. Taken together all countries form an international body. Once it becomes understood that countries are personally owned private instruments of the Self-Ennobling Ones, then it can be easily understood that the world leaders are acting as plenipotentiaries to their masters political ambitions of ensuring obedience to Sustainable Development’s feudalistic agenda. This international terrorism from its inception becomes then, an object with which to cast a suspicious eye upon, as one that perhaps has ulterior motives, particularly when it is understood that States sponsoring terrorism are indeed working as plenipotentiaries for the owners of personally owned private copyrighted corporate countries.

With that in mind, some interesting results are given under the web-browser search terms –

‘terrorism is an instrument of the state’


Here, we have the comic book description of ‘superterrorism’ as a suspect that can be anyone hidden among the general population. And therefore the superterrorist must be identifiable as the general population; meaning the people –


Terrorism can be used as a device to implement and drive people towards the Self-Ennobling Ones persoanally owned private collectivist systems of communism, fascism, communatarianism, etc., –

Terrorism is an instrument of imperialist war

The use of terrorism to construct world order




An event which no doubt has the blessings of the Self-Ennoblings Ones and their self-validating clergy’s desires behind it, in recognising that the attendees to the event are being crudely misled –

Heroic Poland fights against Islam, March For Independence, Warsaw, Nov 11, 2015

alternative video –

170,000 Massive protest in Poland against Islam (by Catholics)


Within the notes provided together with the posting in the first video, we read from the last paragraph –

Think about the carnage the Muzzies have been inflicting on non-Muslims (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus) and even on Muzzies themselves, across the Muslim world, for centuries, and recently in the non-Muslim world and in the West.

It would be interesting to attempt to trace the roots of Islam and therefore in whose ownership it is still to be found.

We read with interest that at the earliest the origins of Islam can be traced is as far back as the 7th century –

The origin of Islam can be traced back to 7th century Saudi Arabia. Islam is thus the youngest of the great world religions. The prophet Muhammad (circa 570-632 A.D.) introduced Islam in 610 A.D. after experiencing what he claimed to be an angelic visitation. Muhammad dictated the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, which Muslims believe to be the preexistent, perfect words of Allah.


Origin Of Islam

Original entry:
Mohammed and mohammedanism

alternative –

Mohammed and mohammedanism

Mohammed and Mohammedanism


4th Century Nestorian Nun of the Christian Syriac Church. Centuries before Islam: 4Th Century


Nestorian nun

Eastern Christian monasticism


We learn that the Chaldean Christians is –

The name of former Nestorians now reunited with the Roman Church.


Chaldean Christians


Nestorians –

Nestorius and Nestorianism


Under the heading, ‘Christianity of Antioch’, 1st paragraph, we learn –

Antioch became soon a centre of missionary propaganda. It was thence that St. Paul and his companions started on their journey for the conversion of the nations. The Church of Antioch was also fully organized almost from the beginning. It was one of the few original churches which preserved complete the catalogue of its bishops. The first of these bishops, Evodius, reaches back to the Apostolic age. At a very early date the Christian community of Antioch became the central point of all the Christian interests in the East. After the fall of Jerusalem (A.D. 70) it was the real metropolis of Christianity in those countries.


The Church of Antioch


Syriac Antioch shown within Turkey




Under the subheading, ‘History’, we learn –

The Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch claims the status as the most ancient Christian church in the world.


Syriac Orthodox Church

Syriac Christianity

We learn under the subheading, ‘History of Christianity in Syria’ –

As Jewish Christianity originated at Jerusalem, so Gentile Christianity started at Antioch, then the leading center of the Hellenistic East, with Peter and Paul as its apostles. From Antioch it spread to the various cities and provinces of Syria, among the Hellenistic Syrians as well as among the Hellenistic Jews who, as a result of the great rebellions against the Romans in A.D. 70 and 130, were driven out from Jerusalem and Palestine into Syria.




We learn that it was the followers of Christianity (the Judeo-Christians) who created Islam’s Koran –

Shakka Ahmose Cracking The Codes Islam Explosed


Follow the knowledge not your prejudices


Cracking The Codes Of Islam Exposed (Audience Presentation Part 1)

Shakka Ahmose: Cracking The Codes Of Islam PT 2


Plans for the world’s takeover were long ago set into motion. Those that long ago presented an obstacle to these plans, whether or not they belonged to the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy, were ruthlessly eliminated. Today there is no genuine opposition to these plans, whether it is opposition in the nature of political opposition, institutional, organisational, or organised activism, what is invariably thought to be opposition, is merely controlled-opposition putting people ‘on hold’ while the Self-Ennobling Ones theocratic plans, with themselves as deities, are put into effect –



Occult Theocracy
by Lady Queensborough, Edith Starr Miller
Published 1933

alternative copy –

Occult Theocrasy
by Lady Queensborough, Edith Starr Miller


In the Foreword given by Lady Queensborough, to her book Occult Theocracy, it must be noted that the underpinnings of all decent civilisation, and not just civilisation deriving its inspiration from Christainity, is the realisation that can be naturally found and understood given in –



North African History (Excluding Egypt)



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