No Mercy for Scammers Revisted

Dr Ali Muhammad Exposed and is Polight Jr


No Mercy for Scammers Revisted

Comment –

A great deal can be learnt from the black community in the US, however, many are at a loss outside of that community to understand what is going on with factions of it bickering in front of the whole world rather than resolving issues privately. Could be a case of co-intel-pro involvement and basic confidence tricksters.


Ex Amen Ra Squad Member Tells All (Live)


Escaping the prison planet –

Black people in general should learn to understand the delusions white supremacists foist on their own people to get them to fight amongst themselves and then deflect attention negatively against black people to exterminate them, in order that their strategy of divide and conquer veils their ‘grand plans’ of taking over the planet to everyones detriment remains undiscovered, for them to then finally claim the achievements of history, based on the fabrication of race superiority, for themselves –

Everything You Know Is A Lie


Tariq Nasheed- Hidden Colors vs Roots


Tariq Nasheed Grown Crack Babies Tariq Nasheed Live


Tariq Nasheed Dealing With Immature Females Tariq Nasheed Live


Tariq Nasheed: Carrying Yourself Correctly


Tariq Nasheed: Plantation Rebellion At Mizzou


Tariq Nasheed: Giving Racists A Pass

At this stage there are no if’s and but’s. Deal with it so we can all grow together to understand the bigger picture. We are all the enemy to supremacists




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