The consequences of the economic madness,

imposed by ‘the lie of economy’, are reversible. We all need to correctly know how simply this can be done, and that it only takes a little time, out of our daily lives, to be able to know this.

The true weapon of conquest and the basis of defeating those that would wreak havoc on our lives, is to understand ‘true economy’ and the distortion imposed on it by ‘the lie of economy’.

Recent trends in the Polish banking sector 2012

Note.- Under the title heading,


the ‘Loans’ graph on Page 2 demonstrates –

the beginning of a phenomenal decline in the money supply in Poland. This indicates that taken as a whole, credit departments of banks in Poland had suddenly and unceremoniously ‘closed shop’ in providing loans for the polish economy. The significance of this cannot be overstated – money supply in Poland began to rapidly disappear at a phenomenal rate, spelling the end of the polish economy.

Recent trends in Poland’s banking sector 2012/2013

Note.- On pages 2 and 3, under the title headings,




the ‘Loans’ graphs demonstrate without equivocation –

that the money supply in Poland did indeed begin its rapid decline from late 2011 and confirms that Poland has indeed collapsed.

This all can be summarised as – no money supply, no economy.

How can we fight ‘the good fight’ to save lives and improve our own lives if we slowly starve ?

Government urged to act as food poverty hits 18% of UK

That is why it becomes absolutely crucial to grasp and understand the “real issues”. These ‘issues’ need only be looked for in the preceding article THE REAL DANGER published 21st June 2013. The pace quickens and time is short. Once again, the choice is ours.


Inteliace Research



A Letter Revealing The Truth of Economic Reality for the People of Poland –

 I said I’d send you graphs which encapsulate the problem everyone is faced with.

Well, the first link below is for the graphs and the rest are supporting evidence with a short explanatory note that follows:

Europe Is Not “Fixed”: Two Charts


Republic of Poland: Arrangement Under the Flexible Credit Line


Eurozone to stay in recession for another year

(Note.- Paragraph 3 begins, ‘The delayed recovery, which was blamed on a lack of bank lending…’)


On the Brink: Fiscal Austerity Threatens a Global Recession


The first link quite clearly demonstrates, using graphs, the horrendous problems the vast majority of people will face as a result of what is shown by these graphs. These horrendous problems, which are ongoing, are evidenced by just a few sample stories from the other links. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to understand how the vast majority of people everywhere are going to be affected by what’s happening.

The first chart in that link shows overall debt continually increasing and the second chart shows that the supply of money in circulation that is available to pay the debt is shrinking and continues to shrink at an alarming rate.

As you will note, the two positions on the graphs are moving away from each other and will never meet. As you can see from the second chart, the supply of money (circulation) that is available to pay the debt, continues to shrink. How can a continually shrinking money supply pay for a continually escalating debt? Answer, it can’t.

As a consequence, the supply of money everywhere will be completely used up without still being able to meet the ever escalating debt. It’s an impossible situation and nothing on this earth will remedy it except people understanding ‘true economy’.

You will also note, that the money supply is almost down to zero, meaning that there will not be any money for people to do anything with. Money at the moment is rapidly disappearing. Whatever money anyone had saved, would disappear as soon as they spent it on necessary consumption.

That is because businesses as well as individuals are servicing debt continuously, which reduces the money supply so that it is not available for anything else. As you can see from the second chart, the money supply is not being replaced or replenished through renewed loans or credit, otherwise the graph or trend would begin to move upwards.

The banks ‘controlling credit’ for their own benefit by misrepresenting it and falsifying it to themselves away from individuals who own it, means that any attempt to meet debt repayments withdraws money from circulation leaving people without money to use. So, to provide for money to use again, it needs to be borrowed back into circulation as ever greater or increasing debt owed to the banks to cover previously withdrawn debt payments and the interest on them. This process continues until a critical point is reached that makes, regardless of the amount of economic activity, debt servicing become impossible and the inevitable collapse of the economy ensues. This is why the money supply in the second chart continues to fall and is fast approaching zero; money is being withdrawn from the economy to meet debt repayments which can never be paid back and which will still be owed even though there would be no money to pay them. As you can see from the charts, this is exactly what is happening.

This absurd situation of the money supply shrinking is further aggravated and accelerated by taxes for the payment of the national debt, which doesn’t decline because government needs to take on more debt by borrowing more to just service their previous debts and then reintroduce money back into circulation as even more debt to maintain circulation for economic activity, which only helps to increase future debt even further.

Government then, is forced to borrow even more frantically to stave of collapse, which is just more debt being added on top of previous debt.

And since tax revenues would be far to small to even probably service the interest on all this debt, it becomes clear that even if you taxed everyone to the full extent of their income, further frantic borrowing by government is what you would see to cover debt servicing which everyone is expected to pay towards, as taxes. This frantic borrowing is mistakenly thought of as government ‘printing money’ and devaluing the currency.

The truth is, it is the government having no alternative but to borrow meaninglessly in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable collapse under this present system of distortion which is ‘the imposed lie of economy’.

To summarise all of this, a point is reached in the economic activity of a country where no matter how much economic activity exits, it won’t be enough to service the ever increasing debt never mind even trying to pay it all off. And even if it did pay it all off it would have to borrow it all over again for there to be money in the economy that people could use for their various activities. At any rate, a countries credit rating or ability to service its debt is compromised and as a consequence it is unable to borrow in order to keep up with its debt repayments, further creating a diminishing of the money supply.

Its credit rating is downgraded to junk status, while in the meantime debt repayments still have to be made without anywhere to borrow from. What’s left of the existing money supply rapidly diminishes as taxes are increased to meet debt repayments. Cuts or austerity measures are called for everywhere, and still there’s no hope in sight. Everywhere becomes like Greece sooner or later.

We’re fast approaching zero in the money supply for Europe as a whole. To demonstrate this for each individual country one need only present similar charts for each countries total debt and money supply in circulation over a period of time.

From the second link given above, it looks as though Poland is anticipating that it will reach zero money supply very soon (2013) or at least won’t be able to meet its debt repayment commitments, and has made futile provisions to delay the inevitable just a little longer with what can only exacerbate Poland’s demise, and that is, more debt. Ask yourself the question – is Poland replacing its money supply with enough debt borrowing or has it reached its limit to be able to service existing debt? To have insight into this question its worth reading the International Monetary Fund (imf) report at the link given.

The key to the whole thing is about replacing the money supply. But since countries have surpassed their ability to service debt even at minimum levels, as a consequence their credit rating is such that they can no longer borrow so that the whole thing comes tumbling down. Hence the special measures under different institutional names to ‘rescue’ countries. All nonsense of course, because it amounts to just increasing countries artificial debt burdens which so called taxpayers are expected to pay and can’t pay.

When all of this happens, the banking network, and you can be sure it is one continuous network, can claim the assets of a country as theirs – that includes the land, all property and as well as the people – for an ‘artificial debt’ which can never be paid back.

Categorical Proof of Bankers Scheme To Advance Feudalism Through The Lie of Economy
Banker Admits “We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis” 1
(“We engineered the world financial crisis” 2:09 minutes into video)

Panel on the global economic power shift
Deliberately Devaluing Money…Threatening and Forcing Developing Countries 5:18 min
Engineering The World Financial Crisis 6:19 min

Euro zone on track to keep shrinking: Eurocoin


JPMorgan will Euro-Diktatur

English Translation of – JPMorgan will Euro-Diktatur

Banker’s Orders For Corporate Countries To Follow And Use As A Pretext For Securing The Final Stages Of Feudalism Over The People Of The World By Withdrawing The Money Supply


On page 294 of Bruce Bartlett’s inquiry into the Roman Empire, we read as follows under the heading THE RISE AND FALL OF ECONOMIC GROWTH, what happens as a result of the bankers manipulating the money supply for their own benefit:

‘Tiberius,however,cut back on the building program and hoarded large sums of cash. This led to a financial crisis in 33 AD. in which there was a severe shortage of money. This shortage may have been triggered by a usury law which had not been applied for some years but was again enforced by the courts at this time (Frank 1935). The shortage of money and the curtailment of state expenditures led to a sharp downturn in economic activity…’


In Patrick S. J. Carmack’s THE MONEY CHANGERS, we read in Chapter 3 of his booklet, under the heading MONEY CHANGING IN THE ROMAN EMPIRE, that:

‘Two early Roman emperors had tried to diminish the power of the Money Changers by reforming usury laws and limiting land ownership to 500 acres. Both were assassinated.

In 48 BC, Julius Caesar took back from the Money Changers the power to coin money and then minted coins for the benefit of all. With this new, plentiful supply of money, he built great public works. By making money plentiful, Caesar won the love of the common people. But the Money Changers hated him. Some believe this was an important factor in Caesar’s assassination. One thing is for sure: with the death of Caesar came the demise of plentiful money in Rome. Taxes increased, as did corruption. Eventually the Roman money supply was reduced by 90 per cent. As a result, the common people lost their lands and homes – just as has happened and will happen again in America to the few who still own their own land and homes.’




The leading banks, which are the central banks, having reached a critical level of instituting debt across the corporate nations of the world, are now removing the money supply and not permitting its replenishment as can be demonstrated with a few sample articles:





The Conventional Channels of Access To Credit Are Closed For Corporate Poland –
Poland to get EUR 1bn loan from World Bank


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