October 7, 2016
Russia Warns US Actions in Syria Would Lead to War — Threaten to Shoot Down US Jets


Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war

Poland ‘highly concerned’ after Russia moves nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad

Russia deploys nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad

PUTIN INCHES CLOSER TO NATO West on war footing after Russian troops mass at border with Latvia and Putin moves nuclear-missiles closer to central Europe


It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled ― Mark Twain


To really understand and know what is going on with the direction the world is taking in leading up to war and the civil strife that is progressively taking a hold world wide, is something that can be achieved in a matter of days and at the very least within a week, given a tenacious determination to spend a little time to do so each day without ‘distraction’.

In stepping back from the detailed milieu of daily news reports that frames our perceptions of the world, particularly when we read of the use of ‘impersonal terms’ that do not at all pin-point exactly whom is being spoken about in the description of the various parties reported in the news, given as, ‘America, Britain, Russia, China, Europe, Poland, Syria, and so on – aside of course, from the mention of the representative politicians of these ‘impersonal terms’ and those under their ‘direct influence’, excluding the passivity of the general populations at large who are subjected to an onslaught of news – there will be found An Underlining Simple Grand Strategy away from manipulative and deceptive news, that so many are distracted from exploring and seeing.

The key is to come to recognise the factual ‘framework’, as, An Underlining Simple Grand Strategy, in which all events fall within given ridged and controlled parameters, that the news in explaining events ‘must not’ deviate from, without running the risk of reporting journalists being subjected to immediate and imminent peril, if they at all ever come to learn and realise what that Underlining Simple Grand-Strategy is, when they work for their true owners as ‘press-titutes’.

Revealing The Answers to the Question of –


Let us begin with what is the target of An Underlining Simple Grand Strategy that forms the basis for the ‘strategies’ existence in the first place.

The target of a ‘Grand Strategy’ is simply you, the individual.

That is to say, each and every individual in the world is and always will be the target of a Grand Strategy if they fail to be aware of its workings to be able to shield themselves from its devastating influence.

Concealment is the whole purpose of presenting news that never outlines this Underlining Simple Grand Strategy, whether that news is provided by so-called mainstream media or independent media; their designs in providing for the news lacks exposing the existence of a Simple Grand Strategy and above all the solution to its nefarious workings. And that is why you, the individual, are a target and in turn the entire people made up of individuals, all at once, are a target as a population.

The Principles Behind The Ethics Of Right And Wrong Are A Fact And Remain The Same In All Places And Without Change Throughtout All Time

An individual :

– who lacks an exact and true moral compass;

– who lacks the ability to see and understand that right and wrong actually exists unchangingly in fact and in all places and across all of time regardless of the epoch and circumstances;

– who lacks the simple ability to see and understand that it is impossible for right and wrong to be subject to someone elses expediency, no matter how convenient or seemingly necessary they say there is a need to be expedient;

– who lacks the simple ability to see and understand that right and wrong is ‘measurable’ and forever remains the same and consistent throughout all time and all circumstances in all of history;

– who lacks the simple ability to see and truely understand why such a ‘moral compass’ exists in fact and in truth and that such a compass is essential to that individuals well-being as well as to the well-being of the individuals progeny;

– who lacks a simple ‘true’ compass that stands the test of time and that sheilds the individual from failing to see that individuals impending exploitation in the immediacy of the present, and which ‘compass’ can also form a basis for them to extrapolate its use in anticipating, in advance, a strong probability of being caught up in exploitation during any time into the future, to their detriment;

– who lacks a simple compass that with its use the individual is able to immediately judge for themselves that what has been presented to them is based on deception to lay the groundwork or basis for future exploitation;

– who lacks a simple compass that above all else prevents the individual from falling prey to the machinations of others who may present themselves as always having the individuals best interests at heart, yet are connivingly working in a network without borders and are merely positioned to see to it that the individual always falls prey to exploitation and destruction,

is an individual, whose lack of a simply understood and impossible to change moral compass as fact (observable as fact in the natural world) will forever be deceived as a mere puppet, an automaton, simply fodder for the ambitions of the ‘High’.

And what are those ambitions ?

In a single word – Confiscation.

Confiscation of Will and its natural entitlement to represent itself in ensuring the individuals responsibility to themselves for their own well-being and their families through their Natural Right of Entitlement to A Right of Use To Property subject to reason, and above all the natural entitlement to guard and defend that ‘use’ against undue interference from third parties.

At this point you may be asking yourself –

“What the hell has, ‘morality‘, individual ‘Will‘ and ‘confiscation‘ got to do with anything. And for that matter, how does all this connect to the imminent threat of war we’re all hearing about. And what is this so-called ‘inescapable obedience‘, that is said by some to be threatening everyone’s freedoms, and that they say is being implemented on the ground in different ways and in different places, right in front of our noses?”

In fact, you may be asking yourself –

“What the hell has this got to do with me personally? This all sounds like the murmurings of a madman”

Well, given a little patience and the trust you have in ‘your own common sense logic‘, find out for yourself if these are the murmurings of a madman or not, and it will become simply clear and obvious as to, ‘what the hell this is all about, and, what the hell it has to do with you’; the individual –

Let Us Begin With Will, And See How It Can Be Confiscated, And Through Association How The Entitlement To Representation Of Property And A Right Of Use To Property, As Yours In Ownership, Is In Turn Confiscated

Rule Thyself Lest Ye Be Ruled

THE LAW – Political Charters Create Corporate Countries As Fictions

How Confiscation Works On The Ground


Wake Up You’re Being Taken For A Fool – Deconstructing Terms


The “State” of the Self-Ennobling Ones business affairs

Once you have an understanding of why countries can only be personally owned private corporations engaged in the business of commerce with all people acting as the actual commodity of exploitation for the benefit of a relative few, then it is not difficult to see that the appointed ‘actors’ as Chief Executive Officers or Board of Directors of these corporations are simply executive management representing the “State” (as a ‘condition’ or ‘situation as it is to be found’)of the owners interests in their business affairs of their corporate countries.

Putting the above titled components together in forming a partial completion towards an entire ‘picture’ that the individual will need to begin ‘to see’ – that is to say, what it is this Underlining Simple Grand Strategy represents and is all about – we arrive at a point of understanding where the individual has the means to be able to first recognise the importance of –


From the above description of, ‘The “State” of the self-Ennobling Ones business affairs’, mention was made of the commercial nature of these affairs, in that corporate countries are the private vehicles of their owners used to engage in ‘commerce’, with all people acting as the actual commodity of exploitation for the benefit of a relative few.

The question then becomes one of proofs; proofs to show that countries are in actuality personally owned private corporations….used in commerce.

The principles of countries being personally owned private corporations has already been provided for in, ‘THE LAW – Political Charters Create Corporate Countries As Fictions’, nonetheless, finding proofs as well as direct primary evidence from ‘official’ and authoritative sources, that countries are indeed private corporations engaged in exploitative commerce of the most base nature, is a simple matter of re-representing what has been already discovered so that further explanations align logically to those discoveries without deviation from their principles.

A primary source, not to be ignored – except by those who display the inability to think for themselves with the use of common sense as their guiding bases – is the direct evidence that can be found that a country is a private corporation, with the admission given in the United States Codes of Law (privately owned law reflecting the owners wishes, and for that owner, or those owners, permitting their representatives to their country to publish the definition of their country) that the United States government (a representative agent) makes transparent.

Here then, we have what is conventionally attributed as the most powerful country in the world, being frank and honest about its nature –

(15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.


28 U.S. Code § 3002 – Definitions

Note –

In the phrase given as, ‘…of the United States’, in (B) and (C), we in turn are given to ask, What is the meaning of…United States?

The answer to that question is to be found in (A), a corporation.

The political term ‘federal’, or any other titled term of a political nature, are mere titled pipe-dreams of the broad range of services that these corporations claim they will provide, for you to choose to ‘act out your life’, within the criteria they provide as Mission Statements, given under those titled political terms; mere pipe-dreams that the owners may choose to redefine, ignore, or change without notice through their ‘representatives’, as is accorded them the privilege to do so as the titled-owners of ‘their’ corporations. These conditions of alteration, hidden or not, are of course very much also applicable to ‘their’ countries constitutions.

Additional Reference Material –



At this point in the discussion there are those who will quibble (regardless of the already given discovered underlying principles to show all countries are personally owned private corporations), that the admission to a country being a corporation only applies to the United States, since proof of that in the definition that the United States gives of itself, cannot be similarly found for other countries else where.

What those who quibble fail to realise, is that the ‘underlying principles’ exposing countries as persoanlly owned private corporations, forms the basis with which further questions can be envisioned to discover other means of explanation through which countries can be shown to be persoanlly owned private corporations together with envisioning questions that provide insight to help to find the way in which official authoritative sources can ‘alternatively’ present countries as corporations.

The task then becomes one of –

Finding further proofs of direct primary evidence from ‘official’ and authoritative sources, that ‘all countries are personally owned private corporations’ engaged in exploitative commerce of the most base nature, by re-representing what has been already discovered so that further explanations align logically to those discoveries without deviation from their principles

Illustrating and providing the explanations for the simple processes of thinking, to show how to discover futher proofs that all countries are personally owned private corporations:

OF FICTIONS (The world of the imagination)

How do we know something is real, that it is of the physical world

– The physical world is to be found through the five senses (The world of the five senses)

– No name changes

How do we know something is not real, that it is a fiction not of the physical world

i) The fictional world is not to be found through the five senses,

and when there is doubt,

ii) Look for name changes

For example, we could ask the question –

“Do countries change their name through history ?”


We must clearly understand, that the imaginative space of the mind can create geographies and territories of its own, and since these geographies and territories have the sense of imagination only, they are of course not real

We can say, fictions in a geographic sense can be found in the territory of the imagination, or

a fiction as imagination in a geographic sense can be found in the territory of a fiction as imagination, or

a fiction is to be found in a fiction as imagination, or

a fiction means we will always find it in a fiction, or

a fiction means a fiction

Conclusion –

What is thought or imagined by a person is then a fiction.

The fiction being thought about, belongs to the person whose imagination created it.

An idea is a fiction belonging to the person whose imagination created it.

That fiction is of course then, a personally owned private idea, coming from the persons imagination who was responsible for creating it.

Fictions belong to an individuals imagination or are an individuals creation of the mind, and are therefore –

personally owned private fictitious property belonging to an individual

Fictions are then regarded as Intellectual Property and can of course be registered by an individual as property belonging to them

When an individual registers, for recording purposes only, their fiction as belonging to them,

i) other people learn of that personally owned private fiction when it is communicated on paper

ii) other people, on finding that that fiction has been registered,

– understand that fiction, to be personally owned private property because it had been registered,

by the creator or inventor of the fiction, or registered

by the creators or inventors representatives

– understand that the fiction cannot possibly belong to them if they have use of it

– understand that the fictions exploitation is for the benefit of its creator only, as is obviously his entitlement, as the owner of his imaginative creation

– understand that the fiction’s owner, can change the name of his fiction as many times as he wants, simply because it is his fiction to do with as he pleases


Understand that the fictions exploitation is for the benefit of its creator only, as is obviously his entitlement, as the owner of his imaginative creation

We learn that tax payments are royalty payments made for the use of intellectual property in a commercial operation, and that they must therefore be paid to the owners of that property through the collection services of those owners representative agents, those representative agents being namely, government and its agencies –



The UN Model Double Taxation Convention in the context of Financing for Sustainable Development



A Primer On Fictions In Exposing Their Dangers –

The informations to follow reproduced here, are from correspondence found in letters, demonstrating that what people take as being obvious and think to be absurdly simple and therefore without relevance, are likely in fact to be the most crucial and important far reaching knowledge they could ever come to learn.

It is to be remembered that the most obvious and simplest of things, most often than not, provide for the key to understanding the most complex of things.

The challenge remains with the reader to confirm for themselves whether this is true. Here then follows that challenge for the reader to find out the truth of this for themselves –



by now, if you’ve had time, you may have reached a point that seems a little odd when we look at the factual basis of what a kingdom, country, state, province, region, and so on, can only be.

The key lies in knowing what the difference is between real things and fictional things? That is to say, things of the imagination as fictions.

Although what I am going to say seems foolishly basic, it is crucial to appreciate the significance of what is being said.

We know something is real by using our five senses. If you can see something, hear something, smell something, taste something, and finally touch something, then you know it is real. That’s what our senses are for, to make us aware of real things.

When you deal with a word symbolising and pointing to something that is meant to be real, for example land, then somebody who does not know what that is, can be shown it by just using your finger to point to it, and immediately they can ‘see’ for themselves what that word-symbol points to, and also with their sense of ‘sight’ they can confirm it as being something real, that is to say something in the real world, the physical world. It needs no further explanation or description as a word.

It does not matter what form the land takes, it remains land, such as a hill, valley etc. These forms of land all can be confirmed as real with the ‘sense’ of sight.

A long time ago people used to describe themselves as coming from the ‘land of’, now they describe themselves as coming from the ‘country of’, or ‘province of’, or ‘state of’, etc., without reference to land.

A big key that helps you unlock the knowledge that you are dealing with fictional or fictitious things, figments of someone’s imagination, is that they tend to need explanation and are very difficult to point to with your finger.

If we take countries, we must be suspicious as to what they represent because they keep changing names, whereas real things always maintain the same name. A chair will always retain the name chair, although there are different types of chair.

Land will always retain the name land, even though it may take different forms, and so we say that the land has taken the form of a hill for example.

So fictions need a long description to explain them, which we come to learn through their explanation, and also it is not easy to point to them in the real world. Furthermore, they tend to change names, whereas real things do not. Land remains land and we find it in the territory of the real world of physical existence confirmed with our five senses, as opposed to the territory of someone’s imagination. Imagination being simply sensations of the mind alone.

The big clue with knowing that countries etc., are fictions or figments of someone’s imagination, is finding their creation dates, as well as the clue of maps being labeled ‘political maps’. Politics being someone’s personal ideas of how we should relate to each other or their description of spacial (or spatial) perception, and therefore a figment of their imagination, their fantasy.

We can of course agree with them or simply disagree with them, nonetheless, it is their personal opinion, their imaginative creation or fiction, as to how we should relate with each other.

That is why their ‘personal thoughts’ of how they see the world’s territories does not relate to the land, but relates to a ‘political’ map, the word political indicating personal opinion as fiction and not the reality of the physical world we confirm with our senses.

Here is proof of what is being said –

List of sovereign states by date of formation –

List of national constitutions –

Constitutions create countries and are classified as ‘written instruments’ under the term charters or political charters –

Category:Political charters

Maps marked political maps –

Note.- All terms relating to political maps, therefore relate to fictional ideas, like for example, nation, state, etc.

Political maps therefore, do not relate to the physical world as it ‘is’ discovered through the five senses, but they just refer to someone’s personal opinion, or fiction, of how they choose to internally percieve the world. And that is why they are termed political maps, politics being of course a matter of personal opinion, that is to say someone’s imaginative ideas, figments of the imagination, flights of fancy, or plain old ‘fictions’, of how they perceive relationships mapped out on paper.

And that is exactly where countries can ‘only’ be found, on the pieces of paper that created them commonly known as constitutions, as well as being visually depicted on other pieces of paper called maps, that have absolutely no relationship to the real world of things, except to ‘psychologically’ delude.

We can conclude that the territory of countries being spoken about, can be found only within the imagination of those that created them and also the imagination of those that agree, although they really do not understand what it is they agreed to, simply because they do not understand the vital importance of not confusing real things with fictional things.

Well, that is enough for now, except to begin to think about ‘where’ it is you make an income or living ? In the territories of the physical world, the world of the five senses, or the territories of the imaginative world, the world of someone’s fantasy.

That being said, you may come to understand this written material a little better, starting from the subheading,


(Nature’s Cause As The Only Exceptional Fiction – Cause & Effect)



Hello again,

I hope you got through the first letter without great difficulty and that you were stimulated into understanding how you see things as they ‘are’ using your five senses alone, without any thoughts, opinions, or feelings of what it is that your five senses presented. No idea’s involved whatsoever, just five senses showing real things in the physical world as they ‘are’.

And that most definitely means having to stop imposing ‘thoughts’ on others, any thoughts, particularly that of ‘learnt’ history. Meaning what is thought of them, their origins, background, character, and so on. It is vitally important to do this so that a clearer and more accurate perception of what it is that is under investigation with regards to the subject is obtained.

This is done to try and discover the real and underlying objects of anything presented, so that when, after temporarily suspending thoughts, thoughts can then more clearly operate with a more realistic picture of what it is that is under investigation.

Here, I would like to mention a word that a lot of people are confused by.

The word is, ‘include’.

Some of the other forms of the same word are,

‘includes, included, including.

The word ‘include’ quite simply means,

‘made up of’.

When the word include is used, it is known as an ‘exclusionary word’, because it excludes everything that is not listed with its use, or that is not listed after its use in a sentence.

That simply means, when we see something being spoken about with the word ‘include’ present, or its various forms, we wait to see a list of ‘all’ the things that make up that thing being spoken about. It must be just only the full list of all things that make up the final thing being spoken about. Everything else then is excluded and ignored. That is why ‘include’ is said to be an exclusionary word or term.

For example when we see a cake, and someone says,

“this cake’s ingredients includes…”.

Well, we wait to hear what all the ingredients are that made up the cake we see. We need a list of the full or entire ingredients, not just some of them. In otherwords, a full list of the entire ingredients that made up the cake that we see in front of us. In that way we know what the cake was made up of, and only what the cake was made up of. Everything is then listed for the ingredients of that cake after the word ‘includes’.

As with the cake, we can expect this for everything else too, because that is what the use of the word ‘include’, or its other forms, means has to happen.

Why is this important ?

This is important because it goes back to what was spoken about in the first correspondence on,

‘real things’ and ‘fictitious (or fictional) things’.

We understand where real things are to be found. They are to be found in the territory of the physical world of reality or existence, which we confirm with our five senses of,

sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

We also know that fictitious things are figments of someone’s imagination, that are simply sensations of the mind alone, and are therefore to be found in the territory of the imagination.

An example of such ‘fictitious things’ are countries, that can be communicated and created on paper, when we see the use of the terms ‘political charters (constitutions)’, indicating to us that countries are fictions with the use of the term political being used. And that we come to know of their ‘imaginative’ existence, only when they are written down for us to ‘learn’ about them.

We also come to ‘learn’ how these fictions ‘spatially’ relate, or relate in space to each other, in the territory of the mind that imagined them, when their ‘spacial (or spatial) conception’ in the territory of that persons mind, are also shown on paper, to help communicate the fiction they have imagined.

The paper that shows and communicates these spacial personally owned imaginings of countries in somebodies mind, are called political maps (or ordinances).

Why are they said to be personally owned ?

Because simply you did not create them, and are therefore not yours to own. They are ‘written instruments’ owned by the person or persons who created them directly, or had them created through their representatives.

And of course, were you to create something, it would belong to you and you could patent or copywrite it. By copywriting it, that is how people would know that there is an owner behind what it is they are reading, and what they would be reading could not be, or ever be, their ‘property’. The property would clearly belong to somebody else.

The document being read, would then obviously be a personally owned private document or ‘written instrument’ as someone’s property.

Back to Countries

Now, since countries are personally owned private fictions, and being somebodies fictions, as their imaginative property that they created, it follows that they are obviously free to believe in their imaginative fictitious creations for themselves. And that other people may agree to believe in these fictions and follow whatever it is they instruct.

Other people may also not agree to believe in these fictions, and not follow whatever it is that they instruct. Which ever the case, it is left for them to agree or to not agree. By agreeing, they clearly have contracted to do so, since contract simply means agreement. By not agreeing, they clearly have not contracted.

An idea that you hold personally as your private fiction, can not obviously be imposed on someone who does not hold to the same idea. Of course, people may agree to be bound by an idea, but that is entirely up to them. They can equally not agree to engaging in the business of someone’s idea, and that would be fine too. This agreeing or not agreeing, of course, applies to everyone equally.

To make, threaten, or force someone to agree or to disagree would be to make them into a slave.

Now that we understand that, then this whole idea must be the same for personally owned private countries.

In other words, personally owned private fictitious countries, cannot make rules to force people to agree or to disagree. All individuals, have equal freewill to choose what they agree to for themselves, and they and their individual freewill are to be found in the the territory of the physical world of nature.

Wait a minute !!!! Hmmmm….what has been said here, could all be nonsense.

So the best place to find out, if this is all true, is to go to the people with the experts to know, and read what they say about their countries when they give a legislative definition of their countries in making contractual deals with each other.

It must not be forgotten that these are ‘precise’ legal or legislative terms in these documents, and define who, as countries, the parties to these deals are, and where they are to be found, meaning their territory, so that they do not impose on people’s choice that freewill gives them.

Of course, if having read the definitions, you agree that is ‘where’ you make your income or a living, then fine, go ahead and follow their laws and start paying up for things like taxes for being where a country is said to be found by their governments.

Definition of countries and knowing what they are ‘made up of’ when looking at the word ‘include’ and its different forms to define them –

Note.- Do not forget. What needs to be found are words as symbols that point to ‘real things’, or ‘real nouns’, to be found in the physical world, listed after the word ‘include’, meaning ‘made up of’.

The real nouns listed after the word include (or its differing forms), can only be therefore, those real things listed that will go to ‘make up’ the entire country, nothing else.


From the Oxford dictionary, we can see that the word ‘include’ in its usage is to be properly defined in its restrictive form –

Definition of Include


Include has a broader meaning than comprise. In the sentence the accommodation comprises 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living room, the word comprise implies that there is no accommodation other than that listed. Include can be used in this way too, …



Legal Definition of Include

be composed of, be formed of, be made up of, consist of



In the following, we can see that the proper sense and meaning of the word ‘includes’ is given in (1), and what can be taken as the corruptive or distorted additional meaning, or non-restrictive meaning, expressed with the conditional words, ‘not limited to’, is given in (2) –

Definition of Includes

1) “Includes” means limited to. Includes means the range of possibilities that the term can be defined as is limited to the explicit list following the word “includes”…


Definition of “Includes”

From a thesaurus, the word ‘include’ truely means, be made up of or composed of (in entirety) –

Synonym of Include

be composed of, be made up of



And finally, ‘be comprised of’ is given to mean, in entirety, in totality, or fully –

as in consist of, as in contain, as in include, include (in entirety)


be composed of



Go through the link below systematically and carefully, to learn how to find these definitions. Use common sense and be patient taking the advise of the instructions in the link, if asked to do so.

Once the definitions are found, practice finding them in different countries, states, provinces, etc., websites. Usually the websites of finance ministries or tax authorities, using the search terms,

‘double taxation treaties’ or

‘tax treaty/treaties’ or

‘tax agreement/s’ or

‘double taxation convention’ or

‘tax convention’ or

‘tax information exchange agreements’ (abbreviated to TIEA)

(Follow the instructions and open links to find the legislative definition of a country)


Copy and paste in Google search –

tax treaties + eu

Select the link result –

Treaties for the avoidance of double taxation concluded by …

Choose country to go to, to see that countries website for their accepted and agreed definitions of what they call themselves and where they can be found –

Taxation and Customs Union
Treaties for the avoidance of double taxation concluded by Member States




Soil Layers – Subsoil


Soil Layers

Territorial waters/sea, Sea bed, Continental shelf
See illustrations pages 18, 19


International Hydrographic Organization


Finally, before we seek the current expert official and authoritative proof that countries are indeed personally owned private corporations ‘used in commerce’, we would do well to listen to and take heed to those in the past who were closer to the action so to speak, when they fully understood that to arrive at the meaning of anything presented, you were to look to the underlying principles of a thing to understand its sense, and not to its label; wherein, the principles to be found for an understanding of the ‘sense’ of a thing presented, are with a things ‘actions’ that give meaning and sense to it. The thing itself and the actions it intends are what define it.

Definition of a Corporation

And so the definition of a country or a religious institution for that matter (for example, the Church), or any other ‘State of affairs’, created by its political charter (constitution), follows as that being of a trading corporation, more in line with that of a ‘holding-company’. The meaning given becomes a little clearer when we –


When people individually agree, or ‘contract’, to come together to work in each other’s company, by cooperating together towards the aims of achieving ‘someone’s idea’, or, act out their lives in accordance with someone’s idea, in accepting what that ‘fictional idea’ provides and offers as a service (e.g., legislative-law) for them to use, we have in the preceding words, the definition of a ‘business company’ with the use of the word, company, being an obvious clue, and also with the use of the word cooperating (its other form being, cooperation), being another obvious clue, that can be replaced with a similar sounding word – corporation – providing for the same principles. Both the words, company and corporation, describe what would be a personally owned private business created for fulfiling the aims of achieving its ambitions for its owner or group-owners, amounting to a relatively small number of individuals forming that group in relation to the outside world.

Understanding the principles of a business company in the way it has just been defined, shows us that a ‘written instrument’, described as a political charter (constitution), can only be a personally owned private fictitious corporate business (a private business company), offering a broad range of services from which people can make a ‘choice’ from services ‘offered’, so that they can act out their lives within someone’s personally owned private corporate business idea or fiction, through contract.

And so then, political charters, constitutions, articles of association, and so on, are all synoymous as personally owned private corporations.

A simple Google search provides for a whole array of corporations under different names using the search terms –

‘Category:Political charters, wikipedia’



From the invaluable material to be found in, ‘archive(dot)org’, a few examples to illustrate why the preceding makes sense –

A most revealing title –

Commentaries on The Modern Law of Municipal Corporations including Public Corporations and Political and Governmental Corporations of Every Class
by Smith, John W. (John Wilson); Beach, Charles Fisk, 1854-1934
Published 1903


City government in the United States : with a chapter on the Greater New York charter of 1897 (1894)
by Conkling, Alfred R. (Alfred Ronald), 1850-1917
Published 1894

City government in the United States, with a chapter on the Greater New York charter of 1897

Page 1 – Chapter I. Government of American Cities

‘A CITY is a municipal corporation’

Alternative source:

City Government in the United States: With a Chapter on the Greater New York Charter (Classic Reprint)


Commentaries on The Modern Law of Municipal Corporations including Public Corporations and Political and Governmental Corporations of Every Class
by Smith, John W. (John Wilson); Beach, Charles Fisk, 1854-1934
Published 1903

Page 17 – Chapter I. Introductory – Historical View.

§13. The state.

A state is a body politic, or society of men united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage by the joint efforts of their combined strength. In this country the term is, of course, applied to the members of the United States. The definition given above applies to the states of this country, and it is clear from that definition that each state is in many important respects a corporation.


The document from which the following is extracted, seems no longer available at archive(dot)org –

Report of the Charter Revision Commission to the Governor of the State of New York General index of the New York city charter : with table of amendments
by New York (N.Y.). Charter; City Club of New York
Published 1900

p.53 reads:


The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate

and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section One. Chapter three hundred and seventyeight

of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninetyseven,

entitled “An act to unite into one municipality

under the corporate name of The City of New York, …


Alernatively, with regards to The City of New York, we read on page 743, last paragraph –

And this Act shall be construed not as an act in derogation of the powers of the State but as one intended to aid the State in the execution of its duties by providing, subject to the Constitution and laws of the State and the provisions and limitations herein contained, an adequate scheme of local government for the communities and people affected, through the instrumentality of the corporate body herein constituted under the name of “THE CITY OF NEW YORK.”

Page reference:

Page Source:

The Greater New York charter : submitted to the Legislature of the state of New York, on February 20, 1897, by the Commission appointed pursuant to chapter 488 of the laws of 1896
by New York (N.Y.); New York (State). Commission to prepare a charter for Greater New York
Published 1897]

Note –

In the context given, an individual can only become ‘people affected’ through choice, or contractual agreement, by choosing to admit to residing within a fictitious jurisdictional territory or the physical territories of the subsoil, territorial waters, sea-bed and continental shelf; or presenting themselves as ‘a citizen’ (and therefore enacting the use of their membership to a fictitious corporate body) rather than presenting themselves as ‘a holder of citizenship’ or having ‘entitlement to hold citizenship’ without enacting the use of membership in the conduct of their affairs to maintain their privacy outside of a fictitious corporate body – where freewill is to be found.


Lastly, a book which presented within its pages, the following –





Page 7 reads:

‘Their written constitutions had taken the place of the royal charters…’

Page 16 reads:

‘So far as it could properly be called a government, it was a government for the States in their corporate capacities, with no power to reach individuals…’


Last but not least, we learn that countries are corporations from the title heading –

§6. The Great Trading Corporations,


page 7 of,
A treatise on the law of private corporations
by Elliott, Charles B. (Charles Burke), 1861-1935; Abbott, Howard S. (Howard Strickland), 1864-1944, Published 1911

Further on, we learn when we read the words on page 24 under the title heading –

§ 21., In general

‘Individuals can not as a matter of right assume the powers and privileges of a corporation. These artificial bodies are created, not by the will of natural persons, but by the exercise of the sovereign power of the state, which thus confers upon certain designated persons the franchise of doing what they have no right to do without such special authority (Why ? Because they said so). This privilege of conferring special powers and rights upon favored individuals was formerly considered the “fairest flower of the prerogative”.’

Comment –

The Fairest Flower Of The Prerogative

By way of explanation, without having to turn to the opinions of personally owned private corporate courts of law, it is further suggested for those who would like to make up their own minds, in order to reach an understanding of what has been described as the “fairest flower of the prerogative”, that they should scroll down, or search (Ctrl F), and read the contents under the title-heading given as –




Note –

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

What has obviously happened through the course of time, is that once ‘the High’ were confident that people paid little to no attention to these matters, they went ahead and dropped the word corporation, or corporate, from the contents of documents and from many of the titles to political charters.


Expert Official And Authoritative Proofs That Countries Are Persoanally Owned Private Corporations Used In Commerce

It had earlier been stated that countries can only be personally owned private corporations engaged in the business of commerce with all people acting as the actual commodity of exploitation for the benefit of a relative few.

Taking what is clear concerning the nature of countries being fictitious instruments, and therefore Intellectual Property that are ‘creations of the mind’ or ‘figments of the imagination’ belonging in ownership to those who conjured them up, we are aware that Intellectual Property can be registered as ‘copyrighted’ for those wishing to preserve their entitlement to be able to benefit from the exploitation of their inventions or creations for themselves, as of course should be entitled them, being the personal owners to their fictitious creations and wishing them to remain in their ‘private’ hands.

In the normal course of events, the creation of conventional businesses as creations of the mind that are engaged in a limited range of activities, are described and shown to be private intellectual property, by communcating their existence to the world at large through ‘formal registration’, with the use of a Memorandum of Association, which spells out their coming into fictional existence and the general intent of their activities, together with the Articles of Association/Incorporation, which details and defines the nature of those acitivities and those engaged in them.

The purpose of these two documents may be presented in a single document (the Articles of Association), nonetheless, to maintain the intent that the intellectual property created is of a private nature that is personally owned, a privately drawn Memorandum of Association would be advisable to show and state that the property indeed remains, from its inception, a privately owned constituted instrument in personally held private ownership and that registration would merely indicate to ‘the authorities’, a ‘record’ for the purposes of notification to the world at large. Registration then, would aslo constitute an act of copyright to Intellectual Property.

The purpose of copyright would then clearly indicate the private nature of a conventional business (a company, a corporation, etc.) as a personally owned private corporation, whose ownership did not extend to the world at large but remained at all times private and clearly in the ownership and controlling hands of its personal owners.

Copyright To Countries

The copyright to countries are not to be found with conventional methods of registration, but however, they are to be found to be copyrighted for the purposes of exploitative commerce in an ‘official’ register placed elsewhere and taking precedence to all patent offices worldwide and other forms of ‘official’ copyrighting registration offices.

So, it is clear that anything copyrighted can only be intended to show it is personally owned private intellectual property. And when these copyrighted instruments are used as a vehicle in commerce, those instruments purpose serve to show that they form a private business company or corporation.

We are to next discover where it is that personally owned private corporate countries are shown to be ‘officially’ registered as, copyright, for recording purposes and as notification to the world at large.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

WIPO’s database access to listed intellectual property is a place to find registered intellectual property rights, when we read –

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is one of the 17 specialized agencies of the United Nations.

WIPO was created in 1967 “to encourage creative activity, to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world.


World Intellectual Property Organization


On reading About Intellectual Property (IP), we learn from –

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind….used in commerce

We go on to learn that these creations of the mind as intellectual property, we read, are documented and registered as –

patents, copyright and trademarks, which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create.


What is Intellectual Property?


Search WIPO

Various search terms can be used to find the copyright to corporate countries and corporate institutions –

Search using terms:

– United Nations basic law

– the constitution of

– IP Laws and Treaties

– ‘type name of country’ + constitution

e.g., China constitution, Russia constitution, etc.

– WIPO Lex (select listed member country + select ‘Search WIPO Lex’ tab)

result e.g.:

United States of America

European Union (EU)


Russian Federation

– holy see: IP Laws and Treaties


Holy See


Corporate Treaties of the Personally Owned Private Corporation of the United Nations

Treaties take precedence over all State and Country Constitutions and Laws and therefore effectively as well as practically make constitutions and laws derived from their authority null and void, worldwide.

The question now becomes – why?

Definition of – null and void–and–void

Explaining Why Treaties Take Precedence

This is in line with the everyday occurence of any adult having to adjust their priorites in their life to ensure that agreements they enter into with other parties are kept. Of course this will mean they set aside the rules under which they normally operate their households for their own convenience, to prioritize the fulfilment of obligations they willingly decided to make as adults with other parties. In similar manner, the heads of countries as country-households (government), set aside the rules (constitutions) under which they normally operate their country-households, to prioritize the fulfilment of obligations they willingly decided to enter into with other country-households or institutions. That is why treaties, conventions, agreements etc., take priority over constitutions, all of which are categorized as contracts, for the mere fact that they are all formal binding ‘agreements’ – meaning contracts.



The Hierarchy of Personally Owned Fictitious Private Law

We read of treaties, 7th paragraph (2nd to last paragraph) –

A federal statute and a properly executed treaty have equal status in law, the latter in time taking precedence.



Treaties versus the Constitution

Under the subheading, ‘Structure of the Legal System’, 3rd paragraph given as, ‘the U.S. Constitution sets out the hierarchy of federal law’, we read from the 3rd bullet-point –

when a treaty provision irreconcilably conflicts with a statute, whichever was passed later is the law applied by U.S. courts [7].


7. Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, 17 (1957).


Outline of the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Intellectual Property in the United States of America

Reference source link:

United States of America


Search WIPO

Use following search terms:

– united nations ip and treaties

– treaties

– WIPO Lex

– Treaty Secretariat Regional Economic Integration


Treaty Secretariat

– Other IP Treaties


Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization

The Charter of the United Nations : A Commentary

Charter of the United Nations, Statute and Rules of Court and other Constitutional Documents

Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice

Specialized Agency Agreement With The United Nations
General Assembly
Third Session (!st extraordinary)
Geneva, September 24 – 30, 1974

Agreement between the United Nations and the World Intellectual Property Organization

Agreement between the United Nations
and the World Intellectual Property Organization

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Importing everything into the ownership of the United Nations UNESCO –

Agreement on the Importation of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Materials

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)




United Nations Exposed – Part 1

United Nations Exposed Archived –

The Hard Road To World Order

Comment –

Let us not forget, the motivation for the people of the world to adopt and accept the Self-Ennobling Ones private corporate United Nations were their historically instigated wars particularly World Wars One & Two and the migratory instability they evoked.

Their method of operation as always is to create a ‘problem’, participate in provoking a ‘reaction’ to it, and provide their awaiting ‘solution’ to the problem they created in the first place.

That is the agenda being followed to have the acceptance of sustainabilities depopulating and enslaving Agenda 21 – 2030/Earth Charter adopted by the people of the world through their problem – reaction – solution, fear-based strategy.

The solution to preventing the United Nations agenda of global slavery given in, ‘United Nations Exposed – Part 5’, is of course nonsense and will inevitably lead to ‘false opposition’ taking root, given that the political process is representative of the owners of corporate interests. In the case of the US, politicians owe their allegiance, as agents, to a personally owned private corporate country, as do all politicians worldwide. The clear solution to global slavery is for the individual to understand the Grand Simple Strategy that has been in place for a great deal of time in order to fulfil the Self-Ennobling Ones ambitions. Once the tools of a strategic mechanism to enslave are made obvious in their workings, so is the solution to them made obvious. To end the existing order of enslavement that has evolved into its current virtually inescapable phase seen today, can only be done so by you – the individual, worldwide. And that means the individual needs to actively share the information provided here until it is seen by all, even in the furtherest reaches of the earth.



The Hegelian Dialectic of Deception

Farrakhan, YAKUB , Manifest Destiny & The Hegelian Dialectic (We’re Being Deceived)

TO JEW OR NOT TO JEW, THAT WAS NEVER THE QUESTION…/to-jew-or-not-jew-that-was-never-the-question/


Knowing how to Step outside the dialectic into freedom and black unity means understanding the issues that are never discussed to prevent freedom.

Black people will never have economic freedom by simply calling for black people to support black banks without an understanding of the obfuscation that banks engage in to prevent economic freedom.

Having a simple and clear understanding of the principles behind the issues concerning economic freedom provides the answers for operating correctly between individuals and ‘so-called’ black banks (publishers/ publishing exchanges) and the paperwork and ‘record-keeping’ that logically must follow to reflect correct economic representation of any parties to an agreement.

For change to occur, those principles and issues that need to be understood are as follows –




As with all National Anthems and flags of countries, The Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem) and the Stars & Stripes (National Flag) are Personally Owned Private Corporate Property –

Political Charters Create Corporate Countries As Fictions


Are The Burnings of Black Athletes’ Jerseys The New Lynchmobs?


Melanoid Nation

Reference Link Source:



Agemda 21 – 2030/Earth Charter Smart City Concentration Camp Imprisonment –

Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities


A Matter Of Who Personally Owns The Private Corporate United Nations

scroll down to, or search (Ctrl F) for the title:





From the previous descriptions explaining the Underlining Simple Grand Strategy that directly affects all people, the reader can now see for themselves why it is that the news generally is not capable of providing the framework with which to understand what it is that moves national and connecting international affairs throughout the world

UK sends jets to Japan for joint military drill

Nuclear war ‘IMMINENT’ as Russia tells citizens to find out where the closest bunkers are


Nuclear war ‘IMMINENT’ as Russia tells citizens to find out where the closest bunkers are

Spain Has No Government – And Life Has Never Been Better

Jewish Man Indicted After Criticizing Israel, U.S. at Kansas Q&A With Dennis Ross


HAARETZ – Jewish Man Indicted After Criticizing Israel, U.S. at Kansas Q&A With Dennis Ross

Comment –

Being jewish or not is of no concern for the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy in the implementation of their on-going Underlining Grand Strategy

Muslim Connection to Founding Fathers







Fox News Racist “Chinatown” Segment –FULL VIDEO! Plus My Analysis

An excellent documentary to which it is hoped that black people worldwide wake up to, as well as those of true moral character that realise that no one is exempt from genocide, as can be testified to from world events throughout history to the present, that the Self-Ennobling Ones put into effect as a consequence of their paranoia of facing challenges to their rule, by ensuring that all people are depopulated and enslaved out of fear of discovery of their exploitation –

One of Margaret Sanger’s Pals Ran a Concentration Camp That Killed Black People


One of Margaret Sanger’s Pals Ran a Concentration Camp That Killed Black People

Reference Link Source:

White Supremacies Black Genocide In the 21st Century –

Black Genocide In 21st Century America


The Toxic Payload in Vaccines


Dear White People: Take responsibility for your history of evil


DNA Proves Chinese Are African

Comment –

Chinese are not Africans, they are genetically derived from Africans as is the rest of the recent populations of the world, whom according to 17th century invented racist eurocentric biological terminology, are a subspecies of true man, that is, black African people (Homo Sapien); as are similarly, the eurocentrics a subspecies of true man


UNDOOMED: Thanks for being a pathetic, genetically recessive, cyber troll stalker

The Only Race That Are 100% Pure Human!


The historical development of the pyramids –



Egypt’s Ship-builders and Pharoah(ess) Hatshepsut


World’s Oldest Sea Vessels Discovered in Egypt




Strangely, a pre-greek ancient Egyptian ship is attributed to that of the black, white, and mulatto Classical Greek civilization although its methods of construction date back, we are told, to the ancient Egyptians of 4000 BCE on reading the last paragraph –

Such shipbuilding methods date back to the ancient Egyptians (4000 BCE) and were used to fasten the ship’s hull planks together, providing structure and strength to the vessel…According to Ballard, the Eregli E is the most well-preserved shipwreck from Classical Greek civilization discovered thus far.


Ancient Shipwrecks of the Black Sea

See Greek and Egyptian Timelines below.


Eregli E Shipwreck – Dive Highlights

An ancient Egyptian shipwreck would not be such a ‘wild’ and big ‘surprise’ were history not to be deliberately distorted –

Shipwreck: Eregli E | Nautilus Live

The vanishing evidence of black history, which is simply man’s history, for such a unique find that no coordinated international protection for it is available is mind-boggling, unless of course the intent is to ‘disappear’ the inconvenient evidence to benefit misrepresented history. We read with regards to the Eregli E Shipwreck –

For example, one shipwreck, Eregli E, is the most trawled shipwreck in the Black Sea based upon scatter and damage to the artifacts and surrounding seabed. When we found it last year we saw that it was really damaged. The site had been so disturbed, it uncovered materials from beneath the sediment, including human bones. The bones had been preserved in the mud, but then had been ripped out by trawls and that’s why we actually could see them. When we returned this year the artifacts we had seen the year before were either further damaged or gone, including the bones that were completely missing, again due to trawling.


Deep Sea Trawling Devastates Shipwrecks of “Alien Deep”

Egypt’s Ancient Fleet: Lost for Thousands of Years, Discovered in a Desolate Cave
An ancient harbor on 
the Red Sea proves 
ancient Egyptians 
mastered oceangoing technology and 
launched a series of 
ambitious expeditions 
to far-off lands. 

By Andrew Curry|Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America

The Inca King List

1st ANCIENT AMERICANS Were BLACK! – White Archaeologists Discover

The Americas

Black U.S. Indians and Paleoamericans




How black people are helping to destroy the black race

The Impact of Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Kneel | NFL Network

So racist comments 22

It was the first time an American city was bombed from the air, by the US government

1921: Black Business District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Attacked, Aerially Bombed and Razed, Victims Dumped in Mass Graves

Black Wall Street: The True Story

Note –

It was common for the white populace to make false allegations of black criminality as is still evident with the biases that exist today

The Deadly History of “They’re Raping Our Women”

White Women Black Men, Rape and Historical Complexities


The Rape Culture Hysteria

One of countless and tiresome ways of ensuring black people are unable to maintain a safe and stable environment to achieve affluence into the future –

Top infrastructure official explains how America used highways to destroy black neighborhoods




China says it’s ready if US ‘stirs up any conflict’ in South China Sea

The two tiny chains of islands that could lead to the next World War: Why China threatened to ‘take revenge’ against Australia after disputing its rights in the South China Sea

Chinese Threaten Japan, Australia Over South China Sea; Time For US FON Ops?

Philippines Threaten ‘Bloody Confrontation’ with Beijing Over South China Sea


October 5, 2016
Under U.S. Proxy Attack Russia Readies For Full War In Syria

October 5, 2016
Threat of US-Russia clash grows after Washington cuts off Syria talks

U.S. SENDS DIRE WARNING – “U.S. Will Stop You & Beat You Harder Than You’ve Ever Been Beaten Before”

U.S. Army’s chief of staff Threatens China and Russia WWIII

‘We will stop you…beat you’: US Army chief offers stark warning to potential rivals and enemies

Army Chief Issues Stark Warning to Potential Enemies


October 6, 2016
Leaked UN report slams the UK and US for their role in the Syrian crisis

October 7, 2016
Al Qaeda Must be Saved, as Top Washington Officials are Ready to Attack Syria Without UN Resolution

October 7, 2016
Russia Warns US Actions in Syria Would Lead to War — Threaten to Shoot Down US Jets

October 7, 2016
Massive Russian Army Navy Air Force & Airborne Drills 2016

October 7, 2016
Why Russia has been ramping up hostile action

‘Evidence foreign-funded White Helmets support terrorists… in Syria’

October 8, 2016
Expert: Mainstream Media’s Coverage of Syria Serves Power Elite


60 Years Ago Aldous Huxley Predicted How Global Freedom Would Die

The Chief Executive Officers of corporate countries, on behalf of the owners and administrative overseers of all countries (The Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy), coordinating their bloody staged ‘theatre’ to excuse war for their final implementation of Order Out of Chaos in the last generational phases of their permanent confiscation of freedom for a technocratically supported feudalism –

URGENT: MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED…Before It’s Too Late

Channel 4 Joins CNN in Normalising Terrorism, Then Removes Their Own Video





For those of you who are still at a loss as to who the Ancient Egyptians are, I’ll bet you’ll remember after admiring a symbolic tribute to them by their descendants given at, time-mark 5:51

Remember The Time


Science of Egyptian Mummies hair, Phoenician7 get’s CRUSHED Kemet Egypt Cairo Nubia

the Science of ancient Egyptian hair and why it sometimes looks European

Combs from Kemet: further thoughts on ancient Egyptian hair combs

The history of black hair will amaze you

White low self esteem & the ban on black people’s hair


The White Scythian Central Asian Tribes

The Real History of White People

THE ARABS – Who is an Arab?

Turks Rule Black Lands! Anatolia – Modern Turkey

Turks Rule Black Lands! Canaan – Modern Palestine-Israel-Lebanon

Turkic peoples




We read from, ‘Cultural Notes’ –

the largest and most advanced Scythian tribe, regard all other Scythians as their slaves


Royal Scythians


page 242 [20], The Histories By Herodotus,+regard+all+other+Scythians+as+their+slaves&source=bl&ots=4JsKnmdWTQ&sig=nPYd7Qri7UTUrdO7IgLmITQo04E&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjy1eCsmtbPAhVKDywKHaQ9BxEQ6AEIJTAA#v=onepage&q=the%20largest%20and%20most%20advanced%20Scythian%20tribe%2C%20regard%20all%20other%20Scythians%20as%20their%20slaves&f=false

The Sycthians were always Black. The Sacae were ‘white’;f=15;t=008712;go=newer

How Race is Made

Herodotus on the Scythians


Two White Thugs Kidnap & Rape Sheriffs Deputy –Where’s the Outrage?

The Media Rape of Nate Parker

White Supremacist Groupies


Frederick D. Patterson – America’s Only Black Car Manufacturer

Black Men Built Cars Before Henry Ford & The History of George Washington Carver

Lewis H. Latimer

Carbon Filament, cellphone towers & the Internet: All created by black inventors

Blackman Philip Emeagwali invented THE INTERNET

A Black Man Invented The PC As We Know It Today

The Grand Unified Theorem


I Know A Place, Ain’t no smilin’ faces, Lyin’ to the races…I’ll Take You There



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