– Corliss Lamont

“Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – George Orwell

“The greatest threat to our world and its peace comes from those who want war, who prepare for it, and who, by holding out vague promises of future peace or by instilling fear of foreign aggression, try to make us accomplices to their plans. — Hermann Hesse – Author (1877-1962)






Grammar explains the way in which language is used by people.

For time immemorial, every single man, woman and child had uttered in recognition, prayer as tribute to nature’s God, without having a care in the world to think that they were doing so.

We come to know, that in explaining the way in which we use words as symbols in language, or as parts of speech, for representing the –

‘things in existence and the changes they undergo’,

and that are not of our imagination – grammatically ‘the things in existence’ are known as Real Nouns and ‘the changes they undergo’ are symbolised with words known as Verbs.

Those things belonging to our imaginings are recognised as such, and are called Fictional or Fictitious Nouns.

People as real things, are further categorised as nouns into – persons. The title or label of persons, may also be shared with the fictitious things derived from our imaginings, and as such, are also therefore termed Fictitious nouns.

The distinction as to which is meant, real or fictitious, is a matter of jurisdiction. Jurisdiction ‘is control’ over ‘where’ objects or bodies are to be found.

‘Where’ denotes territory, and therefore, jurisdiction is to be considered jurisdiction (control) over bodies to be found in a territory – Territorial Jurisdiction.

Those things that are real, reside in or inhabit the physical world, where they are to be found to be regulated or controlled by that worlds natural influences or laws. As such, those bodies that come under the influences of those natural laws, are described as being found to be present under a Natural Law Territorial Jurisdiction, or control, in that physical world.

People are real, and inhabit the territory of the physical world, and the natural influences on them in that world regulates their behaviour. The natural influence or law that is to be found ‘in’ people, and that regulates or controls the behaviour of people in equal measure everywhere, in the ‘territory of the physical world’, is the law of Freewill.

Great care then, must be taken in deciding or agreeing to ‘where’ you are to be found, because the jurisdiction or control over where you are to be found may not be to your liking.

Those things that are fictitious, for example corporations, are simply figments of someone’s imagination to be written-down as their Creator or Owner so chooses.

Therefore, fictitious nouns reside in or inhabit an imaginary jurisdictional territory and accord to ‘Personal Opinion As Laws’ in line with their Owners wishes, whose imagination created them.

At the very least these ‘Personal Opinions As Law’, ought not to be in conflict with their Owners wishes and interests, if these fictitious nouns are left in the care of others.


A noun therefore is the name of a person, thing, or place, which when, those natural things symbolised or indicated by the use of nouns are decerned through our five senses, they are said to be real, and those things when discerned by our mind, or the feelings or sensations of the mind alone, are said to be the fictitious imaginings of someone’s mind.

Things in existence are recognised as real by the use of our senses. And the parts of speech that regards them are called Real Nouns.

People are real things, and the words and synonyms used to indicate and describe people, are nouns or the names of persons that form the parts of speech that regard them.

For a lot of people, what can become difficult to understand, or what can be confusing, is why those ‘things’ described as nouns can alter their nature and become somehow in themselves, ‘characteristic of action’ or have the qualities that make-up action, when we take the verb – to be.

The verb To Be, shows existence of a things condition as it ‘is’, or as we find it, and without the thing necessarily being ‘in action’ through its own self-efforts by acting on itself.

This then means that the thing can be considered as, somehow, both a noun and a verb without it having to do anything.

The question that arises is, why should this be the case ?


Personal Pronouns and The Verb – To Be

Personal Pronouns (in place of the name of a person) & The Verb – To Be

I am

You are

He is
She is
It is

We are
You are
They are

– Personal pronouns and the verb to be, show existence of a thing through association with action and without the necessity of the thing having to perform action or act in some way.



The verb To Be in antiquity was understood to have very special significance that was attributed to its Holy or Divine nature. Those in antiquity understood that on asking nature’s Cause or nature’s God His name or who He is, God replied –


This signified that He was the supernatural Cause, the alpha and omega, of bringing existence or the physical world into being, and the Cause of taking existence or the physical world out of being.

As the Cause, His actions created what are His effects or His existence – existence belonging to Him. Existence are His Actions, His effects, of which He is the Cause.

Those in antiquity recognised that through His eyes, we could only be considered as God’s actions, His verbs, if we were to explain them grammatically in the use of speech when communicating to each other.

His actions, that ‘are existence’ or the things that make-up existence, were understood to be in fact an act of God’s actions – God’s verbs.

It was understood that this ‘is’ the order provided to us and ‘to be found within us’ as God’s order, by recognising natures’s Cause or nature’s God providing for existence, through man’s use of words in language that made up the verb – To Be.

It would then be said that we utter, as prayer everyday, recognition of our existence as God’s actions belonging to God, through the use of the verb To Be – He brought things into being, into action; He brought about all things ‘To Be’, to act.

The order then, ‘to be found within us’, that people recognised as also coming from God, and that they recognised everyone had in equal measure, as something endowed to them by God, and which was deduced using the objectivity of – ‘without fear, favour, or prejudice’ – that is to say God’s love, was understood to belong to God, as God’s effect of Free-will.

Free-will having been recognised to belong to the supernatural Cause that is God, was said to then have a supranatural quality that we had been all endowed with equally, and that indeed formed the only true law provided to us by God – the Law of Freewill.

In this way it was ensured that all understood that –

there can be no slavery,

and none could claim otherwise, with fear, favour, or prejudice above another, acting as a conduit to tribute.


Definitions of –


(of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature


Note. Supranatural can be seen as having the power or influence to transcend all other agencies which are of similar character to fictions.
Supranatural Law is then – the Law of Freewill

having power or influence that transcends national boundaries or governments


3. A means by which something is transmitted


a. A payment or tax given by a feudal vassal to an overlord.
b. The obligation to make such a payment.


2. A bondman; a slave




Nature’s Cause or nature’s God endows everyone, in equal measure, with the gift of Free-will.

We have each been endowed with Free-will in equal measure, and that provides for us the prerogative given to us by nature’s Cause or nature’s God, to agree or not to agree. To contract or not to contract. This is our Personal Jurisdiction to be found in the physical world, given to us by nature’s Cause or Nature’s God that may not be encroached on by another.

Free-will can then be readily seen as our natural right, with which we all have been endowed, and which is to be found in the territorial jurisdiction of the physical world, that belongs to nature’s Cause or nature’s God.

Free-will’s operations comes to us from nature’s Cause or Nature’s God into the natural world where we reside, as the jurisdiction or authority provided for by nature’s Cause or nature’s God, that is of course natural and, therefore, to be known as Natural Law.

In so far as we have not caused harm or injury to another, nor damaged another’s property, and that we have ensured that we do not behave in a reckless manner as to risk injury to another’s well-being, then none in the natural world, regardless of the authority represented, or the authority held, or the agencies from which authority is said to derive, may impose their wishes.

Prayer to nature’s Cause or nature’s God is natural religion, and it is the purpose of religion to recognise the act of love that nature’s Cause or nature’s God has created in bringing about existence, real things, or reality, of which Freewill is a part.

The jurisdictional or controlling authority for bodies with freewill in the physical world lies, not with ‘the traditions of man’ but, with the Supernatural Authority that provides the law man must not transgress through intuitively knowing of it. That law and the only true law that applies to those in the territorial jurisdiction of the physical world is –

The Law of Freewill,

which provides for people to freely do as they so choose, insofar as they do not cause injury to others or their property and that they do not behave recklessly at the risk of causing injury to the well-being of others and their property. This is what is to be defended.

To the extent that prayer that pays tribute to nature’s Cause, or nature’s God, freely chooses nature’s Cause or nature’s God, as the only Authority of control over the territorial jurisdiction of the physical world, Whose law as authority for that world is to be found in Free-will, then there can be no other laws as ‘opinions’ that ought to be sanctified, particularly if they are derived from imaginings that are of a fictitious nature, examples of which are mere ‘claims’ to authority that anyone can freely choose as ‘their’ authority to pay tribute to, if they so wish.

However, history shows that the ‘traditions of men’ are not necessarily to one’s advantage or to the advantage of one’s progenies, as ‘authority’ can be somewhat temperamental, and tend towards exploitation and tyranny.


sanctify –
give official acceptance or approval to (something)

temperamental –
unpredictable in behavior or performance

progenies –
1 a : descendants, children
b : offspring of animals or plants




What at the very least must be understood, is that man may not claim territorial jurisdiction over other men who dwell in the physical world. There can be no slavery in a world subject to the jurisdictional authority of Natural Law given by nature’s Cause or nature’s God, as Free-will in man.

Free-will is man’s nature and anything that ‘imposes’ on that Free-will amounts to slavery.

Those who wish no imposition, may if they so choose, build a fictional system for cooperation/corporation, or working together, that is derived from their imaginings, which must have its claims to territorial jurisdiction ‘where’ others do not ordinarily dwell, transverse or benefit from, and to which men may freely choose to be a part of, or if they no longer find it to their benefit, freely choose to leave without protestation of something that is not theirs to protest against. It must be remembered that there can be no slavery as a consequence of Free-will.

Free-will is man’s make-up, it is the way he is made, he is made to have Free-will. It is natural.

Our Personal Contract with nature’s Cause is understood to mean that we have The Authority of Freewill to do as we freely choose, in so far as we cause no harm or injury to others and their property, nor behave in a reckless manner as to risk causing injury to the well-being of others.

It is for each and everyone of us to decide to choose whether or not we ‘restrict’ our rights that Free-will provides for us in our lives. There can be no slavery or its imposition. Freewill and the rights of choice it provides for a ‘freeman’ are the law. By this, it is to be understood that your choice is the law. Your choice is what you decide to agree to or contract to. In this way, for all of us – contract is the law and tyranny is defended against.

To belabour through the point once more because of its immense significance and importance, it is reasonable to see that in the jurisdiction of the physical world where natural law is to be found, none may impose their will. The law is then freewill. Freewill is lawful. Imposition against freewill would be unlawful, that is to say, against nature’s Cause or nature’s God.

There can be no slavery unless we delude ourselves into consenting to become slaves outside of the jurisdictional territories of the physical world and the authority that controls it and applies to it – that is, Natural Law as Free-will in man, and in which jurisdictional authority we are all naturally under and from which our freedoms with respect to each other are maintained.

In choosing to be a guest in someone else’s home or jurisdiction, then quite naturally you are to comply to his rules. Nevertheless, if you tire or feel as a host that he is not hospitable, then you are free to leave his home or jurisdiction. If you find that your host will not permit you to leave or at the very least makes it difficult for you to leave, then you are within your rights to defend yourself. Freewill is the law and will forever be lawful.

Those who wish to be held by ‘the traditions of men’ for a limited time may freely do so, and those who choose to be held by nature’s Cause or nature’s God may equally do so.

In so far as ‘the traditions of men’ are understood, history observes that they may be somewhat intemperate in contrast to nature’s Cause or nature’s God that provides for immutable laws.

In this regard, choose carefully to which jurisdictional laws you would be held to and made to answer for.

As for atheists, agnostics, humanists and other progressives and their certainties in the reasonings of men – well, good luck with having a bases to defend yourselves with.


Tyranny is the absence of freewill that maybe arrived at through the threat of violence, violence or psychological means




It must be remembered that when charters talk of freedom, within those very same charters, they may state the obvious. However, as personal and therefore private instruments of those who created them, joining or contracting to them, effectively restricts the freedoms of anyone doing so. Whether this is seen as admirable, is for the individual to decide –

Page 2 of ‘Charters of our freedom’, Chapter 1 The Nature of Freedom, we read from a fragment of the Magna Carta (Charter),

“Know ye that we by this our present Charter No freeman shall be seized…”

What is worth thinking about, is that a freeman is a freeman because he has no restrictions placed on his freewill in conformity with Natural Law, in so far as he does not cause injury to others and their property, and that he avoids reckless behaviour at the risk of causing injury or disruption to the well-being of others.

Once a freeman becomes party to a charter, through an oath of allegiance or otherwise, his freedoms in conformity to freewill bestowed by Natural Law are restricted. It is for those who are party to a charter, to ensure that the restrictions placed on them by a charter do not extend to ‘freemen’.

Charters of our freedom ([n.d.])

Note. It would be more than a very good idea, not only to read the information at the top of the web-page that the link for the ‘QUICK LINK GUIDE FOR RAPID UNDERSTANDING OF LIBERTY’ has to reveal, but to reflect on what is presented by it when in contemplation regarding this –
Europe has stolen the rights we won at Magna Carta. Let’s fight to reclaim them



MAGNA CARTA – The Formal Beginning of the Incorporation of the United Kingdom (amendments to which document, the documents owners and their assigns are entitled to make at any time in the future, insofar as they do not extend their reach into – The Territorial Jurisdiction of the Physical World)

Note. Numbered Clause 39, reads –

+ (39) No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his
rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his
standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against
him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his
equals or by the law of the land.


Note. It is irrelevant that the international bankers are jews or gentiles. What is of interest, is the age old mechanism and organisation that the central bankers or international bankers employ to their advantage. When it comes to who is behind the exploitation of people, then a clear long look in the mirror provides for a very good answer. Only naive children are expected to put their lives in the hands of people they do not really know without any consideration for whether or not they present a danger, regardless of the offerings they ‘claim’ to make. Our lives are our own, and as adults we do not look to others to take responsibility for our lives, we look to ourselves. Understanding Jurisdiction and True Economy prescribed as Mathematically Perfected Economy, go a long way in helping us to take responsibility for our lives –

For Educational Purposes Only
Illuminati Banker Unveiled Method of Control

Geneva versus Peace, pdf

Note. This is horrendous news in light of what Mathematically Perfected Economy shows –
Bob Diamond reveals banking plan for Africa

Note. Know the truth of economy through Mathematically Perfected Economy –
Currency crisis at Chinese banks ‘could trigger global meltdown’

State crime labs are incentivized to get false convictions

Note. For educational purposes only –
52. For what are the international bankers waiting if the nation is

QUOTE by an attorney: “But the bankers said it is not expedient at this time (i.e.,
1980s) to admit that they own everything and could foreclose on every nation of the
world. The reason they don’t want to tell everyone that they own everything is that
there are still too many privately owned guns. There are uncooperative armies and
other military forces. So until they can gradually consolidate all armies into a World
Army and all courts into a single World Court, it is not expedient to admit the
jurisdiction the courts are operating under…” [UCC Connection, by Howard
Freeman, page 5]

The Kings, Popes and Parasites in Early American History

Archived copy:

Alternative site copy:

Definition of expedient

* The Divine Right of Kings


Board of Trade (The Committee of Privy Council for Trade and Foreign Plantations)

British committees, commissions, and councils of trade and plantations, 1622-1675 (1908)

World Book Encyclopedia

The World Book Encyclopedia Volume 12 (1917)

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition


Google Search Terms –

* high contracting parties to the grand alliance

* the holy alliance

* the treaty of verona (secret treaty of Verona of November 22, 1822)


Extract from the 1916 Congressional Record Senate – SECRET TREATY OF VERONA

The Treaty of Peace between the Allied Powers and Germany

Holy Alliance

Definition of high contracting parties

Extract from the 1916 Congressional Record Senate – SECRET TREATY OF VERONA

The Treaty of Peace between the Allied Powers and Germany

Hague Trust Convention


Consider, men maybe drawn and driven to give up their God given personal jurisdiction for that of seemingly distinct separate fictional ones, and with the passage of time and patience, for that of a single fictional controlling one, through the arrangement of carefully planned ageless strifes and wars in their lives. For this purpose the lie of banking may have been devised to assist in this aim.




Note. Constant, ceaseless and accelerating deflation or shrinking of the money supply is the norm with the bankers lie of economy until the inevitable termination of an economy by it –
Biggest fall in business lending in six months

Anthony Migchels Exposed

Call to scrap deposit guarantees

“Leave! We don’t want the f***n government … Go back to where you came from bastards!” Mexican vigilantes kick military out of their town after the military murdered four people including an eleven year old girl.

Hard times? Spain’s elite richer than ever

EU-Zoned Out: Latvian skilled workers leave country amid poor social policies

Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them

We Need to Talk About the Sheeple

China’s SMEs face severe cash crunch
June 9, 2011

The Fix for China’s Small-Business Cash Crunch
July 31, 2013

China Cash Crunch Shows Central Bank’s Difficulties
Dec. 23, 2013

Cash crunch exposes the struggle for finance
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How have the recent cash crunch debacle impact Chinese corporations in terms of their daily financing needs?
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Pimco Sees Dim Sum Refinancing Boom on Cash Crunch
Jan 2, 2014

Europe crisis, China slowdown & slow US recovery: India faces litmus test in 2014
Jan 5, 2014

George Soros warns that Chinese slowdown is biggest worry in 2014
5 January 2014

Analysis: Cash crunch signals policy dilemma for China’s reformist central bank
Jan 6, 2014

Crunch Escalates as Money Funds Rival Shadow Banks: China Credit
Jan 19, 2014


The $23 Trillion Credit Bubble In China Is Starting To Collapse – Global Financial Crisis Next?


The Influenza Deception

Well, well … what have we here –
Our government system is broken and requires revolutionary change

Note. With regards to the links below on the movement of the French comdeian Dieudonné, the question to ask and that needs to be answered is –
‘where’ does the UK governments jurisdiction, as well as the EU’s jurisdiction, exist.
Once that is made clear, then those bodies outside of their jurisdiction, would not be within the controlling authority of their fictional corporate laws, which would then expose them for what they are. Just somebody’s personal policy. There can be no slavery or tyranny outside of the territorial jurisdiction of private fictional corporate entities.
To understand where governments authority, or the authority of any other private fictional corporate entity is to be found, material under the heading JURISDICTION may enlighten us to this question when we read –


Dieudonné M’bala M’bala: French ‘quenelle’ comedian banned from UK

Should Dieudonné have been banned from entering Britain?

The law isn’t there to protect us from Dieudonné’s odious views




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